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  • How can I sell lamps onlineOnline sales of lamps can be made by setting up an online shop, such as a Shopify store. Shopify offers a wide range of Shopify templates that allow you to showcase your amazing lamps and lighting products online.
  • Where can I buy lamps online?Shopify allows you to sell lamps directly through your store. You can also connect your shop to your social media accounts so that your online community has easy access to your products. Shopify is so simple to set up that you don’t even need to have any programming or design experience. This allows you to spend more time on marketing and selling lamps and increasing sales.
  • Shopify allows me to sell lamps you can sell lamps from your Shopify Store. Shopify’s omnichannel commerce platform allows you to manage your client interactions, organize your inventory, track your store’s progress and keep track of deliveries. With the Shopify PO, you can link your offline and online sales as well as customer records.
  • How can I price lamps? Although there is no one way to determine the best price for lamps in any particular market, it is a good idea to research market prices and market values. You can also use [Shopify’s free profit margin calculator ( to test out price ideas.

Because of the technical knowledge and liability associated with lighting, it is difficult for small-scale manufacturers or individuals to sell lamps and lighting.

A lamp cannot be sold to other countries if it does not meet the standards of that country. Lamps that do not meet the required standards and electrical components will not be allowed to be imported into many countries. To be sold in the United States, lamps must be UL/ETL listed.

The use of UL components does NOT mean that your lamp or lighting is UL or TTL-listed. You must pay an annual fee and have periodic inspections to prove that your lamps have met all the UL and ETL requirements.

Understanding Lamp Listings & Certifications

To be sold to consumers, a floor lamp, table lamp, or any other lamp requires certification in most countries. A lamp must be listed as UL or ETL in the United States.

Mondoro has UL (Underwriters Laboratories), certification for portable lamps. Many lamps are exported from Vietnam to the United States. We understand what it means for a lamp to be UL-listed and have UL certification.

Also, we understand that a lamp must be listed UL or ETL in order to be sold into the US market. It is not unusual for other countries to require certifications or listings.

Nearly every country has a standard for electrical parts and components. A lamp that has been UL certified cannot be sold in the UK. This is because, even though some parts may be the same, there are many different parts.

Although this may seem like a small issue to suppliers, it is very important for most countries. If the lamp does not meet the required electrical standards or certification, many customs will refuse to allow it into the country.

Only UL Components are NOT UL Listed

Not having all components listed as UL parts or components does not mean that the lamp is UL or ETL-listed. Some people find this confusing. They believe that as long as all parts and components have the UL or another listing, the lamp should be considered a UL listed lamp.

However, this is not true as any lamp that has been deemed Ul or ETL-listed must go through testing. We will run a series test on each lamp that is UL-listed. Only after the lamp passes the UL tests can we certify it as a UL lamp.

Every component or electric part that is used on a lamp must be checked by an UL inspector. Our UL inspector must see that each important UL component was certified and tested.

It is not as simple as going to the hardware store to buy UL parts or components. UL listing refers to the testing and certification of the lamp.

Periodic UL Inspections and UL fees

We must pay annual fees and UL inspection fees to keep our UL list current. This means that a certified UL inspector will periodically visit our factory to inspect all components and test our lamps.

This is part the entire UL listing process. The standards and testing are very rigorous. A small supplier or manufacturer may find it difficult to obtain a UL listing.

Safety is the main purpose of the UL/ETL listing. Lamps are made up of electrical components. If these components are defective or not wired properly, they can pose a fire hazard or safety hazard. Most countries have established standards for electrical products that are sold to consumers.

This is why if you send a UL lamp via courier or container ship to a country that is not UL-certified, it is likely that the border officials and customs of the other country will block the lamp from entering their country. Because there are so many standards and components, it is very difficult for small suppliers of lamps to be sold around the globe.

Product Liability Insurance

To protect yourself from liability if you sell lamps in the United States, or any other product, it is a good idea to have product liability insurance. It is vital to have product liability insurance in order to sell lamps to the United States.

We all have to deal daily with crazy complaints and threats of litigation, even in manufacturing. Although these never resulted in anything, I can attest to the fact that people are out there trying to make money off companies and individuals by making silly and unfounded complaints. This type of case is not taken by many lawyers in the United States because it is so lucrative.

Depending on where you live, if your complaint is serious enough, US courts and lawyers might even pursue you through your country’s laws and legal system.

We recommend that you have product liability insurance if you plan to sell lamps or any other products in the US. Many insurance agents online specialize in selling small eCommerce stores.

I understand that Product Liability Insurance and UL listing can be costly, especially for small suppliers or manufacturers. These standards can help you reduce your liability when selling products with electrical components, such as a lamp.

This is what also makes producing or providing lamps so difficult. It is a product which requires technical expertise, the right components, listings, insurance, and the right products.

We would love to speak with you if you are interested in importing UL-listed lamps.

Mondoro is a manufacturer of home decor, as well as home furnishing products, including UL Listed portable floor lamps, portable table lamps and other types.

How to Sell Lamps

Are you passionate about collecting? You might have a treasure trove of lamps if you’ve collected many over the years. Many people are looking for the perfect lamp to enhance their rooms. You have a few options to make a decent income from those lamps.

Register online at to create an account. Make sure your password is easy to remember. You should read the entire information and spend time getting to know eBay.

Register for a Paypal account to get paid. Get familiar with Paypal and how it works. To keep things simple, use the same password as you used for eBay. You will be less likely not to forget it.

Photograph all your lamps. To show the details of your lamps, use good lighting and a basic background. Try different angles to find the best one.

Save your images to the computer. Use the form to upload them to eBay. Complete all information about the lamp. You don’t have to sell the item. If you aren’t satisfied with your bid, consider selling it at a local flea marketplace.

You can also contact your local flea markets to make arrangements (some may charge a small fee for setting up shop). Bring all your lamps, and a few folding tables to display them. You should arrive early to ensure you have a spot that is easily accessible for potential customers. Smile and make eye contact as people pass you.