Neil Patel View on Dropshipping Business Discussed

Who is Neil Patel?

Neil Patelis a New York Times Bestseller, entrepreneur, and top web influencer. Neil Patel Digital, his business, creates innovative strategies and marketing plans. He also helps to bring his industry insights to life.

Why we love him

Neil Patel is focused on closing the marketing knowledge gap. Too many businesses are behind the curve and too scared to embrace change in this industry. Neil Patel Digital and Neil’s podcast and blog on marketing are all designed to help businesses grow their traffic and engage with their customers.


California State University, Fullerton; BA Marketing

KISSmetrics: Co-founder, Vice President of Marketing

Crazy Egg, Co-Founder

Neil Patel Digital, Co-Founder

Fun facts

Neil started his first website when he was 16 years old. His struggle to market it successfully led to Neil deciding to learn the skills himself.

Neil is co-host of the podcast ‘Marketing School’ with Eric Siu

Find out where to find more

Neil Patel Digital: Website for Neil’s company – Neil maintains and updates Neil’s marketing blog

Marketing School Podcast: Eric Siu and Eric Siu are co-hosts

His co-authored book Hustle: How to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum is available to you.

Neil Patel Dropshipping

Dropshipping allows you to sell products online without having to store, ship, or purchase inventory. You can run an ecommerce website from the comfort of your home without having to touch the products.

However, to make this happen you will need to find a dropshipping business to manage the logistics of fulfilling orders.

This guide can help you choose the right dropshipping company, regardless of whether you already have an ecommerce store or are just starting out.

Continue reading to find out my top recommendations and strategy when evaluating various options.

SaleHoo Review

SaleHoo has been one of the most well-known wholesaler directory platforms available today. Membership grants you access 2.5 million products from over 8,000 suppliers.

SaleHoo makes it easy to find products and sell them online within minutes.

SaleHoo has been used by more than 137,000 people to sell online using dropshipping services for over 15 years. These are just a few reasons they are so popular:

  • All suppliers have been pre-vetted
  • Dropshipping Training Unlimited
  • Award-winning customer support
  • Plan purchases are covered by a 60-day guarantee of money back
  • Market research tools to find hot products and maximize profit margins
  • It is easy to navigate and has a modern interface
  • Automate your online shop

The annual pricing for the SaleHoo supplier database is $67. You can also pay $127 once-off for lifetime access to the SaleHoo supplier directory. 

Oberlo Review

Oberlo is the best alternative to Shopify if you want to sell online using Shopify. It integrates seamlessly with Shopify so that you can dropship with ease.

Oberlo has sold more than 100 million products online.

Oberlo is available for free for basic usage, but you will want to upgrade to a premium plan to maximize your potential. The top features of Oberlo include:

  • Unlimited Monthly Orders
  • Free Oberlo Chrome extension
  • Bulk Orders
  • Tracking orders in real-time
  • Variant mapping
  • CAPTCHA solver
  • Guides, ebooks, and other free learning resources
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Information customized for listing
  • Powerful product data

Paid plans start from $29.90 per Month This plan is for up to 10,000 products.

Printful Review

Dropshipping does not mean that you must follow the suppliers’ designs and styles. You can use Printful to manage your inventory and fulfillment.

Printful is a great tool that allows you to personalize quality products from well-known brands. In just a few clicks, I can upload my logo to a Champion bomber jacket, add “” in text to an Adidas golf hat, or have a design embossed on an Econscious bag.

Dropshipping products can stand out with 335 premium products and hundreds of design options.

Printful is a dropshipping service that meets all your requirements. Printful allows you to connect to your existing website and integrate with most ecommerce platforms. Printful also fulfills orders as soon as they arrive.

Have a global customer base? It’s no problem. Printful has fifteen facilities on five continents so international orders can be fulfilled in the same timeframe as local ones.

Printful will fulfill and ship orders no matter where they are purchased from. This allows you to spend more time refining your dropshipping business and growing it.

They’re also a great partner for ecommerce shops that don’t do dropshipping. Printful works with any inventory. You can send your products (minimum 18″x18″x17″) to Printful. They’ll store them, then pack and ship the orders. You can even have your inventory monitored and they will let you know when you need to send more product.

Printful is an excellent partner for dropshipping businesses in any way that you want. Printful can help you elevate your products and make your customers happy with unique apparel and decor that they don’t have anywhere else.