List of Shopify Chrome Extension and Useful Plugins

Google Chrome is more than just a browser. Google Chrome is more than a browser. It has a wide range of extensions and built-in tools for developers that make it incredibly useful. The Chrome Web Store now includes thousands of extensions and apps to enhance your browser’s functionality and make you more productive.

Page Rules

Even though many of us deal in ems or rems, it’s sometimes necessary to take a precise measurement, especially when padding and margins are involved. You can drag a ruler onto a page and it will display its width, height and position. The resulting box can be moved around the screen, which is great for checking that elements are spaced evenly.

Full-page Screen Capture

It can be difficult to capture full-length screenshots with the built-in tools of your operating system, especially when you consider today’s long web pages. Full Page Screen Capture makes it easy. Simply click on the extension icon or press Alt+Shift+P to open a new tab and render a full-length image. The image can be saved or dragged to your desktop. For the fun progress animation, you get extra points.


Grammarly has been a valuable addition to my writing tools. The Chrome extension extends the functionality of Grammarly to include services such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter. It will not only detect spelling mistakes, but it will also help to correct grammatical errors such as subject-verb agreement and article use.


Buffer is an excellent service to manage your social media posts. The Chrome extension allows you to easily add content to social media sites. The Buffer extension icon can be clicked to populate the update with the page title as well as URL. You can also highlight text and click on the icon to populate the update. Select the services that you want to push the update from, then click “Add to Queue.”


You can be forgiven if you have ever tried to view JSON in Chrome. The JSON View extension can cheer all developers. It takes JSON and formats it to make it easier to read and manage. It allows you to colour code the output and also allows for expansion and contraction of nodes, which is especially helpful when working with large files.


Wappalyzer will help you find out what platform a website is running on. A colleague showed it to me a few years back and I was stunned. This extension detects content management systems, eCommerce platforms and web servers. It also supports JavaScript frameworks. Analytics tools are included.

Window Resizer

It’s not hard to guess the purpose of this extension. Window Resizer does one thing and does it well. You can emulate different screen resolutions by using a variety of pre-built resolutions. The extension can be customized to adjust the width, height, position and even apply new settings to the viewport and window.

What Font

While we all love great type, many of us lack the knowledge to appreciate the various typophiles. This extension is faster than the Inspector, which can help you find out what fonts are being used on a website. To activate the extension, click on its icon and hover over any font to see a tooltip with the font name. Click on text to expand the tooltip with details about the font’s size, line height, and color.

Web Developer

This official port of the popular Firefox plugin will give you a lot of functionality. The Web Developer extension provides a toolbar button for the browser that allows you to access tools such as JavaScript, CSS, JavaScript, images and window resizing. You can find many useful features under the miscellaneous tab, even if it isn’t clearly labeled.

Check My Links

This extension was created for web developers and editors. Check My Links allows to quickly verify the validity of any links on the page. It highlights the valid ones and the ones that are invalid.


Gmail users who use the browser might need to strikethrough text at times. This could lead to you spending hours trying to find the button in the toolbar that allows you to do this. There isn’t one. The Strikethrough extension can help. Allow the extension to be enabled and you’ll see the new button close to the Bold or Italic icons on your editing toolbar.


ColorZilla, one of the most downloaded Firefox extensions, has been installed over 5,000,000 times and is now available for Chrome. The toolkit contains a colour picker, a CSS gradient generator, as well as a web colour analyser. This extension also has many other features.

Get more productivity from your Google Calendar extension.


It has been a tradition to maintain a line length of between 45-75 characters. This extension means that we don’t have to place our cursor at one end of the line, and then count the number as we press the right cursor key. After you’ve enabled the extension, highlight text and right-click to view the character count. Another great example of an extension doing one thing well is this.


ShopifyFD is an essential extension for all Shopify users. It allows you to add metafield editing to Shopify admin. You can also copy shipping rates, backup editor contents, display variant IDs, etc.

Custom Fields for Shopify

Shopify’s powerful feature is custom fields. These are often called metafields. These fields are not natively accessible in Shopify admin. However, this extension allows merchants to add, modify, and delete custom field content directly from the Shopify admin. This extension was created by the same developer who made the ShopifyFD extension. It is essential for helping clients maintain their content.

As of mid-2019, Shopify businesses all over the globe had made more $100,000,000 in revenue.

This platform is loved for its ease-of-use and amazing backend support. However, the best thing about it is the built-in tools that allow users the ability to improve the functionality of their store or add custom features.

Shopify plugins can be extremely helpful. They can be used to increase customer engagement and drive sales.

These are the best Shopify plugins that I recommend to optimize your e-commerce store.

Shopify Plug in SEO

Maintaining visibility in search engines is another key component to e-commerce success. ” 75% users don’t scroll past the first page in search engines,” and 35% of organic clicks go to top three results.

It is therefore crucial to ensure that your e-commerce site ranks in the top ten.

Plug-in SEO is one of the best Shopify plugins.

This tool helps you find simple ways to increase the rank of your Shopify store, as well as fix any problems that might be preventing you from reaching your goals.

It reviews the following elements:

  • Meta titles
  • Headlines;
  • Meta descriptions;
  • Keywords
  • Broken links

When it is all said and done you will rank higher for targeted keywords phrases and increase your organic traffic significantly.

It’s easy to do even if you aren’t an SEO expert.

Plug in SEO takes care of the heavy lifting and slowly builds up your SEO knowledge.

Shopee Bot (The Shopify bot extension)

Shopify’s best shopify bot ensures you never miss a shopify site release.

This extension will allow users to purchase products from their favorite shopify websites. Users will also be able buy new releases using this extension.


Checkout faster

Complete control

Order custom sizes

Any sizes

[Upcoming features]



Shopee bot (The Shopify Bot) has one purpose: to allow people to buy what they want on shopify sites.

Shopify Free Trial Extension

Are you close to the end of your Shopify trial? Are you thinking of signing up for Shopify’s trial, but aren’t you curious if there is a way to extend your trial? Is it possible to get an extension? You’ll be glad you stopped by today.

After setting up multiple stores over the years and using Shopify’s trial for each one, I know what to expect after the 14-day trial.

Shopify has a free trial that you can extend.

You may be able to extend your Shopify Free Trial beyond the standard 14-day period. You can request an extension by contacting the Shopify Team via email support.

You can send them an email with your URL/ details.

It is also a good idea, briefly explaining why you want to prolong your trial and providing justification for why 14 days was not sufficient.

Shopify’s support team will usually extend your trial.

So far, at least from my experience.

They’re great, just like this.

If you fail to do so, you can sign up with another email and get a free trial.

It would be necessary to start from scratch but it would give you the extra time you require.

If you’re particular about branding or admin, you can change the email addresses within your account/store.

What if My Shopify Trial ends?

Your Shopify Trial will end and you’ll be charged for the plan you have selected at sign up. If you have not selected a plan and your payment information has not been recorded, your store may be paused.

You will be granted a grace period for the latter.

Your store will be temporarily suspended for 30 days. At the end of that time, it will go into a deletion queue.

You can sign up for a paid plan at any time within the 30-day period to unlock your store.

Theme App Extension in Shopify

This tutorial will show you how to create a theme app extension in Shopify Laravel.

You can easily add dynamic elements into the themes with the help of theme app extensions. Shopify merchants can now modify the theme files without having to use Theme App Extensions.

Theme App Extensions:

  • Integrate the app without having to modify the theme files
  • It is no longer necessary to create theme-specific solutions.
  • Easy deployment of the app in all online shops
  • Not required to implement code removal process.
  • Overall, merchants will have a better experience.

Let’s look at how to create a theme app extension in Shopify App

How to Create a Theme App Extension in Shopify – Laravel App


Login Partner Account

Run the following command in terminal to log into your partner account

Register the Theme App Extension and Create a Scaffold

Shopify CLI commands allow you to create a scaffold or register a theme extension.

With the help of this command, open a terminal window. Change the directory to the root directory for your project.

Select the app you want to register the extension for the theme app extension.

The following command can be used to demonstrate how the theme extension works with sample code

Navigate to the new theme extension you’d like to register with your appIt will prompt you to confirm your registration after running the commands.

Push an extension to a draft version of the Partner Dashboard

You can save your app extension as a draft for testing before final publishing. Use the below command

Publish the theme app extension

After the theme app extension has been completed, push it for publishing.

  • Go to Theme App Extensions from your Partner Dashboard.
  • Next, click on Create Version.
  • Click Publish when the new version appears in the versions list.