Possible Ways to Bypass Shopify Checkout Queue

This article will show you how to set up the appointment widget and bypass the Shopify checkout process. Bookings made through the widget are free of charge and require only a form to collect the name, email, phone number, and contact information. The widget’s inline and popup versions can be found on the product page. However, the button mode can be placed on any page you choose.

There are two options to take no-charge bookings using the widget: embedding a Book Now link or the standard display.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

First, you can use the standard appointment widget. However, instead of adding the product directly to the cart, the customer will be directed to a form that allows them to submit their information and make the booking. This option is available in both an inline and pop-up widget.

You can also embed a Book Now button to your website. The widget will display the time and date selector when the button has been selected.

You have two options to create products. One is via the Shopify admin product page and the other is through the app installation process. The app installation method is recommended as it simplifies the process and guides you through every step, from product creation to implementing the booking widget.

BookThatApp (BTA), Setup Wizard

The BTA setup wizard guides you through creating a product, configuring the widget and displaying the booking form on your product page.

1. To begin the process, select Installation in the app admin.

2. To continue, click the Next button after you have selected the booking type you wish to make. In this case, we chose the Appointments option.

3. These are some brief notes about variants.

  • Variants should be used to represent pricing options.
  • You will need to create a schedule using the app, so do not add the dates and times of the event in variants.
  • You will need to create a number of Party Size variants if you have a minimum party size for your bookings. This could be an example: A minimum party size requirement of 2 and maximum party size is 7.

4. Shopify created your product and then imported it into the app. Choose Appointment to create the Profile. If you create your product using the Setup Wizard, this is done automatically.
No matter what method you used to create the products, the remaining configuration steps remain the same.

5. Enter the Capacity. Capacity is the number of bookings that can occur at once. It can be determined based on the Variant, Product or Resource levels. It will usually be resource-based for appointments because staff members could work on different products.

6. Please enter the duration of the appointment.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

We want the example to change depending upon which variant we select, so we choose Variant for the Basis.

7. Please enter the duration of each variant (e.g. 60 minutes or 90 minutes).

8. If applicable, add lead time or lag .

9. You can assign multiple locations to the product. This allows you to include the address in reminder emails.

10. You can set a cutoff or future date to limit the time that bookings can be accepted.

11. You can choose a number of colors to use for your appointment. This will allow you to distinguish appointments by color using the Booking Overview Calendar.

12. Choose Save.

BTA Opening Hours Page

The Opening Hours determine the times that you can book for all your appointment products. These hours can be found at BTA Administration > Configuration > Open Hours.

You can learn more about Hours of Operation here.

Widget Configuration

You can use the Appointment widget to let your customers choose the date and time for their appointment. There are many settings that you can change to make it more user-friendly. You can view the widget preview in real time to see the effects of any changes.

The Setup Wizard will guide you through how to customize and configure the widget. These steps will be required if you have imported your product via Shopify.


  1. Select Widgets to access the widgets section.
  2. To enable the appointment widget, click Create Widget.
  3. You can select whether to use the widget configuration for all Appointment products or just a few.
  4. Widget Settings
    • Name: Multiple Appointment Widgets can be created with different settings. You can use the name field for information about each widget.
    • Modus: This determines the way the widget appears on the product pages. There are three options available: Inline, Popup or Button.
    • Price Format: You can choose to include the abbreviated currencies from Shopify or not. (ie. USD)
    • Time Format: You can choose between ‘Casual (ie. 2pm) or ’24 hours’ (ie. 14:00).
    • Time Slot Generation: You can choose to base time slots on the length specified when the product was configured or you can use the interval value that you specify below.
    • Interval: Type a value to define the interval between the time slots. The duration will determine the booking’s actual duration.
    • Display Time Range: The widget will display time slots in a range when clicked. (ie. 1:00 PM – 2:20 PM
    • Show remaining places: If you check the box, you will see the number of spaces available.
    • Show Booking Fields
    • You can choose the location: Let the customer pick the location.
    • Choose Resource: Let the customer choose the resource.
    • Show Location: Displays details about the location on the booking confirmation step.
    • Show Timezone Helper: This widget includes a timezone selector.
    • Location Map in Confirmation Step: A map will be displayed on the confirmation step. Only applicable if product has a street address.
    • Allow for Choosing Quantity: The customer can book more than one space at once.
    • You can set a minimum quantity to book a room.
    • Use Swatches: Instead of using a drop-down selector, display variants with swatches.
    • Shopify checkout bypassed? This setting allows the widget to bypass Shopify checkout.

Standard Modes

You can choose between the Inline or Popup modes of the widget. These options will add the booking widget as normal to the product page.

You can choose to bypass Shopify checkout with either the Popup or Inline mode. So that the widget bypasses the checkout process.

Button Mode

You can select the Button mode from the Mode settings of the widget. A segment of code will appear after you have selected the Button option.

To copy the code snippet, you will need to click the Copy button. This will allow you to add it to your preferred theme location via a theme file located in your Shopify admin Section.

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