Wix Ascend Email Marketing Review (Free and Premium)

This Wix Ascend review covers everything you need to know. We will be discussing Wix Ascend pricing and features, as well as functionality.

Wix is constantly adding new functionality and features to the digital world. These include AI technology that helps you build websites, as well as direct integrations with dropshipping tools such as Modalyst. Ascend is one of the latest additions to Wix’s digital market.

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Wix Ascend, which is not just a new feature or functionality, is an intriguing product. It’s actually a complete suite of plugins and addons for your Wix site. This solution includes everything you need, from customer service solutions and online marketing tools to marketing integrations.

The Wix Ascend package includes a complete environment, designed for Wix. This will simplify your store’s management and give you more potential to grow. Wix Ascend is a great option if you are looking to improve your brand image and build a relationship with your customers.

What is Wix Ascend?

Let’s begin with the basics.

Ascend by Wix or Wix Ascend is a comprehensive suite for customer management, marketing and sales, designed for business owners. Ascend is a tool that will allow you to maximize your Wix website. It includes everything you need, including email marketing, online forms, automations, social media posts and SEO.

Ascend has a lot of features, so be prepared for some learning curves when you first start using the service. You should take your time and explore all the options to determine what you can do. These features include:

  • Online marketing tools:Automations and forms, SEO solutions. Social posts, email marketing and video production.
  • Customer support: This includes a combined email, contact list and online chat to interact with clients.
  • Customer management tools A built CRM lets you track customer experience and improve your site memberships.
  • Sales tools Invoices and price quotes Coupons, and other tools that will help you to improve your sales strategy.
  • Organization Tools: Automates and workflows, reminders, tasks, and any other tools that can help your business run smoothly.
  • Marketing Integrations: This solution integrates with top tools such as Google Ads, Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

Wix, as you can see is designed to assist small business owners in enhancing their websites and centralizing key business processes within the Wix landscape.

Wix Ascend Pricing

Wix Ascend can be a great tool for your company. As with all investments, it is important to make sure that the cost of your investment matches your budget. Ascend charges an additional fee for your Wix monthly subscription. Be prepared.

Many Wix templates include elements of Ascend by Wix, which can make it difficult to find what you need. Wix Ascend offers a free plan that includes the SEO Wiz.

The pricing structure for Wix Ascend is not too bad at first glance. We recommend that you don’t be too tempted by the free option. The functionality of the free service is limited and there are significant differences between the packages. Too.

The free option lets you create up to three campaigns per month, two automation steps per month and one site contributor. Unlimited subscribers are also available. The paid plans include:

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  • Basic:$10 a month (Starting Price): Basic comes with access 50 lead capture forms and 10 customizable forms. It also includes real-time customer details and payment forms. Up to five email campaigns per month are available, 9,5000 emails per monthly, 7 automation roles and 5 social media campaigns each month. You can also sync with Facebook Messenger or Gmail. Your marketing efforts will be free from the annoying Wix Ascend pricing.
  • Professional: The Professional plan starts at $24 per monthly. It includes access to up to 20 emails per month, up 10 steps in your automations and 5 site contributors. 150 lead capture forms and real-time customer information, chat automations, 20 customized forms, up to 50k emails per month, social posts campaigns, file downloads, and more are all included.
  • Unlimited: Available at $49 per month, Unlimited offers the most complete version of Wix Ascend. All the features of Professional are included in this solution, including unlimited site contributors, email campaign subscribers, and unlimited email campaigns. Unlimited automations can be created with up to 10 steps each. Unlimited also includes unlimited lead capture forms, customizable forms, up 1 million emails per monthly, and unlimited social media posts campaigns.

The Unlimited package for Wix Ascend is the only one that you can use to receive VIP support from the team. For those who select the “annual” payment plan, all packages include a small discount. There are some more expensive options, but there are also less expensive options depending on what you need.

It is important to research more than just the price. Let’s look closer at what Wix Ascend actually offers.


Wix Ascend’s CRM solution will be the central feature for many companies. The Customer Relationship manager links all the Wix tools and makes it easier for you to maintain and improve your relationships with potential customers. This will allow you to save all your contacts, add custom fields, assign category labels, and set reminders.

The Wix Inbox is part of the Wix Ascend CRM. It makes it easy to see all your email and chat messages together with form submissions. You can also integrate with Facebook chat.

Wix CRM also includes a workflow creator system. This allows you to keep track of different clients’ opportunities and ensures that you have the best chance at converting them into repeat customers. Wix Ascend includes the chat function to interact with customers within the CRM environment.

You can adjust the chat window design for your website using the Inbox’s chat tool. You can also schedule chat hours if you have a paid Ascend account.

The Wix CRM is not as powerful as other CRM tools. However, it does have a chat function. There are many free options with similar functionality. However, Wix is a good choice if you already use the service to build your site.

Wix Ascend: Email Marketing & Social Media

Wix Ascend and Wix users can easily send emails to their customers and subscribers using the email marketing solution. You have a wide selection of responsive templates available to you to get started. There is also a drag-and-drop editor and many bonuses such as basic personalization and list-based segmentation.

Wix allows you to schedule emails ahead of time and provides reporting functionality that tracks things like opens, bounces and clicks. There aren’t many advanced features available for A/B testing and design testing. You might consider looking elsewhere if you are looking for an advanced email experience.

Wix can help you send out a newsletter or promotional emails to your subscribers. This is an excellent and affordable way to get into sales.

Wix supports all types of social posts for companies looking to promote their business via social media. Wix allows you to choose from a variety of templates and create unique designs that can be used for every social media platform, including Instagram and Facebook.

You can easily customize the post-building tools and send campaigns directly to Facebook through marketing integrations.

Wix Ascend Automations

Automating is a key part of any marketing strategy. Automations that are workflow-based and multi-step allow you to communicate with customers throughout the buying process.

Although the automation options offered by Wix are very basic, they offer a great way to be creative in how you reach your audience. Automations for Wix Ascend are launched based on specific actions (triggers) from your customers. You can set triggers to launch automations when someone fills out a form, books a room, or doesn’t pay an invoicing on time.

There are many follow-up actions you can choose from with Wix. These include sending emails and initiating chats, as well as sending out emails and triggering actions in third party apps via Zapier or webhooks. There are a few limitations to the number of actions that you can create within an automation, depending on which plan you have. The lower-paid plans allow only two follow-up actions per automaton.

Workflows are linear, single-sequence campaigns that often have a strict timeline. They don’t allow for branching into other paths if customers react differently than you would expect.

You can’t create automations that are based on segmentation rules. For example, you cannot send a campaign to contacts who have a new customer label. Or set up advanced logic and rules within an automation. It’s a huge plus to have your automations seamlessly integrated into your website.

Wix Forms and chat

The Wix forms can be found under the “Customer Management”, in the “Form Submissions” section. This app is identical to the one you will use for Wix Forms or Payment outside of Ascend, and provides exactly the functionality that you would expect. In the same space, you can create forms and receive payments from customers.

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There are many templates available to help you build your forms. These templates can be used depending on what type of forms you’d like to create such as subscriptions or contact forms or payment forms. The designs are modern and fresh and can be modified in any way you like. You can also implement custom fields or make certain fields mandatory or optional.

You have unlimited fields to add to your forms. This is an added bonus. The plan you choose will limit the number of forms that you can create.

While forms are a great way to get leads, they are not the only option with Wix. Wix also offers the ability to communicate with customers via chat. All paid plans include a live chat option with customizable hours so that you can let your customers know when you will be available. With the inbox tab you can view and reply to messages instantly. You can also create forms that visitors may fill out when live chat doesn’t work.

Wix Video Maker

Although not essential, Wix’s video maker can be a great way to get new customers and convert leads. This software allows companies to create videos that promote their products and services using high-quality images and text.

You have the option to upload your content or choose from a pre-made library. You can also use the library’s music to enhance your content. You can also create templates and formats to make sure your content is ready for sharing on social media channels such as Instagram and Facebook.

While this isn’t the best video-making solution, it is another example of Wix’s ability to give you the all-in one experience when building your website. You can quickly and easily create a mini video using the Wix platform without needing to download any additional sales tools.

SEO and Optimization Tools at Wix

The Wix Ascend solution’s “Get Visitors” section offers many ways to increase your online presence, including social media posts and the video maker. Wix Ascend’s SEO tools will help you make a good impression on your audience by creating a customized SEO setup plan and tools to index your site with Google.

Wix websites are automatically optimized for search so that you can be sure you have a solid structure. You can also use a variety of tools and accelerated product pages to assist with indexing, 301 redirects and patterns within your site. Each Wix site includes:

  • Meta tags You will have full control over the automatically generated meta tags that are used on your site pages. You can also create your own logic to connect pages and customize schema markups for schema data, increasing your chances of getting a rich search result.
  • Robots.txt, sitemap:Wix allows you to download and submit your sitemap to Google. This will increase your chances of being found. A Robots.txt editor will allow you to choose which pages to be ignored by search engines.
  • URL management It is easy to set up URL redirects on your website and to create flexible patterns. Bulk solutions are available to manage up 500 URLs simultaneously.

Wix integrates with Google Search Console so that you can verify your domain, and then create properties for the Google Search Console from within your Wix dashboard. You can also unlock Wix SEO APIs for developers if you have developer knowledge.

Wix SEO management is only one type of customization that you will have access to when you sign up for Wix Ascend. You can also conduct A/B testing to determine which campaigns, pages, or other content is driving the best results.

Wix Coupons, Price Quotes, and Invoices

The first step in running a successful business is to attract and capture potential leads. To make a profit, you’ll need to close the deals. You have many options with Ascend to collect cash from customers.

You get an invoicing system that is easy to use for beginners. Although this service is not as powerful as a full-featured accounting service, you will be able to create and send customized invoices to your clients in a matter of minutes.

Invoicing includes a variety of templates that will help you to create a professional image for your business. The invoicing section allows you to send invoices via email. You can also collect single payments directly from customers using the invoice.

Invoices are a companion to the “Price quotations” feature. This allows you to send a possible quote for the work to a client prior to closing your deal. After your customer accepts the quotation, you can convert these quotes into invoices.

Wix has a lot of features that allow you to accept payments. Accepting payments can be done through chat or forms. Customers can also use the Wix integrated credit card and debit card processing tools. You can also find solutions for AliPay and PayPal.

Wix allows you to create coupons, discount codes and other tools that will increase your conversions. You can also create custom coupon codes with a “use by” date.

Wix Ascend Loyalty Feature

You must think about how you will support and sort out your contacts in order to create the best ecommerce experience for your clients. Even small businesses can benefit from the loyalty and contact management features of their website builder.

Wix Ascend packages include immediate access to a Customer Relations Management (or “CRM”) tool. This service allows users to manage their lists, chat with customers, and offer customer support. You can create notes and get insights from Google analytics for each contact.

Wix’s loyalty section includes everything you need to convert subscribers into clients. This includes email marketing tools that allow you to connect with clients over time and solutions to increase your chances for return visits. You can give users access to exclusive content and services by giving them private membership accounts.

Wix Automations

Wix is a more straightforward website building tool than WordPress. Wix Ascend offers premium plans that are much more flexible and easy to use. You can use certain pricing plans for small business owners to automate and manage your business communications in any environment.

Wix gives you instant access to tools that will allow you to provide better customer service. For example, a combined inbox. Inboxes allow you to sync conversations between channels such as Gmail or Facebook, allowing for multi-channel interactions. CRM-enhanced allows you to create and manage mailing lists based upon a variety of factors. You can quickly reach customers from the same environment by assigning tags and labels.

The “workflows” section is great for automation. You can access a variety of workflows that allow you to track leads and prioritize tasks. This makes it easy for your staff members to know what next. Wix users have access to a limited number of automations, depending on their paid business solution. Basic plans allow for 7 automations each with 2 steps. If you require unlimited automation templates, most Wix reviewers recommend upgrading to the Ascend plan. Users can save a lot of time by having access to unique workflows.

Wix offers a wide range of workflows that can be used to manage your online store, from lead nurturing to managing it. To track every operation in your business, you can create unlimited workflows. These workflows are great for project management. Users also have access to reminders and task lists. This helps everyone stay on track as they work towards new conversions.

Easy to Use and Support

Wix products are designed to be easy to use. It’s easy to add Ascend to your site and choose a plan. Although the business suite has many dropdown menus, it can be slow to find what you are looking for.

The learning curve for Wix Ascend is not too steep if you are willing to spend the time to learn all of the features. It’s not as easy to start as other web design solutions. Wix has a wealth of help articles that will guide you through the process.

You have two options if you require professional assistance: you can either send an email or request a callback from a Wix representative. Although support for many languages can be obtained during limited hours, you may need to wait until you receive a response.

Unlimited plans will allow you to receive faster and more effective assistance. However, this may mean that you pay more.

Analytics and reporting

To improve your sales, marketing, and advertising campaigns you need to have a good understanding of your daily operations. It is easier to achieve amazing results if you have more information about the interactions between customers and companies.

Wix offers a number of integrations that will help you with analytics and insights. The Ascend suite includes an email marketing tab that gives you access to basic information. It is possible to see click-through rates and delivery rates for your email campaigns. You can also view the email addresses of your subscribers, as well as which ones have opened and clicked on your links.

Wix is limited in its ability to provide analytics. While it can help you improve customer loyalty through automating messages to appear at the right times in your inbox and segmenting users to increase engagement, it doesn’t offer any real-time data reporting. The dashboard doesn’t offer real-time data reporting and statistics can take up to several hours to update. This can be frustrating. You will need to wait if you want constant data to aid in making marketing and advertising decisions.

Wix does not support advanced analytics tools such as revenue creation or detailed views into engagement levels. Automated reports only provide basic metrics. It is possible to track things such as the number and frequency of automations that are triggered by users, or the number of email messages you send. There is no guidance available for revenue data or other information that could help guide future campaigns.

Most business leaders will find that using email to increase their sales is the best way to use the power of email. If you want to keep your costs down, there are a few free options.

Wix Ascend Integrations & Add-Ons

Access to additional tools is the main purpose of upgrading to Wix Ascend. Wix Ascend is a great tool for marketing and payment options.

Your Wix account comes with access to many built-in tools, but integrations allow you to extend your reach. You can also integrate third-party tools if you don’t like the Wix email marketing. Wix offers hundreds of integration options, including Wix chat solutions, event management tools, and ecommerce services. Zapier is also supported by Wix, so you can integrate other tools as well.

Wix Ascend: Should you try it?

Wix Ascend has a lot of useful features that will help you improve your Wix website building experience. While you won’t be able to add all the features you may need to your Wix editor, there are a few useful options that will give you the boost you need to succeed online. It is important to keep in mind that Wix Ascend’s free and low-cost pricing options are limited in terms of what they can offer you feature-wise.

Wix Ascend will allow you to purchase premium packages that include advanced sales and marketing tools. It might be easier to buy additional services outside of Wix. Although it is nice to have all you need for marketing and website building in one package, there were some things that weren’t as easily accessible.

People who move into Wix Ascend may find that they need to set aside some time to explore their options before they can expect to do a lot of work. The free plan is very generous and the basic plan is great if you don’t need to send out a lot of emails, automations, or forms.

Wix Ascend may not be the best solution, but it is definitely worth a look. You can always add more functionality to your Wix solution by using the Wix app marketplace.