Revolut Payment Method for WooCommerce Explained

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Revolut is a great way to send money and receive ecommerce payments. This app is a great option for business payments. It allows you to send and accept international transfers and can issue physical and virtual cards. The Revolut Gateway plugin, which integrates with WooCommerce, offers a variety of benefits, including lower fees and faster checkout.

Revolut boats offer a variety of features, including:

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  • Multi-currency business accounts
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  • Expenses
  • Requests for payment
  • Both physical and virtual cards
  • Analytics and budgeting
  • Bill splitting

We’ll be focusing on the Revolution Gateway for WooCommerce plugin. It’s new to the market, and offers a lot of advantages over other WooCommerce payment gateways.

For a better understanding of the interface and fees associated with Revolut Gateway, WooCommerce, please read our review.

Features & Offerings from Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce and Magento.

Revolut’s intuitive payment gateway links to your WooCommerce or Magento website. It also processes credit cards and other forms payment. This type of technology is well-known by most online store owners. WooCommerce integrates with hundreds more payment gateways.

What makes the Revolut Gateway for Woocommerce plugin so unique?

You can get paid in as many as 14 currencies

It all depends on the pricing plan you have with Revolut (discussed below), but it’s a great example of how Revolut places merchants in a favorable position when it comes down to fees.

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The Revolut Gateway plugin for WooCommerce allows you to process international payments free of charge.

You can also charge customers in multiple currencies. Revolut currently supports 14 currencies via its payment gateways. (See the updated list of supported currencies). All of these currencies are free of charge as long as the plan is correct.

Next-day Access to Your Money

Some competitors require you to wait between 2-7 days for your funds to be transferred to a liquid merchant account. This means that you won’t be able withdraw your money and may find yourself in a situation where you are unable to pay for important bills.

Revolut Gateway is WooCommerce. Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce allows payments to be processed within 24 hours and are immediately credited into your merchant account.

There are no fees for multiple payments processed through your store

Revolut charges no transaction or processing fees. This is based on how your customers pay, what Revolut plan they sign up for, and how many transactions they complete each month.

The Revolut Scale plan, for example, allows you to receive free payments up to PS9,000. A standard fee will then be charged.

All payments can be managed from one app

The main interface on the web portal allows you to manage your entire business. The Revolut app can be used as an additional tool for your day-to-day operations. You can accept payments via many channels (including your online shop) and still keep all transactions in one place.

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Revolut is also different from other competitors like Mollie, Stripe, and Braintree because their gateway is integrated directly with the Business Accounts. You can accept payments directly to your account, so there is no need for separate accounts. Additionally, you can manage your expenses, invoices, payroll, and payroll.

This allows you to stay organized, exchange currencies, manage a multi-currency bank account, and transfer money to other business stakeholders.

How Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin Works

Right from the beginning, the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin’s simplicity stands out.

You only need to follow these steps to accept payments in your store.

  • Register for a Revolut Business account and apply to a Merchant account
  • You can create a WooCommerce store or use an existing one.
  • Install the Revolut Gateway to WooCommerce plugin

This plugin can be downloaded from the WordPress Plugin Library, or installed directly within your WordPress dashboard.

Once the plugin is installed, you can configure your payment settings within the WordPress dashboard.

To start receiving those payments, you should also sign-up for a Revolut Business Account. It takes longer to approve for a merchant account, which is the account that holds your money from any transactions that are accepted through the payment gateway.

All of these elements are required for customers to be able to visit your website and buy an item using their debit or credit card.

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shopify dropshipping store set up
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Revolut also offers API access that allows you to customize the checkout module for your store.

Revolut Pay

Revolut makes it easy to pay your customers.

Pricing and fees for the Revolut Gateway to WooCommerce Plugin

Revolut fees and pricing are good news.

To use the Revolut Gateway for WooCommerce plugin, you first need to create a Business account. After you’ve done this, the merchant application process will begin. Revolut will approve it, but most merchant applications are approved immediately.

Revolut provides a free business account that allows customers to accept online payments. You can also customize checkout experiences using the Revolut widget and the merchant API. Once approved, merchant accounts are free.

Revolut Gateway plugin for WooComerce allows you to enjoy many of the benefits of Revolut. This includes the ability to reduce or eliminate payment processing fees depending on the type of payments you accept and your Revolut plan.

Upgrade to a Revolut Business account and you’ll also get access to better features and savings.

These are the plans:

  • Free– PS0 per Month for 5 local bank transfers, priority service, the payment gateway and all marketplace apps, expense management, team permissions, unlimited members, free payments for Revolut accounts. You can also hold 28 currencies, make global transfers, use plastic company cards, subscribe, and many more.
  • Grow – PS25 per Month for everything in the previous plans, 10 international bank transfers free, 100 local bank transfers free, discounts for foreign currency and UK/EEA consumer cards payments, rewards and payment approval for bulk payments and the Business API
  • Scale – PS100 per month for all the previous plans, 50 international bank transfers free, 1,000 local bank transfers free, and higher discounts for foreign currency and UK/EEA card payments
  • Enterprise is an entirely customized package that includes all the benefits of the previous plans.
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Revolut Customer Services

Revolut provides 24/7 customer service. Although there have been problems with inquiries being delayed and long queues, Revolut’s customer support worked flawlessly the three times we used it to review this plugin. They seem to be learning from their mistakes and are putting effort into it.

Live chat is the best way to get customer support. You can send a message and ask questions regarding the API, checkout experience, merchant account, or anything else.

Revolut offers excellent online resources that allow you to quickly and easily research your questions and find solutions.

Revolut Help Center is your go-to source for articles and tutorials on topics such as merchant accounts, verifying business details, and reviewing account statements. While browsing the Help Center, you can search for keywords or click on one the many well-categorized articles.

Revolut also offers a Community Forum, where users can discuss their API requests, best practices, and other topics. This forum is moderated and allows you to share your knowledge with others who are also familiar with the system.

If all else fails or you just want to be more passive about Revolut, you can visit the Revolut blog and check out the extensive API documentation . You can also find their guides for each plugin.

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Revolut’s online resources are unbeatable. It’s not always possible to find an online community that offers payment gateways. We prefer live chat support because it usually renders the most immediate results.

Revolut Gateway for WordPress Right for Your Online Store

When you use the Revolut Gateway plugin for WooCommerce, there are two major advantages. You have many options to reduce or eliminate the large majority of fees associated with payment gateways. It also allows you to personalize your checkout process.

You also have access to a full-fledged money management system and sending system. This includes options for managing expenses, paying workers, as well as converting and storing foreign currency.

Revolut Gateway is a great choice for WooCommerce.

If you have any questions about Revolut, please let us know in comments!

What happens if I don’t have a Woocommerce shop?

Revolut offers premade WooCommerce plugins (both the 1.6 and 1.7 versions) as well as for Magento 2. You can install the prestashop plugin directly from your Prestashop shop and the Magento 2 plugin using the instructions in the documentation.

Revolut’s checkout customization is the last major benefit. Revolut offers a Business API that allows you to integrate with your company’s apps, but the real power lies in the Merchant API.

You can tap into the API to have complete control over the appearance and functionality of your checkout widget. You can customize the colors and place the checkout panel wherever you like.