Sell the Trend vs Niche Scraper Dropshipping Comparison

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What is the Sell The Trend?

To assist individuals in their search of lucrative dropship products, Sell The Trend was established. It analyzes what’s hot right now on Amazon and reviews sales data from top AliExpress and Shopify shops.

This technology can do much more than product discovery. You can also import products to your Shopify and WooCommerce shops. A Facebook audience builder is included with Sell the Trend, as well as access to dropshipping training.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

It is a good idea to view all the training videos before you buy Sell The Trend. While most of the materials in Sell The Trend are simple and clear, there are a few things that can be confusing at first. You may find some films helpful by offering advice, suggestions, or assistance.

Control Panel

There are many instructional videos that will explain the Sell The Trend tools and how you can get the most out of them. To import goods and push winning products, you can link your AliExpress account to your shop. You can also connect your store to start dropshipping.


It is not always easy to predict which goods will be successful on the market. The Nexus product search area allows you to filter and sort popular goods. The Nexus tab includes sections for Hot Products, Trending Products and On The Rise, New Products as well as All Products, Hot Stores and Trending Stores.

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The Nexus is more than just a product finder. It is Sell The Trend’s primary product research tool. The Nexus provides a wealth of information on what is currently trending across different websites.

This section contains information about specific items such as:

This is the number of AliExpress and Shopify shops that offer this item.

The selling price, cost and profit margin for each product are listed below.

What number of orders have you received for this product in the past month?

The first time a product was added to a Shopify store.

Clicking a link will take to a dashboard that allows you to see all Shopify shops that have published the item.

It is also possible to find out the date and time when a product was added to Shopify.

Unfortunately, not all items in your online shop will bring you a large amount of revenue. This chart shows all orders for a product. This information can be used to determine if an item is popular or in fashion.

Data such as the number of products ordered in the last few months will be displayed. The daily sales amounts are not estimates, but actual totals. Drop shippers will be able to sell more goods if the order quantity is greater.

The link will take you to Shopify’s top shops, which will give you a list of countries that have purchased the most of the item. Click on the link to view these shops and learn more about how they are set up. These shops may also offer other products. Recommendations for who or what to target are another useful feature of Facebook advertising.

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You might find additional information by looking at the places that certain products are promoted on Facebook or YouTube.

Amazon can also be used to search for similar goods and determine their current selling prices. This information is particularly useful because it can show you which products sell efficiently and what their pricing.

Avoid selling products that have many similar variations. You should also consider discount pricing to ensure you are not advertising products that aren’t financially viable. While you may increase your prices, consumers will still shop around until they find the best deal.

There are many filters that you can use to narrow down your product search results. There are many other options, too numerous to list here, but these are the most common: Price, Orders, Category Niche, Price. The product is shown in a video, delivered from the United States and the countries with highest sales.

The Hot Goods, Trending Products and On The Rise tabs can be used to find winning products. The Hot Shops and Trending Stores tabs display the trending products of different stores.

Like goods, stores can be sorted, filter, and selected from specific categories. This tool allows you to spy on other shops and is very useful. This tool will give you information such as product pricing, monthly income and orders. It also provides traffic data.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up
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AliExpress, Amazon and Shopify Products are all listed under the Explorers tab. This feature provides information comparable to Nexus. You’ll find a list with the most in-demand items on Amazon, AliExpress and Shopify.

Many internet retailers already use dropshipping. You can control this. Go to the respective websites of AliExpress, Shopify and Amazon to see the top-selling products. The AliExpress Explorers by Sell The Trend allow you to quickly find popular items on Amazon, Shopify, or AliExpress.

These hot topics contain a lot of information. You can refine your search results by using any of the filters available on Nexus. You can also find Hot Products, New Stars and Hidde Gems.

This knowledge can be combined with the Nexus Machine’s aggregated trending product information to help you find the best products for your dropshipping business that will make the most money.

With Sell The Trend’s Shopify Store Explorer, you can view the products offered by the top dropshipping shops around the globe.

This will allow you to compile a complete list of dropship products. You can categorize and even compare products. It is possible to determine which products in your shop’s specialty are the most profitable and have the highest total sales.

Spend some time looking at the most in-demand goods in your niche. The Facebook Ads Explorer by Sell The Trend will help you determine which products are most popular on social media. This could indicate that your website should be populated with products that increase sales and visitors.

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My Online Stores

All information about products, orders, import list, notifications, and connect store can be found on the My Stores page. You can link your Shopify/WooCommerce shop to Sell the Trend and import winning and trending goods found via Sell The Trend into you business. All imported goods and other information will be available to you.

With a click, you can add items to your online shop. You can even customize the product description, price, and pictures. You can also use the Chrome extension to import products from AliExpress when you aren’t using the Sell The Trend dashboard. After orders have been filled, you can use the Sell The Trend Order Fulfillment feature.

What is Niche scraper?

Niche Scraper allows dropshippers to find winning products that have very interesting features.

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform used by many e-merchants. However, there are other options…

Niche Scraper gives some thought to Ecomhunt, and Buy The Trend. However, it has many other benefits.

This service will help you find the best products on Aliexpress and Shopify. I discuss it below.

The Best Niche Scraper Features

Niche Scraper offers five main features that will help you increase your sales and revenues.

Aliexpress & Shopify Product Search

Imagine being able to shop at Shopify and Aliexpress for the most popular and most sought-after products.

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It would be amazing if you could see all the data about these products such as the sales curves for the past 7 days, competition level, and overall trend.

Niche Scraper enables you to accomplish exactly this with its integrated product search engine!

This search engine provides all the relevant metrics about a product’s performance. However, it also allows you to apply filters that can be used to refine your search results. Filters open up many options.

  • You can search in about 20 different categories
  • High-performance products are available in specific countries (France, England ,…)).
  • AliScore allows you to quickly determine the product’s “power” with ease.
  • Quickly determine if the product sheets contain a video
  • You can also launch a keyword search

This information can help you decide which product to market and which products to avoid. Niche Scraper is here to help you do just that!

It also allows you sort products by date price order level, competition level, and so on.

Hand-Picked Products

A catalogue of products that were sourced manually by site staff is also available in the Hand Picked >> section of Niche Scraper.

You will save time. This also means that other users of Niche Scraper can also see these products.

In reality, however, Shopify salespeople often say that this is true. Lastly, many of these products are under-exploited so there is huge potential.

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It is not necessary to use a different marketing strategy or method of promotion, even though it may be interesting.

This section contains a list of current trends. Each day, new products are added to the site.

Select the products you find interesting and then go to Shopify to test them. It is well worth the time savings!

This section also requires attention to detail. These product sheets contain a lot of valuable data.

  • English description (To translate with
  • A suggested selling price, with margins and possible profits
  • Video promoting the product
  • Recent sales trends
  • A good example of targeting
  • There are many other options.

Notable: While I don’t recommend that you reuse the names and descriptions of these products, you may be inspired by them. However, “copy and past” is often a bad idea if your goal is to distinguish yourself from your competition.

I tested the tool and found that there are over 120 products in the Niche Scraper catalog.

Analyze shops

This is a great feature to get inspiration or competitive intelligence from other Shopify stores. You can quickly access the top products in a Shopify shop on a particular theme.

Dropshipping shops aren’t the only option, but there are also large brands such as Gymshark.

Niche Scraper allows you to easily calculate your monthly traffic, number of orders, average price of a product and revenue over the past month. It also shows the most recent products.

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After you’ve found the product that you wish to sell on Shopify, click a button to import it.

Simply connect Niche Scraper and Shopify to do this. This can only export products to shops, so an application such as Oberlo is still required to edit and place them.

You also have the option to use DSers, which is an enhanced version of Oberlo’s plugin.

A Facebook Ads Video Generator

Video ads are more effective than images ads, a well-known fact. It is not a good idea to steal advertising videos from dropshippers. I warn against it because of the potential problems it can lead.

Editing videos, even for short ones, can be difficult and costly …..

Niche Scraper is a tool that helps you overcome the recurring dropshipping problem. It provides a unique advertising video generator, with images of your product, music, and text.

This tool allows you to quickly create multiple versions of the same video ad if you’re in the testing phase and launch Facebook ads campaigns to find your top products.

This will allow you to determine which version was most successful and then adapt your catchphrase text!

Subscription & Niche Scraper Price

Niche Scraper costs $39 per month or EUR35 per month. You can also get a free version that allows you to use all of the features but in a very limited manner.

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The only plan that is available is the one you are offered. This is common with similar services. You will pay only 10 months if you take Niche Scraper throughout the year.

It’s still a great idea to use the tool, thanks to the free plan and the satisfaction or refund guarantee that is valid for 7 days.

Niche Scraper Right for you?

Niche Scraper might be of interest to you if you fall within one of these three categories:

  • You have a limited budget
    You should choose solutions that have a good price/quality ratio if your costs to set up your shop and purchase your products are low. Niche Scraper is similar to AdSpy and offers a free version.
  • Dropshipping is a new way to make money.
    There is always a phase when you learn a lot about a subject. It is not always easy to see. Niche Scraper simplifies manual searching and saves time by avoiding testing products that don’t sell.
  • If you test many products
    Its sourcing tools, as well as its video creation tool will allow you to quickly launch multiple campaigns for different products. Next, optimize your ads.

Dropshipping requires perseverance and hard work. Niche Scraper doesn’t allow you to start a business.

It will also help your shop succeed if you put in the effort to grow it!