What is the Average Dropshipping Return Rate?

No matter how good your products are, buyers will sometimes complain about them and demand their money back. That’s life.

Affiliates’ profits and overall revenue will be affected by returns and refunds. We’ve compiled four useful tips to help AliDropship affiliates lower their Dropshipping return rate, and increase their income.

Refunds are not something that anyone likes, let’s face it.

These customers are unhappy about the products they received and it is clear that there is a risk of losing customer confidence.

They can also be a nightmare for affiliates when promoting these products to a wider audience.

Refunds that are excessively frequent can damage their reputation, reduce the number of subscribers, and cause a significant financial loss.

As an affiliate, you must learn how to lower the Dropshipping return rate, keep good relationships with customers, and earn great commissions.

This article can help you.

#1 Give a detailed description of the products being promoted

Customers often want to return a product or service they haven’t received or used. This is because the item or service didn’t meet their expectations. This is usually because the affiliate hasn’t written a detailed and honest product description.

Let’s suppose you are promoting AliDropship plug-in. You won’t get many clicks, sales or affiliate commissions if you simply place ads on your website.

You probably know what a dropshipping company is and how the AliDropship software will help you run it. It is very likely that none of your subscribers have heard anything about dropshipping.

They will at best get a wrong impression of the products and their features. Your readers may end up buying one and asking for a refund because it isn’t what they expected.

This is an unwinnable situation in any case.

It is important to have clear and easy-to-understand descriptions when promoting our products. This will allow you to give your visitors and subscribers a clear idea of the products advertised and help you attract the right audience.

#2 Provide detailed instructions for your readers

You can reduce your eCommerce return rates by educating your subscribers and readers about the products that you offer. Dropshipping is more appealing if you are more knowledgeable about AliDropship solutions.

Dropshipping is an excellent way to understand how it works and the advantages it offers over other eCommerce business models.

All information can be used, but it is not allowed to be copied and published in your blog. You must create your own content if you want to share information about our solutions with your readers. All materials are prohibited from being copied in any way, partial or whole.

Your content: It would be wonderful if you shared your positive experiences with the AliDropship plug with your subscribers. You could, for example, tell your subscribers how the AliDropship plugin makes it easy to start or manage a dropshipping business and make money online. These stories are popular and will bring you more traffic and sales.

Don’t worry if you don’t have this experience. The AliDropship Affiliate team will always be available to share their best practices and knowledge with you. Feel free to reach out to an AliDropship manager to get the answers you need.

#3 Don’t promise the moon to your readers

It is easy to exaggerate and minimize the negative aspects of a product when you are promoting it.

This is actually a road that leads nowhere.

Let’s suppose you offer your visitors a 50% discount on AliDropship plugin when they click your link. They’re happy to get a great deal and are eager to purchase. They discover, however, that the discount is not available on the website.

It will make your customers happy. I doubt it.

False promises to your customers or lying to them can cause you and your affiliate business to be buried. People don’t like frauds. They won’t take you seriously and they won’t believe you. All information you give to website visitors must be accurate.

Please, do not forget to promote AliDropship solutions and not our coupons. People sometimes buy things they don’t need because they are offered a discount. After a while they realize that the item is not necessary and request a refund.

This is what you and the AliDropship Team don’t want – we will all lose our money.

We recommend that you focus on the products first and then explain in detail to your readers what they will be buying.

#4 Don’t hide information from potential buyers

In reality, most people don’t like to buy a pig in the poke.

You can expect a lot of refunds if you forget to inform your subscribers that starting dropshipping business requires more than the AliDropship plugin.

Before your customers make a purchase, they must know how to set up a WordPress website and install AliDropship.

However, this openness may deter some potential customers from purchasing a plugin. It will also help you reach a wider audience and lower your Dropshipping return rate.