Omnisend Email Marketing Reviews and Pricing

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As a business, connecting with customers is the most important thing you can do. Your chances of building a relationship with your customers is higher if you are able to reach them. This will lead to more opportunities in the future. Omnisend is a marketing automation platform that allows you to reach clients on a set schedule.

Omnisend offers free plans with up to 15,000 email addresses, as well as paid plans starting at $16 per monthly. Omnisend has received a lot positive feedback online about its performance. Omnisend works well in a variety of stores, making it easy to convert clients into repeat customers.

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Omnisend has many features, including landing pages and advanced segmentation for ecommerce businesses. We’ll be looking at Omnisend’s features and functionality today to see if it’s worth the investment.

What is Omnisend? The basics

Omnisend is a popular platform to automate marketing. Although this platform is commonly used for email marketing, Omnisend allows you to promote your products in multiple channels.

Omnisend is a platform that focuses on selling products to customers. Omnisend is a platform that caters to all businesses, large and small. Omnisend comes with a variety of templates that will help you create personalized, more engaging emails. You can also use automated segmentation features to create more personalized emails. The platform also integrates seamlessly with Facebook and other SMS marketing tools. Omnisend is great for lead nurturing, capturing and retention.

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Omnisend has many channels that allow you to create compelling and powerful forms of lead generation. These tools are great for increasing your lead capture rates. There are many options, including popups and sign-up boxes.

Omnichannel supports in-depth analytics with click maps and real-time dashboards. Omnisend is a complete marketing automation tool that allows marketers to streamline omnichannel campaigns and increase their growth.

Pros and cons of Omnisend:

Omnisend has a variety of features that can make it very powerful for the right company. It does have some drawbacks, as with any promotional or email marketing tool. Omnisend is extremely user-friendly and simple to use. However, it does not have as many email templates as some of its competitors.


  • It can be easier to communicate with customers using unique tools such as the built-in product selector. It is easy to choose a product in your store and then add it automatically to your newsletter. It’s not necessary to manually add information and waste your time.
  • Omnisend users can send up to 2000 messages free of charge each month
  • Omnisend makes it easy to harness the power of automation.
  • Omnichannel marketing options allow you to reach customers wherever they are
  • Omnisend offers a number of great free features for beginners.
  • Many integrations are possible with popular platforms
  • Excellent customer service
  • Excellent segmentation for your audience groups
  • Conversion rates that are higher
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  • Communication about new updates is lacking
  • There are not many customizations
  • Social campaigns will require data to be added from scratch


Omnisend is an omnichannel tool that offers tons of great features. You can choose from a variety of email templates, and you have intuitive drag-and drop email editing options. It’s easier to create professional-looking messages thanks to this feature. This feature, along with Omnisend’s product picker and CTR-boosters, allows you to send emails to subscribers that are relevant to their interests.

Let’s look at some basic features of Omnisend.

Email marketing:

Omnisend’s core feature is email marketing. Your company’s image and professional formatting can speak volumes about you. Each template can be easily customized to create professional, stunning emails in no time. You can even share templates you have saved across all connected stores.

Drag-and-drop content editors make it easy to access many features in your emails within minutes. Standard features include dynamic discount codes, scratchcards, product recommendations, as well as the amazing product picker.

Omnichannel marketing campaigns are also something to think about. Omnisend is not limited to email marketing, unlike other tools. Omnisend allows you to create and launch campaigns that span a variety of channels. These include social media, SMS messaging, and even SMS. It’s easy to create a consistent experience by integrating with your favorite apps.

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You can also combine multiple social media channels and communications into one environment. It is much easier to automate your campaigns, and make sure everything arrives at the right time for you team.

Smart segmentation features:

Every customer is different so make sure you create an email marketing experience that is unique for each one. Omnisend Smart Segmentation allows you to easily break down your list into smaller groups. You have access to customer profiles, shopping history and other filters that allow you to create audience segments you can exclude or include, depending on the target market.

You have the option of based your segments on many factors. You could, for example, divide your audience according to their demographics, relationship with your company, buying habits, and other factors. You can also create auto-renewal segments that allow you to intelligently classify customers based upon campaign activity and how they connect to your company.

This segmentation is extremely helpful in creating personalized campaigns that speak to your audience.

Intelligent reporting:

Email and automated marketing campaigns need to have reporting. To create the best results for your campaigns, you need to know exactly how your audience is doing. Omnisend’s reporting tools allow for in-depth, comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Omnisend’s custom reporting will allow you to create automation workflows that are suitable for your audience and build a more effective enterprise-level email strategy. Your marketing automation platform can create custom reports based on your most important metrics and KPIs. You could, for example, examine the language and geographic preferences of your audience.

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You can drill down to the individual elements of your email strategy to increase your customers’ return to your online shop. Omnisend will quickly reveal what’s working and how to improve it. You can also access A/B testing.

Automation and lead generation:

Omnisend can help you create your email campaigns, from start to finish. This includes getting people to signup for your messages. Companies looking to capture leads have many options, including signup boxes and popup widgets. To encourage more signups, you can use wheel-of-foot solutions in your signup forms.

After small businesses have convinced customers, Omnisend offers a variety of automation features to help you nurture them. Start with welcome emails and then experiment with different segmentation options to create custom audiences. It’s easy to create emails that appeal to your customers by using customer data.

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Unlike many other email marketing platform options, Omnisend comes with a range of automation workflows, so you don’t have to figure out how to follow-up with customers from scratch. Omnisend customers will appreciate the ease-of-use that comes with pre-built solutions.

Omnisend has artificial intelligence integrated to make it easier for you to get personalized suggestions based on your shopping habits and customer profiles.

Omnisend Integrations and Customer Service

While offers many great features, customers also have access to tools that can help them expand their email functionality. You can integrate with CRM tools and ecommerce platforms. Sales services, logistics, shipping and other services are all possible. Integrations with Shopify, WooCommerce, Square Online, Prestashop, Magento, and Shopify Plus are all possible.

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If you are looking to improve your email strategy, it is worth checking out the integrations offered by this service. These include connecting SMS messages, social media, and email with CRM data, and sales solutions.

Omnisend provides customer support via live chat and email. Users are encouraged to use the self-service options such as the online knowledgebase before contacting the service team. As part of the service, an account manager will be assigned to you if you are a Pro or enterprise user. This is the point of contact that you can use to resolve any issues quickly.

Omnisend Pricing

Omnisend, despite being an extremely comprehensive omnichannel marketing automation platform is very affordable. All packages include a 14-day free trial and a one-year free upgrade. The free version offers 250 contacts and 500 messages per month. This is the best place to start email marketing if you are just starting out. You have access to an easy-to-use email editor, pre-built templates, website tracking for up to one-month, and several sign-up forms.

The free package allows you to segment your audience and provide sales reporting basics. Click maps are visual reports of clicks that allow you to see which parts of your email get the most attention. There are a few premium options available when it comes to reactivating your Omnisend account.

  • The Standard Plan starts at $16 per Month. This includes 500 contacts and upto 6000 emails per calendar month. You also get automation reports and workflow automation for email marketing, Facebook messenger marketing and SMS campaigns. The sign-up forms can be published unlimited times, multiple users can be registered to one account, and you can create up to 20 segments. Live chat support, third party integrations, A/B tests campaigns and advanced tools such as product picker or product recommender are all available. These tools will help you to suggest the best apparel and fashion to your clients. Sign-up forms for the Wheel of Fortune style are also available.
  • The Pro Plan starts at $59 per Month:This plan includes everything in the standard package but has 500 contacts and unlimited email. You can create as many as 50 segments to personalize your messages and you have website tracking with a 6-month history. A wider variety of third-party plugins will be available to you, along with up to 20,000 push notifications per monthly for order confirmation and marketing. You can use your own domain and access deliverability support. Google Ads customer match is available for targeted advertising. You can even get $99 per month in SMS credits.
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Final Thoughts

Omnichannel marketing has become a crucial part of the digital world. Omnisend is a great option for online stores that want to communicate with customers in multiple environments. Omnisend is a great choice if your goal is to leverage ecommerce automation in order to reach your target audience.

This service includes everything you need to succeed online. It includes abandoned cart automations and templates for customer activation and cross-selling. Transactional emails and follow-up support are also included. These tools can save you time and help you maximize your conversion strategies.

Omnisend can also be a great tool for creating professional segmented emails with stunning designs and many integration options. If you’re looking to dig deeper into analytics such as which email clients your customers use, Omnisend might not be the right tool for you.

It’s worth signing up at least for the free trial if you plan on using Omnisend to manage your email marketing. This could be the right product for you.