Email Marketing Review, Pros, and Cons

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Every entrepreneur understands (or will soon learn) how important email marketing software is. Email marketing software is still one of the most efficient ways to:

  • Stay in touch with your customers
  • Promoting your products
  • Driving traffic towards your store

There are many email marketing options available that will suit any budget or purpose. With so many offers, it’s not difficult to make a decision.

So today, we’re looking at email marketing. We’ll be looking at its pricing and customer service to help you decide if Sender is right for you.

There are many things to do, so let’s get to it!

About Sender

Sender’s email marketing platform has been promising its users the ability create beautiful email newsletters since 2012. The solution is scalable and offers ecommerce tools, an intuitive editor, a variety of customizable templates, and flexible pricing. Sender also keeps the site simple, which is a sign of Sender’s focus on user-friendliness and ease of use.

Key Features

After we have covered the basics let’s dive into the details of Sender’s features suite.

Newsletters and Email Editor

Let’s begin with the most important consideration when it comes to email marketing campaigns. How flexible and intuitive is the email editor of Sender?

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You can add and modify your newsletter content with Sender’s intuitive drag-and drop interface. You can also choose from a variety of templates so you can get started and personalize every aspect of your email.

Drag and drop a variety of content elements into your emails. This includes text, images and video. You can also personalize your newsletter’s body and subject line to include subscriber information like their name.

The email editor at Sender also allows for intelligent product handling for eCommerce. This is a great feature for online store owners! With just a few clicks, you can add products to the body of your email. Sender also integrates with most eCommerce platforms. Simply copy the URL of your connected store and paste it into Sender. It will display the image, description and price. Handy, right?

You can insert videos to emails using YouTube URLs and links from other video-sharing sites.

A built-in editor allows you to change the size of your images. You can also edit them in the browser to retouch, rotate, cut and filter them.

Finally, the email builder lets you insert HTML snippets or upload custom templates in HTML format.

Grow Your Audience

Sender offers a variety of tools that will help you manage and grow your subscribers list. To encourage people to sign up for your newsletter, you can create popup subscription pages and embed them on landing pages and your website. These forms can be customized to match your website design for cohesive branding.

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You can also insert custom fields to gather specific information about your subscribers. This is useful if you want to personalize your emails and build a stronger connection with your subscribers. You can ask them for information like their address, birth date, names and other data.

Sender makes email list segmentation a breeze. You can create groups for customers and readers based upon their reading habits, profile information, and other criteria. You can also add multiple conditions to create segments that require subscribers meet all criteria. You also have access to Sender’s “and” and “or” segmentation functionality. This allows you to organize your contacts more precisely. You could, for example, segment customers based upon whether they haven’t opened an email yet were sourced via a contact form on the website.

Despite being functional, the “and” or “or” method for segmentation isn’t as sophisticated as many users would like. You can’t add custom tags to segments. Sender provides pre-configured tags options.

Email Marketing Automation

Even with the free plan, Sender includes email automation functionality! You can send automated emails to your customers, including transactional emails, welcome emails, emails about abandoned shopping carts, happy birthday wishes, follow up emails and newsletters. You can also create intuitive workflows that are simple to use based on specific actions.

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Analytics and Reports

Get an overview of your email campaign’s performance with Sender Email marketing. It provides meaningful analytics, reporting, and the following metrics:

  • Click-tracking and open rates: This allows you to see who opened your email and clicked on the links within the body.
  • Analyze the date and time of your subscribers: This will help you determine when they are most awake and checking their email. This information will allow you to plan your campaigns for maximum engagement.
  • Click mapping Find out which buttons and links are most popular with subscribers.
  • Subscriber Profiles: All activity (clicks and opens, links, etc.) is saved to the subscriber profile. This allows you to easily identify who’s engaging in your campaigns.

To gather additional information about your website, Sender integrates with Google Analytics. This will give you a better understanding of how your newsletters impact website traffic.

Sender’s analytics, however, is another feature that lacks depth. It doesn’t give detailed user insights based upon their location and age. The tool does not include A/B testing which makes it more difficult to send emails with analytic comparison.


Sender can be integrated with all major eCommerce platforms including Magento, WooCommerce, PrestaShop and Cloudflare. Sender integrates with Zapier, and has an open API. Developers have the ability to create their own integrations.

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This is a small list of native integrations, compared to its competitors. It also misses many of the most popular ecommerce platforms like BigCommerce and Shopify. If you use an eCommerce platform not on the integrations list, this could be a significant factor.

Coming Soon….

A few new features are also in the works that you may be interested in. You might be interested in landing page creation and SMS marketing features. Push notifications are also available.


Sender includes a Free Forever Plan for anyone just starting out. This package may be the best on the market.

Send up to 15,000 emails per day and manage as many as 2,500 subscribers. The best part is that all Sender’s features can be used, meaning you won’t have to upgrade for a while as long as the subscriber threshold and email threshold meet your business’ needs.

Sender’s pricing is flexible and simple from this point. A monthly subscription is available. The price varies depending on the number of subscribers. Pricing starts at $11 per monthly for 5,000 subscribers and includes 60,000 emails. You can send 600,000 emails to 50,000 subscribers, but the cost is higher for subscribers with 50,000.

Pre-paid credits can be purchased if you aren’t sure how many emails to send each month. You can save money by buying credits in bulk.

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It’s worth noting that your Sender subscription can be cancelled at any time. You aren’t bound by any contracts. There are no setup fees!

Customer Support

Need help with Sender? Here’s what you can do:

First,’s online help centre is available. You’ll find a knowledge base and FAQs section here. These sections should answer most of the common questions and offer insightful solutions. You will also find articles about campaign management, reporting, boosting deliverability and other topics.

Sender can be reached via their contact page if you wish to directly contact them. Within 24 hours, a representative will follow up. You can also use the live chat option on the website. However, you will need to leave your email address so that you receive an immediate response.

Sender also links to its YouTube channel for training videos. There are a few tutorials that demonstrate specific features of Sender, but they are very brief. They are not as good as some of Sender’s online video courses.

Pros & Cons

After we have looked at all Sender has to provide, it is time to make a decision. Let’s first recap:

Sender Email Marketing Pros:

  • Sender offers a generous, free forever plan. All features are included and you can send as many as 15,000 emails per month, to a generous 2,500 subscribers.
  • Pricing beyond Sender’s Free Plan is extremely flexible with pre-paid credits at a low price and monthly, contract-free subscriptions
  • This email marketing tool is simple and intuitive. It is easy to use and doesn’t overwhelm new users. Sender is a great email marketing platform for those who just need it.
  • Sender boasts some neat email editor features. Sender allows you to insert custom HTML, videos, product links and custom timers.
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Sender Email Marketing Cons:

  • Sender’s features can be quite basic. They are easy to use but may not allow advanced users to reach their full potential.
  • A/B testing is not available.
  • You cannot create landing pages at the moment. Only customized subscription forms can be embedded on your existing website.
  • Sender does not have many native integrations. It covers a wide range of eCommerce platforms but it is missing Shopify and BigCommerce.
  • There is no 24/7 support or phone support

Our Final Verdict

This provider could be right for you. You’d join customer giants such as Disney, Deloitte and HP. For a low price, sender email marketing allows you to manage all aspects of email marketing.

This means that Sender is a great choice for small businesses, sole traders, and start-ups looking to do simple email marketing. It is user-friendly and covers all essential features.

Sender’s is a good choice for advanced email marketers. It lacks the advanced features that email professionals would expect from an email marketing platform. It lacks A/B testing and segmentation tools.

Sender’s free forever subscription is available without a credit card. There’s no reason to not try the platform out and let us know how it goes.

We’d love to hear from you if you have! We’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments section. Are you looking at one of the other email service providers offered by Sender, such as Omnisend or HubSpot, Moosend and Mailerlite? Let us know if you have any questions. Talk soon!