Moteefe Store T-Shirt Company Honest Reviews

Do you want to sell custom merchandise online and make money? Moteefe might be the right platform for you. Never fear if you’ve never heard of the platform. We’ll be breaking down everything in this review.

Let’s get started!

Who’s Moteefe?

Moteefe, founded in 2015, was created with one goal in mind: To make it easy for anyone to sell high quality designs without any hassle or risk.


Moteefe provides a platform for artists to build a reputation and get remunerated. Moteefe believes that mass production is dead and custom designs are the new trend. They provide all the tools necessary to help you reach your target audience.

Moteefe may not be the most well-known print off demand (POD), but they are growing and Moteefe will continue to grow.

What is Moteefe’s Work Process?

You will need to follow these steps to get started with MOTEEFE

  1. Upload your design
  2. Choose the products that you would like your design to appear on. You have over 60 options: T-shirts phone cases, towels and canvases to choose from.
  3. Social media is a great way to get traffic and sales. Your campaign can be launched in 60 seconds.
  4. Make some money today! You’ll get your money within 24 hours of completing a sale.

Simple, right?

You upload your design, choose the products that you would like your design to appear on and Moteefe will take care of everything else. We mean printing, warehousing and customer payments. Also, global fulfillment. The best part, and unlike many of Moteefe’s competitors is the ability to launch an online store using a custom domain. You have complete control over your customer relations and you can keep customer data. This is a great way to build your brand!

What’s the point of Moteefe being here?

Moteefe receives a small commission for sales.

Moteefe does not hold stock, as you may have guessed. Every product is made according to the customer’s choice of garment, design, size and color. This means that your order will be fulfilled immediately. Moteefe products are usually printed and shipped within one or two business days of your campaign’s end.

Moteefe’s Best Features

These are just a few of the many perks of Moteefe in your POD business

  • With your custom domain name, you can create white label stores.
  • Moteefe has a global supply chain with local production and delivery on three continents. Moteefe is the best choice if your goal is to promote your designs to a global audience. Moteefe has many printing capabilities that allow them to ship to any location closest to customers to ensure fastest delivery. Moteefe ships internationally from the United States, United Kingdom, Germany and Czech Republic.
  • Moteefe provides customer service in multiple languages for you.
  • Moteefe offers a number of’seller levels’. The higher your sales, the greater your potential profits. This is a great way to reward dedicated sellers for their hard work. You’ll also receive a EUR250.00 bonus or $250.00 bonus if you sell 250 products. This is a great incentive!
  • Moteefe has some of the lowest base costs in the industry – average sellers make EUR20 for every t-shirt sold to EU customers. We have listed some of Moteefe’s most popular products below.
    • T-shirts for classics $5.28 to EUR4.00
    • Phone cases $5.87 – EUR5.00
    • Hoodies $19.09 or EUR12.00
    • Mugs: $4.11 or EUR3.50
    • Cushions: $5.87 or EUR5.00
    • Towels $8.85 – EUR7.50
    • Tote Bags $7.08 / EUR6.00
    • Babygrows $7.08 – EUR6.00
  • There are no startup costs.
  • Moteefe is known for its exceptional customer service.
  • Moteefe has over 40 products that you can print your design onto. These include t-shirts and hoodies as well as phone cases, cushions, phones, phone cases, cushions, puzzles and tote bags.
  • Moteefe, an ethical POD company, is a good partner. They only partner with third-party producers that are compliant with safe, legal, and humane manufacturing practices. Moteefe’s manufacturing companies all have Social Compliance Certificates such as W.R.A.P. All Moteefe’s manufacturers have Social Compliance Certifications like W.R.A.P. This ensures fair, safe and humane working conditions for employees and helps manufacturers minimize their environmental impact.

Moteefe’s Drawbacks:

  • Moteefe doesn’t function as a marketplace. This means that you won’t be able to attract customers who are browsing passively. You’ll need to use your online marketing skills to promote your designs.

Moteefe Sizes

Every Moteefe product page has a size guide. Click on the item to view its measurements. A pop-up window will appear displaying the garment’s length as well as its measurement from armpit-to-armpit.

These sizes should be clearly displayed in your marketing campaigns. According to online reviews, the biggest problem with Moteefe is customers not receiving their ordered size . Customers should always check their measurements before placing an order. Moteefe will not issue a refund or exchange if the garment they receive is within their recommended size.

Shipping costs for Moteefe

Moteefe shipping costs can vary depending on where your customer is located and how heavy the product is. You can get an accurate idea of shipping costs by placing the items that your customers want into a shopping basket and then going to the checkout page. Simply fill in the country that you are interested in and you will be able to view your shipping rates.

Moteefe’s Support for Users

Moteefe’s blog is quite interesting and full of useful information. You can also find a few YouTube videos that are well worth a look. You’ll find answers to most common questions and problems on the FAQ page and online knowledge base if you are a fan.

You can also reach out via email and are assigned a personal account manger. You can rest assured that you will get help if you need it.

This Platform is Best for Who?

We hope that you are now better equipped to make a decision about whether Moteefe is right for you.

Moteefe is all you need to make and sell custom products. You will need to be able to market digitally if you want to sell products. Moteefe, if you have experience in this area, is a great choice.