List of 10 Top Dropshipping Niche Store Examples

Dropshipping can be used to supply three types of stores. General, One-product and niches stores. Niche stores provide a middle ground between one-product and general stores.

Niche stores offer the best of both the worlds. They have all the benefits of traditional store types, but fewer of their disadvantages. Check out my article to see a complete comparison of these three store types.

In other words, it is a good idea to start a niche dropshipping business.

What’s a Niche Dropshipping Shop?

A niche store sells products that are closely related to the product being sold. A niche could be a similar product or interest such as watches or camping. This niche is often targeted at a particular audience that has a strong passion for the topic or who are able to solve the problem.

Dropshipping stores that are primarily based in niches are the most popular type. It is exactly the same as in the real world. You’ll find a few major general stores that carry everything, while the rest of the shops will only sell products in the same category.

Which are the best dropshipping niches?

This is a simple and frustrating answer. The best niches make the most money. We all know this. A Google search of the best niches to dropship was all that came up. There were many broad niches that could be worth millions.

I was able to see niches in fashion, furniture and office equipment. Thank you for this useful information. These niches can be profitable, but to compete with the best dropshipping websites around the world, you will need time, money and thousands of products. You’ll also need a team of workers. If you are just starting out, it’s impossible. What is a good niche for dropshipping?

Dropshipping is best if there is a large market that is hungry and has a strong incentive to buy the products. You should have sufficient audience to make the niche profitable and little competition to make it viable.

It is impossible to find a profitable niche if there are no competitors so don’t get discouraged if you discover multiple websites within your niche. Finding the right balance between audience interest and competition is key.

Keyword tools like keysearch or Google trends can help you get a better idea of your audience by giving you monthly searches and current trends.

How low should you go to niche your store?

You can make your niche as broad as you want or as narrow as you wish. The more niches you have, the more products and customers you can reach. You gain authority and credibility, which makes it easier to rank for relevant search terms in Google.

The size of your niche will depend on the size of your store, what products you intend to sell and who it is selling to.

If you want to create a camping store, for example, you will need many categories with multiple subcategories. This would make it a huge store with thousands of products. You might want to narrow your focus to tents, shelters, portable fridges or sleeping gear.

Another thing to consider is the country where you will dropship. You want to ensure that your market is large enough to be financially viable. You can have a wider niche if your store targets a small country like Australia. However, if you are targeting the US market, you might want to narrow it down.

Here are some examples of niche dropshipping stores

Pet PAWtrol

Pet Pawtrol was established in mid-2019. It specializes in selling pet products. Although it has a cute logo, the company isn’t really branded. Important things to note:

  • Shopify powered the theme booster.
  • LOOX reviews are used on product pages by them, which I believe is the best Shopify review application.
  • There are 74 products available in their store.
  • They seem to be dropshipping exclusively from AliExpress.


This store focuses on unique furniture and home décor products. This is the place to go if you are looking for niche dropshipping stores for ideas for your own shop. This dropshipping shop doesn’t feel like it is a dropshipping site, but more like a high end furniture store. Notable features:

  • Shopify powered the Prestige theme.
  • Beautiful custom images and videos.
  • Because they are able to brand and theme their stores, they charge higher prices for their products.
  • 395 products have an average price $191

Although their product descriptions are average, their success is due to their professionally designed images and videos. Images like these won’t be available on AliExpress. You will have to either take them yourself, or use a site like Animoto.

Indestructible Shoes

This niche store sells rugged, tough shoes and accessories. Another great example of how to start a niche dropshipping business is this store. They found a niche in a niche, identified a problem with shoes, and created a highly successful store. It feels high-end and is not a dropshipping shop.

  • Average of around one million visits per month.
  • 73% of their visitors come from the US.
  • They seem to be dropshipping directly from AliExpress.
  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • They are present since 2018 and currently have 122 products.
  • LOOX app reviews are used to review their reviews.

They also have custom images that show off their products professionally.

This store specializes in selling cutlery, straws, and wipes. They also sell accessories. This is your last chance to buy these products, as they are made for long-term usage. Their products are sustainable and made with recycled materials.

The site’s branding is excellent, and gives customers a wonderful shopping experience. Images are original and blend well with the rest. The product names are catchy and funny. Important things to note:

  • They have perfected the branding.
  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • 38 products have an average price $32.50
  • Unique product names making price checking difficult.
  • Their last straw is their most popular product.

Pawsome Couture

Dropshipping is a way to sell products for dogs and cats. These products include collars, jewelry, beds, and clothing that can be printed on demand. Their store is professionally branded, which allows them to charge premium prices for many of the products. It can be difficult to make a pet shop look professional, but they have done it successfully. This is why they are still around in 2015.

Here are some interesting facts about their store.

  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • Current monthly search volume: 137k
  • Stock 270 products for an average price $43.
  • Many of their products feature their logo.

Insta Buddha

This niche is a great one with passionate customers and not too saturated. The store offers a wide range of products within the spirituality, well-being and health niches. You can find crystals, incense and home decor as well as blankets, jewelry, clothing and accessories.

The entire store is a beautiful design with a consistent theme. To sell their products, they use professional-looking images and videos along with persuasive product descriptions. I believe this store does a lot of things right, and they will continue to be successful for a long time. Notable things:

  • Shopify using the booster theme
  • AliExpress is drop shipping most of their products.
  • LOOX app is used by them to review.
  • Since 2016.
  • 608 products have an average price $63.

Cutesy Classes

The cutesy class is an exclusive niche store that focuses on clothing related to teaching and schooling. It seems to be a dropshipping shop that prints on demand. Although it’s quite simple and small, the store seems to be doing well since they have been in business since 2017.

This store is an excellent example for beginners. They found a niche that was popular enough to build a store around it. This is something most beginners can do easily.

  • These are powered by Shopify, and they use the simple theme.
  • Printful is used to create and ship the products.
  • There are 63 products, with an average cost of $27

Dogs Store

First, a poor store name and website. But, it doesn’t matter if you make money. They’ve been around since 2017, so it’s obvious that they’re making money. They carry a variety of dog-related products and aren’t restricted to AliExpress dropshipping. They also offer dog training courses.

Printful seems to be used for some of their products, and they also sell dog treats that I believe are domestically sourced. This is an excellent example of how you don’t need to dropship only from one source.

  • Shopify powered this site and used the district theme.
  • 621 products have an average price of $35.
  • AliExpress’s best sellers are the dog treats that don’t require dropshipping.

Unicorn Lovers

Unique niches like this are so inspiring to me. It makes you feel creative and out of the ordinary. While unicorns are still incredibly popular over the years, they can also change trends. This means that a store like this could see fluctuations in its profits.

The store seems to only dropship from China and offers a variety of unicorn-related products. The store’s theme matches the unicorn niche and has a matching color scheme.

  • Shopify powered this site and used the booster theme.
  • 426 products have an average price $26
  • Since 2017, this store has been in existence
  • Flash drives are their best-selling product.

The Plushie Depot

Dropshipping stores usually sell products that solve a problem, or they have a passionate buyer base. This store is neither of these and it’s still killing it.

They have found their niche and are determined to dominate the market. They now sell over 2,000 plush toys. It’s a great product that can be used in many different ways. This makes it less likely that there will be any issues.

  • Shopify powered this theme and it was free to use dawn.
  • Dropshipping direct from China appears to be the case
  • They use Geolocation and Automizely as their apps.


This is the store you want to learn. They wanted to create a store that didn’t feel like a dropshipping shop. They have a niche in home decor and furniture products, and they have mastered the branding and theme.

This store doesn’t do Facebook advertising. All their social traffic comes from Pinterest. This is a great choice as the product images are stunning and women are more interested in this niche.

  • Shopify powered and customized theme.
  • Current monthly visits: 103k
  • Only 34% of their traffic comes from the US, the rest is distributed worldwide.
  • They have been around since 2018.
  • There are 414 products, with an average cost of $422.

Universal Light

The store was launched in September 2020. Its niche is children’s lamps, night projectors and other unique products. Although the store has only 18 products, they have branded it well and are a great example of a niche store that can be started by beginners without hundreds of products.

Dropshipping lamps like these is a great way to make money. Many households already own a lamp, but selling an exclusive version that few shops sell makes them stand out in Facebook ads and converts well.

  • Shopify and a custom template.
  • 18 products have an average price $72
  • Ryviu reviews, Klaviyo landing page, Shogun landing pages, and Reconvert upsells.
  • Amazing custom images and videos.

Notebook Therapy

Notebook Therapy is a company that has been in existence since 2017, and it is enjoying a lot success. Their niche is quirky stationery products, including notebooks, totes bags, journals and pencil cases.

The products are not typical impulse-buy products that you see in dropshipping shops. The logo of this store is on many of the products.

  • As many as 345k visits per month.
  • 77% of their social media traffic comes from Facebook.
  • Shopify can be used with a custom theme
  • There are 264 products, with an average cost of $16
  • Use LOOX Klaviyo or Shogun landing page app.


You can see that niche dropshipping shops can be very different. The way they are themed, how they layout, what branding they use, and how many products each stock. Dropshipping is a business model that allows you to create your own unique products. You can be as creative as you like, so long your customers are happy with your store.

However, it is important to examine a range of niche stores to see which ones work and which don’t. It’s okay to take ideas from other stores and combine them into your own store.