Michael Kors Wholesale and Dropshipping Review

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According to its website, Michael Kors boasts that it is a “world-renowned, award winning designer of luxury accessories” and ready-to wear.

It was established in British Virgin Islands. The principal executive offices are located in London, and the operational headquarters are in New York.

The company’s name was founded in 1981. It now sells clothing, shoes, watches and handbags, as well as other accessories.

Michael Kors had over 550 stores in 2015 and more than 1,500 boutiques in-store in different countries.


The fashion industry has reached a new height. Fashion products are now expected to be of the highest quality by consumers. No matter what color a pair or shirt is, how beautiful it is does not make a shirt any more special. We have higher expectations. Every product we use is a reflection of our style and class.

This is why there is so much variation in online sales of high-branded products. There is also constant competition among brands as every brand strives to win customer loyalty and provides the best possible customer experience.

It is therefore important that any retailer, no matter what market or niche, chooses a brand for the products he would purchase wholesale.

Michael Kors is also a name we think of when it comes to style and class. You can’t fail as a retailer if you don’t buy wholesale Michael Kors products. It has the most extensive range of products.

Let’s take a look at the history of this brand.

Who is Michael Kors, anyway?

Michael David Kors, an American fashion designer and chairman of his brand Michael Kors, is well-known. He was born in August 1959. His education was from the fashion institute of technology (FIT). He was also awarded the CAFD award in 2003 for the women swear designer and the award in 2003 for the menswear design of the year.

His affinity for fashion began at a young age. According to his mother, this was due to her exposure to the industry through her modeling career. He began designing cloths in teenage years and sold them in his parents basement. This he renamed IRON BUTTERFLY.

He launched Michael Kors’ women’s label at Bergdorf Goodman in 1981.

What is Michael Kors?

Michael Kors Holding Limited is a multi-national fashion company based in British Virgin Islands. New York is its operational headquarters. Michael Kors was founded in 1981, 37 years ago.

The brand also sells accessories, such as shoes, clothes, watches, and handbags. The Michael Kors handbags are a popular choice among teenager girls. Because it is a fashion symbol, everyone wants MK handbags. His menswear collection was launched in 2002 by kors.

Michael Kors owned more than 550 stores in 2005 and more than 1500 boutiques in different countries. KORS Michael Kores was launched by the company in 1990 as a license. This company was forced to file chapter 11 in 1993 due to the closing of KORS Michael Kors’ licensing partner.

The company’s annual renewal was 3.2 billion with a net income of $670 million. Company owned 827 outlet stores and 133 licensed shops by April 2017. Michael Kors Holding (MKH), bought jimmy Choo Ltd. for 896 million pounds in July 2017. The company announced in September 2018 that it was acquiring Versace. The brand will be renamed Capri Holdings upon closing the deal.

The company employed more than 12,869 people in 2016. The company’s total equity in 2016 was 2 Billion US Dollars.

Michael Kors Wholesale Company Reviews

John idol, the CEO of the company, announced two years ago that the brand would reduce its inventory for retail partners. The real Michael Kors Wholesale performance has improved.

When the wholesale black lash started in 2016, Michaels wholesale revenues were cut by 7 percent. However, Michael Kors held limited the first quarter earnings for 2019, and Michaels wholesale revenues have increased 19% to $363million. Idol stated that wholesale feels good to him during the conference call with investors.

Michael Kors in North America reduced wholesale inventory by 10% and Europe by a double-digit amount. Idol stated that constant promotions by stores had diluted brands worth and that this was being resolved. There was also a residual “brand halo” effect. Brand position was improving as apparel and footwear sales increased.

1. Benefits of Michael Kors Wholesale

* Quality

Good quality is what every customer seeks when purchasing any product. You will not be able to attract enough customers if your quality is poor.

This is the main benefit of Michael Kores. Their products are just incredible. A product of such high quality will make anyone happy. Michael has completed the market, so kors must maintain the quality and customers.

It’s like customers and quality are related. If you have good quality, you will have many customers. If not, it will be hard to keep your customers.

Because quality is not compromised.

* Shipping

Everyone nowadays knows the importance of time. It is not something that anyone wants to waste. Everyone wants everything to be done on time. You want everything on time if you have ordered something.

Here’s another benefit to using Michael Kores: they will deliver your product as soon they receive it. They deliver the item within 7 days.

They can ship merchandise orders to all 50 US states. They ship merchandise orders to all Canadian provinces and territories. The company does not currently ship internationally, but they will soon.

* Customization

Everyone wants to be their own stylist. Some want their name on their shirts and some want different shoes.

You have the option to personalize your Michael Kors product. You can modify the item you choose, such as a star printed on your sneakers.

You can increase your sales if the products are matched to the personality of the customer.

* Price

We can also see the benefits of this brand’s normal prices. Because the prices are within a normal range, people can afford them. They also sell cheap Michael Kors wholesale. Wholesale business is also possible at normal, affordable prices.

2. Michael Kors Wholesale: Drawbacks

Bad customer service

Michael Kors’ customer service is terrible. You can see the negative reviews on the brand service by looking at the reviews. They didn’t respond quickly to messages or mails. You must also explain the problem repeatedly to them if they do respond.

  • Late replies

It does happen occasionally in Michael Kors. However, if it does, you will be held responsible for any wrong product or defect. It is so frustrating to hear their replies. You can’t complain about it in any other place.

They say that honest reviews will not be published on their site and they won’t allow you to post on their customer support.


Michael Kors is a well-known name, and thousands of people have purchased products from MK. Perhaps that is why they sometimes send defective products to customers. They may not be paying enough attention to quality control and sending the wrong or defective products because they receive so many orders from around the globe.

Their products’ colors fade away, but their MK logo changes their color. This is a major problem for many customers, who are unlikely to shop at Michael Kors again. Because they are a well-known brand in the market, Michael Kors should improve their quality. People also prefer to shop here.


People first see you by your behavior. If you don’t treat your customers well, why would they return to you? They will choose to shop at other brands than you because they are rude.

Michael Kors stores have poor staff. The staff are not able to communicate with you effectively and they didn’t help you find the product you were looking for. This is a major problem for Michael Kors. Staff should be available to help customers in any way possible. As the saying goes, “Customer is God”. Michael Kors staff must treat customers with respect.

3. Review of MK Wholesale customers

While 23% of people are satisfied with Michael Kors wholesale, 69% of them aren’t. They had bad experiences with the company. They claim that they are not satisfied with the quality and lack of refunds. 9 percent of customers have average reviews. They have positive reviews about MK, but they are not very satisfied with the company.

Comments from customers

Because they keep improving the quality and price of their products, the brand is able to satisfy its customers every day. This is affordable for most people. Teen-aged girls may not have the money to buy branded clothes, shoes, and accessories.

The brand organizes sales for special occasions as well as on normal days like Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, etc. People are receiving more and more discounts on their products, and the brand’s worth is growing day by day.

Alternative wholesaler

There should always be an alternate way to do everything in your life. Plan A may not work. You can always use plan B. Although Michael Kors is a great brand, here’s an alternative: Michael Kors wholesale.


Michael Kors is a great brand to wholesale from. Michael Kors wholesale is now available so that you can get them. You will enjoy the best quality, shipping and customization. It will be a good choice to choose Michael Kors.

They can sometimes send the wrong package, so if quality is important, Chinabrands is your best option.

Chinabrands serves customers from over 200 countries. They have low prices and a strong reputation in the wholesale market.

Michael Kors Watch Warranty Policy

All Michael Kors watches purchased in Europe come with a 2-year warranty (or as long as the law requires). To be eligible for this warranty, you must show proof of purchase.

The watch will be replaced or repaired if it is not in compliance with the agreement. If the company is unable to repair or replace the watch, you can return it and receive a full refund.

If you purchased a watch from their website, it is advised that you contact them through this link. The company will then cover shipping costs for the defective product.

Should you want to read more about the warranty of your watches from Michael Kors, or of any of their products, visit their Warranty And Repair Policy here.

Where can I buy Michael Kors watches?

You shouldn’t have any difficulty finding an authorized Michael Kors dealer since the brand is well-known worldwide. However, if you still want to make sure, you can always go to the Store Locator to help you out.

If you want to buy a Michael Kors watch without leaving your house, the best way, of course, is through their official website. There are many watches available, from the traditional wristwatches that have an analog display to their smartwatches.

Closing Words

A Michael Kors watch will help you stand out in fashion. The brand has many designs, especially for women. There is bound to be one that matches your outfit.

The black market is thriving, however, as Michael Kors has become a well-known name in the fashion world. There are many imitations or counterfeit Michael Kors products on the black market.

Fashion-minded people took advantage of this opportunity to get stylish accessories at a very low price. They don’t care about the quality or watchmaking of the watches. What matters to them is that the item bears the massive MK logo. This is why the black market continues to thrive, even though it’s illegal.

There are others who simply want a beautiful watch at an affordable price. It’s hard not to be drawn towards one, especially when they are much more affordable than the ones you can buy in boutiques and malls. They’d be disappointed to discover that the battery died after a few months or their hands quit.

We hope you find these helpful when you are looking for your next Michael Kors watch or another type of watch. Have fun shopping! You are going to be amazing and wonderful, Ang!