Dropshipping Custom Hoodies by Printful and Apliiq

Print on Demand Dropshipping

In simple terms, Print on Demand (POD) means custom designing. You can have custom designs applied to anything, from a pen to bumpers for your car. The custom design industry was thriving long before the advent of ecommerce. However, ecommerce has made it possible to open an ecommerce store for as little as $0.

POD stores now sell custom-designed products directly from the manufacturers to their customers. This concept is very similar to dropshipping, where you sell products from Chinese manufacturers directly to customers. However, the advantage is greater freedom and fewer restrictions. We’ll get to that in a moment.

TeeSpring is the largest dropshipping site. TeeSpring allows anyone to create their shirt and have it shipped to them. TeeSpring has a standard price but allows dropshippers to set their own prices.

In fact, Print on Demand (POD), which sells custom-designed products to customers around the world, has grown into a major industry in the past five years.

Print designs can be used on everything, from T-shirts to books and mobile phones, but they are most popular on cushion covers, cushions, and mobile covers.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipping Print on Demand

A print on demand (POD), like all dropshipping businesses, has its pros and cons.

Let’s talk about them and find out how to get around them.

Print on Demand (POD), Dropshipping: Pros

Dropshipping via Print on Demand (POD), is an excellent business model for artists, designers and creatives who want to create their own merchandise. These are some of the key benefits POD offers currently.

You can sell your own custom products

There is nothing like the satisfaction that comes with selling your own products. Designers used to struggle to find reliable suppliers and communicate with them. Now, with print on demand services such as Printful, TeeSpring and Zazzle, designers can sell their designs on mobile covers and mugs.

You have the option to create your own packaging

Dropshipping custom designs can be made easy by adding your logo. This will increase brand awareness. This is how many dropshippers, such as RIPTApparel, started. They promoted the designs of others and then added their logo to them. Dropshipping was done by a third-party supplier. They were dropshipped from a third party supplier.

It’s easy to start a side business

Many dropshippers print on demand are also running their own businesses. They work full-time to support their families, and they also sell designs on various POD platforms.
They started a POD company because there is a lower barrier to entry and a lot of freedom to experiment with different designs and products.

Automate the Whole Process

Print on Demand dropshipping is a better option than other options because it automates the entire process from designing to advertising. Print on Demand dropshippers spend around $10 per day to test new designs. If they fail to convert, they begin a new design.

Dropshipping: Cons of Print on Demand

To succeed in dropshipping print on demand stores, you need creativity, resilience and hard work. There are some drawbacks that can prove to be a problem in the long-term. Here’s how to fix them.

Expensive shipping costs

The POD dropshipping products can be more expensive than AliExpress dropshipping. This is because you are not selling Chinese products to your customers. The reason is that the designs are customized printed and not made in bulk, which is something that is possible with other dropshipping models.

You can compare the prices on different POD dropshipping platforms. We found that TeeSpring, PrintFul and PrintFul both charge $11 per cover when we were selling mobile covers. Printify, however, charges $9 for the exact same.

You can compare the prices of different POD platforms to find the one that is most affordable.

You can also reduce your product costs by reducing your profits. If you had a $5 profit on a product and wanted to reduce it to only $3, this would be a good idea. While this will reduce your profits, it will also allow more people to purchase your product. This is called the economy of scale formula.

You must have strong design skills

A POD dropshipping company has one drawback: it requires strong design skills. People aren’t content with buying any T-shirt design. They want designs that fit into their daily lives. For example, this ‘butcher t-shirt‘ design sold more than 1,000 orders within minutes. Because the idea resonates with butchers, the print-on-demand store owner targeted them specifically.

These shirts should be appealing, well-designed, and easy to buy.

Ressources and creativity are required

The problem with any POD company is the difficulty in finding winning products. While some products may work well, they are not sustainable. You will need to continue testing new products. This will take more resources as you won’t be designing the shirts by yourself. It also requires more money because it is difficult to find good designers for a low price.

You may need to make many revisions even if you have outsourced your work.

Low Entry Barrier = Strong Competition

A low barrier to entry is one of the benefits, or perhaps a drawback, of a POD company. It may seem strange that this is a disadvantage when you can start at a low price. It is because others will be looking for a business just like yours and will start it too. There is no barrier to entry, so they will become your competition. You will need to be different to make your business stand out. You have to be creative!

TeeSpring is used by thousands of people to sell their products. These are your competition. Printify, Printful and AliExpress dropshippers who sell t-shirt designs are all your competitors.

Printful Hoodies

Custom hoodies drop shipping

Are you looking for unique products to add to your online shop? Give custom hoodies another chance. Printful allows you to dropship custom hoodies directly from the fulfillment centers in Europe and the USA. The best part about Printful is that all hoodies can be printed on demand so you don’t need inventory and only pay for orders that are received.

Make your own hoodie

Have a design that you think would look great on your hoodie? The online Design Maker makes it easy to design your own hoodie. You simply need to choose the hoodie that you would like to personalize, upload your design, or create a personalized text-based design online. Then, you can order as many items you wish.

Online selling of personalized hoodies

Are you interested in selling personalized hoodies online and making money? Printful will take care of all the logistics, from printing to shipping. This allows you to concentrate on creating great designs and building your brand. Printful will let you personalize your packaging slips and ship everything under your brand.

Apliiq Hoodies

Description of the Product

The most cost-effective zip hoodie for making people happy and meeting their budgets is the best. This classic zip hoody in gildan appeals to hoodie lovers. It’s made from a dense blend and will protect you from the chill. This hoodie has a double-lined hood that provides extra warmth and protection.


  • Comes with color-matched drawstrings
  • Double-lined hood provides extra warmth and protection
  • Huggable, heavy-weight fabric made from heavy blend fabrics keeps the “folds” down to a minimum
  • Plenty of kangaroo pouch pockets in the front for items and warming hands
  • Ribbed waistband and cuffs keep drafts out of the wind out. They also provide extra stretch when you are moving.
  • Double-needle stitching at collar
  • To eliminate the center crease, has been quarter-turned
  • Preshrunk 50/50 cotton/poly air jet yarn


  • preshrunk fleece knit
  • Air jet yarns = Softer feel and less pilling
  • Unlined hood with colour-matched drawcord
  • metal zipper
  • Full front printing is possible with overlapped fabric along the zipper
  • Pouch pockets
  • Double-needle stitching at the waistband and cuffs
  • 1 x 1 Rib with spandex
  • Quarter-turn to remove centre crease