Is WooCommerce Support Multiple Dropshippers?

Yes, WooCommerce Platform Supports Multiple Dropshipping Suppliers in a WordPress Store

Ten Benefits Of Having Multiple DropShipping Suppliers

Dropshipping can make an online business extremely profitable. Relying on a few suppliers is a common mistake that many people make. This is the problem. There are many reasons why a business owner should diversify their supply sources. Let’s look at the top ten benefits of using dropship suppliers to source products and merchandise.

Advantage #1 – Increase your risk. One of the most important points to remember is that your business cannot be reliant on one supplier. What will happen to your warehouses or business if one supplier goes out of business? If you can’t find another route, you will also be out of business. This means that you will have to cancel orders, post eBay listings, and search for new suppliers in a hurry. You’ll also be losing time and money. It’s not worth it. Reduce your risk by having at least five suppliers available at once.

Advantage #2: Save more money. There are many ways to reduce your costs when you have dropship suppliers. You can make one supplier your main supplier, and another as an emergency supplier if they offer lower prices or shipping costs.

Advantage #3 – Explore new products. It can be easy to forget what you are missing when you keep prescribing the same supplier repeatedly. Dropshipping from multiple suppliers can help you discover new products and merchandise that you can sell. You never know, you might just stumble upon a true gem that you didn’t see if you only focused on one supplier.

Advantage #4 – Earn more. You can’t miss out on big opportunities by using one supplier. A product that is $5 cheaper at a dropship supplier could result in a profit of $5 multiplied by how many orders you place. You can save money and make more money by using more than one dropshipper.

Advantage #5: Push your competition. A primary, secondary, and third source of supply for your products is the best way to gain an advantage over the competition. It’s worth taking the time to search for suppliers when you face competition that is easily outgunned or pushed out.

Advantage #6 – Less shipping costs. The biggest problem with larger drop ship companies is their excessive weight and high lading fees. There is more money to be saved if you have multiple suppliers offering the same product but with different shipping policies.

Advantage #7 – Gauge drop shipment performance. You can compare dropship providers to determine who delivers the fastest and who provides the best shipping experience. You don’t need to rely on one supplier who delivers slow or poorly (which could put your business at serious risk and leave you with angry customers).

Advantage #8: Compare Service. Even if you end up with one of the many suppliers you selected, you can still compare their customer service and communication. Compare who responds to your emails fastest, who delivers the best service, and who handles returns with the least hassle.

Advantage #9: More options and better opportunities. Dropshipping offers more product options and niches than ever before. You might be able to make more money if your business is in the reselling of clothing than if you only had one supplier.

Advantage #10: Overall greater security When you consider that your entire business can be affected by one supplier, such as a dropshipper or a customer service provider, lower prices and better service are minor benefits. You’ll feel more secure and happier about your business if you have multiple dropship supplier.

WooCommerce Dropshipping Suppliers Pro

WooCommerce Multiple Dropshipping suppliers Pro allows you to automate products shipped from dropshippers, suppliers, or different warehouses.

Dropshipping suppliers Pro lets you send automatic email notifications and packing slips when you sell products in your store. It is easy to use and powerful.

Establish a dropshipper or warehouse list

You can easily create a list with suppliers. You can create as many suppliers as you want, and then edit, delete, or add to them at any time.

Multiple Dropship suppliers and warehouses can be assigned to products

So that your suppliers receive automatic shipping notices, you can assign a supplier to the products they ship.

Send an email to suppliers and warehouses

You can create custom email messages for dropshippers. You can also use the same default message to all dropshippers

Send suppliers and warehouses an automatic email

Send email notifications to dropshippers automatically when an item sells on your site.

Attach packing slips automatically

Automatedly generate and attach a PDF packing Slip to dropshipper notifications

Update import inventory

Import CSV file update for product stock status (in/out of stock) as well as stock quantity levels.

Shipping Extension Integration

To get the best shipping rates for your shoppers based on the actual location of an item, we can help!

WooCommerce Dropshipping supplier Pro works seamlessly with Fedex Drop Shipping Pro and UPS Drop Shipping Pro extensions. These shipping modules can be used without Dropshipping suppliers Pro, if you do not need to notify dropshippers.

You can turn any one of the three shipping modules on to cause all items in your cart to be grouped according to their origin and supplier. If a customer buys 3 items each from Supplier A and Supplier B and 5 from Supplier C, the shipping modules will calculate shipping costs from each supplier’s origins. At checkout, the shopper will choose a shipping method (Ground or 2nd Day Priority), for each item group.

This way of handling packages allows you to offer much more precise shipping rates which will benefit both your profit margins as well as the budgets of your customers.