Oberlo Verified Dropshipping Suppliers List

Every dropshipping company must take the time to select suppliers. There are many things to consider when looking for dropshipping suppliers.

Even if your business already knows which products it wants to sell, you still need to ensure that dropshipping suppliers can offer the quality service your company deserves.

This is exactly why we created this article. This article will give you tips and a list of top dropshipping vendors. We’ll explain the differences between dropshipping wholesale and dropshipping vendor. We’ll also highlight red flags to look for when searching for dropshipping vendors.

Importance Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping suppliers are essential to any dropshipping company. Dropshipping businesses can’t survive without suppliers as they don’t have products to sell to customers. It is essential to know how to locate verified dropshipping suppliers who will enable your business to thrive.

Dropshipping Vendors vs. Dropshipping Wholesalers

It is important to know the differences between wholesalers and vendors before you begin looking for dropshipping suppliers.

Dropshipping vendors sell products from a specific product line. Dropshipping vendors typically sell their products through dropshipping platforms, and they charge higher per unit than wholesalers. These verified suppliers are ideal for dropshipping entrepreneurs who want to sell unique products online.

Dropshipping wholesalers are suppliers that sell products bulk at low costs. You’ll be able offer lower prices to your customers by working with them. Dropshipping wholesalers often have their own websites. However, it is not unusual for them to use apps and platforms for showcasing their inventory.

6 Best Dropshipping Suppliers

Let’s now dive into the list of top dropshipping businesses in 2021, now that we know how important dropshipping suppliers are.


Oberlo, a dropshipping platform, makes it easy for you to find amazing products to sell online.

Oberlo allows you to quickly access many products with high profit potential. Oberlo allows you to instantly find the products of verified dropshipping suppliers around the globe and add them to your online store, regardless of whether it’s fashion or electronics, toys, beauty or the latest trending product.

Oberlo suppliers offer a variety of shipping options to deliver items to customers’ doorsteps. You have the option to ship your products via ePacket or Chinliexpra Post, AliExpress Shipping, UPS/DHL/FedEx. There may be multiple offices of suppliers in different countries. This means that delivery times will vary depending on where the item is to be shipped. To make your life easier , here are some shipping tips.

You don’t have to spend anything to add products to your Oberlo dropshipping- store. Instead, you can use our forever FREE plan to get started selling today.

Printful allows you to sell custom products globally by offering dropshipping on demand. Customers can choose from a variety of artwork that can be printed on hoodies and t-shirts as well as laptop cases. The products are then manufactured by Printful suppliers and shipped directly to your customers. When an item ships, you will receive a tracking number.

Printful allows you to customize your products and also offers the possibility of delivering products in custom packaging. Printful allows you to add branded labels, product inserts and stickers to the cardboard boxes. Printful has a partnership with top global carriers that allows you to receive discounted shipping rates.

Printful’s dropshipping services start at $29 per monthly. Access to Printful’s product personalization tool allows customers to create unique items on their website.


DropnShop is an app that allows dropshipping to be used by online shops selling French products. DropnShop sources products from top French manufacturers and offers thousands SKUs in various categories. Shipping internationally is possible at an affordable price.

DropnShop is worthy of being included in this top dropshipping company list because all its products are kept in the best conditions according to French law. Dropshipping through this app will ensure that your customers receive high-quality, durable products, regardless of whether they are selling skincare products or toys for children. All products are 100% Made in France

DropnShop offers an opportunity for entrepreneurs to browse the DropnShop’s product catalog. You will need to sign up to the $14 per monthly Family plan if you wish to add any of these items to your shop.


GlowRoad, a Shopify dropshipping application, provides you with a list Indian ecommerce store suppliers. Dropshipping the items can be done to the UK, USA, Australia, Canada and other countries. You can choose from over 10,000 high-potential items. All products shipped to countries other than India are subject to manual quality inspection at the GlowRoad warehouse.

It is also easy to track your orders with the service. You can track the movement of your package in real time by using the tracking number that is automatically generated when it is shipped. GlowRoad offers the option to ship all items together in one package. This will save your customers from waiting for multiple packages to arrive.

Dropshipping entrepreneurs can use GlowRoad without any fees. Only the products that you buy are charged to your credit card.


PlusBuyer is an online dropshipping wholesaler that targets businesses selling electronics online. It offers a wide range of products, such as gift items, digital goods, and consumer electronics. Dropshipping direct from China’s top manufacturers is possible and the products are very affordable.

PlusBuyer does not include any invoices or other publicity materials in the packages you send to customers. It looks as though you have sent them yourself. It double-checks all account information to ensure fraud prevention, particularly if the billing address differs from the shipping address. You will need to ask customers to verify their PayPal accounts prior to ordering items from your store.

PlusBuyer does not disclose the cost of dropshipping, but you can expect to pay an amount for order fulfillment.


Megagoods, a California-based dropshipping platform, has over 2000 electronic products in its inventory. Although it does not have the largest product selection, Megagoods is a great option for those who are looking to start a dropshipping company. This platform is used by some of the most trusted brands like Revlon and Boss to sell their products.

Megagoods offers a free 30-day trial. You can browse the inventory and get a feel for the verified suppliers within this window without having to make any commitment. You’ll need to pay $14.99 per month if you decide to use the platform. There is an additional $1.50 charge for each order that your website receives. To ensure your margins are healthy, check out the additional fees.

Finding Dropshipping Suppliers

Dropshipping suppliers generally are not known for being able to market themselves to their customers. Finding the right dropship supplier can be difficult.

It is important to be aware that it could take some time to find dropshipping suppliers for you business. You should also consider that verified dropshipping suppliers are most likely to be located in Asia. This could mean that it may take some time to get used the language barrier.

However, it is possible to find the right dropshipping provider for your company. These are some steps you can follow to make sure you choose the right dropshipping supplier for your business.


After you have decided which products you want to sell, you can start researching dropshipping suppliers and which one best suits your needs. Depending on whether you are dropshipping outside of the US, or selling to local customers, you might have to choose between an overseas or domestic supplier. You will need to research raw material sourcing, delivery time, and potential service.

Contact Suppliers

Talk to the dropshipping provider that best suits your needs, and establish a relationship. Talking with them will allow you to ask any questions regarding the service they offer. You may be able to get contact information from their customers, so that you can have firsthand experience with working with them before you commit.

When you begin doing business together, it is important to have a strong relationship with verified dropshipping suppliers. This will allow you to quickly get answers and resolve disputes. You’re all part of the same team.

View the Supplier’s Technology

Dropshipping suppliers often have outdated websites. However, good suppliers invest in technology to streamline client operations. Online merchants will appreciate features such as searchable order histories, customizable data feeds, detailed product catalogues, and an option to customize their data feeds. You can place orders by email with some suppliers. Although it may seem like a small benefit, it is actually a great luxury for store owners. You don’t need to call each order or manually place them on the supplier’s site. Send an email.

Samples Available from the Supplier

After you have selected your top suppliers, order samples. You can test their service quality, delivery times, packaging and any other questions you might have about suppliers before you make your final decision. Ordering product samples is an important part of choosing suppliers. It will give you the opportunity to see firsthand how customers experience your store.

Order from the Competition

You can learn how your competitor uses the same supplier as you to find out what they do with their products. You can place orders from other suppliers if your competitor uses them. This will give you an idea of what level of service is required to be in line with your competitors.

Find the Right Source for Your Business

While many verified suppliers may look great when you review their products and reviews, it’s possible that some might not be suitable for your market once you get into the business. It could be due to the quality of their raw materials, how they handle returns, or the way they operate. Before you decide to work with suppliers, make sure you talk to them and learn about their business. You can always choose to not use a supplier if there are problems, but the damage could already have occurred and your brand may have been damaged.

Dropshipping Suppliers to Avoid

Although it is difficult to determine which dropship supplier to choose, there are certain indicators that should be looked out for. Other than bad reviews and negative feedback, low-quality products are indicators of a poor dropshipping supplier.

  • Dropship suppliers that insist on ongoing or monthly fees for business are a red flag. If a verified supplier insists on ongoing fees to do business with them, it could be a sign that they are part of a list rather than a single supplier.
  • It is common for preorder fees to increase or decrease depending on the order’s complexity or size. You should avoid suppliers who charge higher pre-order fees than usual.
  • When choosing a dropship provider, it is important to consider the minimum order amount. Most suppliers will be willing to pay a minimum order fee and fill orders as they arrive. If a supplier has a minimum order of 200 units, you will need to pay the 200 units upfront. However, the supplier will fulfill your orders as soon as they arrive at your online store. Avoid suppliers who refuse to fulfill this requirement as they are better suited for dropshipping wholesale.

Dropshipping from Multiple Suppliers

Dropshipping is not about relying on one supplier to source your products. Multiple dropshipping suppliers can be a boon for your business. Let’s take an in-depth look at the benefits of choosing multiple dropshipping suppliers for your business.

Additional Products Available

Dropshipping suppliers should be considered when you are looking for dropshippers. Selecting multiple suppliers will likely give you more products to choose from. It is always a good idea to have more options. This will make it easier for you to find the products your customers love.

Increased Business Relationships

Dropshippers need to build relationships with suppliers. Without them, there won’t be products for you to sell to your customers. It’s best to build a positive and productive relationship with suppliers.

Dropshipping can be a great way to build and maintain business relationships. As your business grows, this can be a huge asset.

Private Labeling

Dropshipping from AliExpress is not something that most dropshippers can get. If you are able to show them how you can make consistent revenue selling their products, they may be more inclined to provide this service. Dropshipping suppliers can be reached via direct message to inquire further.

Our wiki will show you how private Labeling works in Ecommerce.

Check Your Product Quality

You want suppliers that can supply high-quality products when you are looking for suppliers to help your business. Working with several verified dropshipping suppliers is a great way to get a better understanding of the quality of the products you receive via your test orders. You’ll be able to compare the products of different dropshipping suppliers throughout your selection process and make a better decision about which ones will work best for your dropshipping shop.

Understanding your customer’s experience

Dropshippers should try to understand the customer experience in your store. This is especially important when it comes time to deliver your products. This will allow you to understand your customers and identify areas where dropshipping suppliers could improve their service. Dropshipping from multiple suppliers can make this even more crucial, since the service they offer may be slightly different.