Looking to Learn About Activewear and Athleisure Dropshipping?

A Dropshipping Activewear System for your E-commerce Business

You may be struggling to find an activewear drop shipper (or wholesale swimwear supplier) if you have started your fitness, clothing, and activewear business. It’s not hard, but it is a must to have a good business plan in the beginning.

People have become increasingly involved in sports to try to keep the bodies healthy. Specialists suggested people pursue sports to keep the bodies free from diseases. This has resulted in high demand for activewear used in various sporting activities.

These garments include; shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits, swimsuits for swimming, ski suits for skiing, gymnastics leotards, yoga pants, diving wetsuits, and many more. This is an excellent opportunity for activewear sellers to leverage business opportunities.

You have to hear about dropshipping being one of the best ways to start an online business with lower costs and lower risks. The dropship companies are mostly just a portal that links the manufacturers with customers, which is already popular in many countries. If you’re not confident, you can read more to see how dropshipping sportswear can be successful.

Where is the manufacturer of activewear?

Many manufacturers are dealing with the activewear industry, but the primary producers and factories are located in China, South East Asia, due to their developed business in foreign trade.

Chinse factories are located in places easily accessible in the vicinity of town centers. They ensure that the distance between them and the warehouses does not bother people, giving them orders to ease transportation. These companies are located in major cities such as Guangdong’s Shenzhen, Fuzhou’s in Fujian, Zhejiang’s Hangzhou and more towns near lakes to ease the transport process.

Find a Dropshipper on Activewear

Here are some ways to know a reliable activewear drop shipper

Test industrial directories

Online directories such as Doba, Salehoo and Central Wholesale can be conveniently accessed by charging anything, anywhere. Check for directories of trade, and go through the companies listed. Generally, they audit the listed dropshipper or wholesaler to ensure you are not scammed.

Trade articles and journals

Some traders pay to be advertised in magazines and journals for their jobs, and this is one way to know if they are legit. Do not trust the second rate subscription.

Visiting the website of official manufacturer

Depending on the product you wish to purchase, please visit the manufacturer’s site where you will see a list of local and regional suppliers.

Business shows

This should be your first stopover if you are serious about knowing the reliable activewear drop shipper and the best products to treat. Most of these shows may not occur near you, but you may be able to search for information about the people shown in the show. Like global sources, the general tab. Several trade shows are listed here.

Forums Online

Search for a forum dealing with products you want to dropship, so you’ll learn the best activewear drop shippers and the best products as well. You’ll learn from the discussion more about what consumers love, how to find the best drop shipper.

Best Manufacturers for Wholesale Athleisure


Athletic wear must have a well-balanced design and quality in it, and judaon.biz believes in it. It is a family-run business, and it has served for many years. This promotes shipping volume, and if you can order before 3:00 p.m., you’ll get shipping the same day, too.

In addition to delivering quality merchandise, you’ll also receive international orders. It has served the activewear industry for a very long time. It understands how the business works, and that’s why it offers everything at an affordable price to ensure you get the maximum benefits from it.

It provides different product categories and varieties that can meet various gym enthusiasts’ requirements.

Royal Apparel:

All the athleisure wear provided by this Royale Apparel website is 100 percent sweat-free and made in the United States. One can get multiple wholesale options along with inventory storage, custom finishing, and shipping that is perfect for any retailer.

They use high-quality organic fabric that can guarantee environmental sustainability, and that does not use any harmful material or chemicals in processing. If you’re looking forward to getting the perfect wear for men and women, this is ideal for comfort and style.


Slyletica.com is delivering the ideal athleisure wear for different purposes and men. It’s the perfect clothing brand that creates unique pieces for people with excellent activewear. This offers blanks that are also great for personal trainers, fitness professionals, and gym-goers.

If you want some unbranded, high-quality activewear, then this is the perfect place for you where all the garments on the online platform are available. It will encourage you to order bulk with a bulk discount, and if you are in Australia, you will receive it within three days.

Monob Clothing:

This shopping website that has completed its ten-year journey has contributed to athletic wear and has been selling longevity, attributing both quality and design. Most of Mono B’s athleisure wear has been produced in the US and is from Los Angeles’ fashion district.

This is the ideal place with lots of variety where you can get some activewear, and it will guarantee excellent performance. It will, in the same position, offer both fashion and functionality.

All the fashionable women’s wears are versatile and forward-fashion and you’ll also get it in plus sizes as well as skirts, leggings and sports bra. Mono B is the best place to buy athleisure wear, as it is very cheap.

Fitness Wear Direct:

If you’re looking for the USA wholesale apparel, then that’s the right spot. This has specialized in athletic wear and is primarily based on women’s organic garments and leggings, and even provides men with tanks.

It is known for providing the best athleisure wear in the industry, and it uses the initial design concept. It uses the full integration facility to pay attention to quality. They focus on classical styles and the fabrics of performance.

There is a lot of clothing brought from overseas, and it is the perfect buy for consumers who are socially and environmentally conscious. It will give you several fabric options and color choices to simplify your purchase from this website. So, it’s mostly selling apparel that’s made in America.

Custom Sportswear Dropshipping

Alibaba.com has a large selection of fashionable and trendy custom sportswear dropshipping that is suitable for everyday wear as well as special occasions. A wide range of high quality custom sportswear dropshipping is available in a variety of sizes, patterns and designs. These outfits are comfortable and look great in the natural world thanks to their special blend of vibrant colors and soft fabrics. Discover the extensive collection of masculine and female designs in this wide-ranging range.

These customized designs are great for special occasions like weddings, Halloweens, Easters, Christmases and so forth. Alibaba.com has a wide range of sportswear dropshipping options, including sundresses, long- and short-sleeved rompers, and cold shoulder jumpers. Experts have designed the products using high quality fabrics to ensure durability and minimal wear.

Dropshipping custom sportswear is provided by reliable retailers who ensure high quality and trendy designs. There are products for every age group, including toddlers and middle-aged girls. They are made from soft fabrics like cotton, which make them easy to wash and comfortable.

Alibaba.com offers products at all price points. There are many options for custom-fitting, comfortable sportswear dropshipping. These designs are fashionable and high-quality, with a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes that are available at industry-leading rates.