Shineon Shopify Print on Demand Jewelry Testimonial

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ShineOn Jewelry is the right company to help you if you are new to ecommerce.

ShineOn was a brand new name to me in 2016, when I started making 3d Jewelry. ShineOn was not something I took seriously immediately, much like my entry in Print on Demand shirts using Teespring.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can either sell your products on their platform or use them as suppliers for your Shopify store.

ShineOn prints on demand offers handcrafted goods shipped from fulfillment centers in the USA.

ShineOn Shopify provides 1-to-2-day fulfillment for most items.

You can personalize your customer experience with white-labeling and custom inserts.

ShineOn Jewelry reviews have been few and far between. Fewer people have enjoyed the same success as us. ShineON helped me scale three monster designs to $732.711.35USD in just 3 weeks. I’ll show you how I did it in this article.

This article will explain why ShineOn Jewelry is our Print on Demand company choice.

The company has won my heart and I am a huge fan of the care and quality it offers to its sellers. Their customer service, product range, continual introductions of new products, pursuit of larger and better upsells, as well as their insane margins (think $50+ USD).

ShineOn Jewelry: The Shopify Print on Demand Jewelry You Will Need

You’ll know me well if you have known me for a while. I love working with people and companies that I care about. ShineOn Jewelry is no exception. Eric Toczko’s team has created an incredible company that produces exceptional quality products.

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ShineOn was a huge success for me, and Eric flew to Bangkok to meet me at the Affiliate World Summit. It was a very comfortable relationship, as we knew each other quite well by that time. But, I was unaware of how short the man really is. He’s about 6’3 inches tall so it’s likely that he’s normal in height.

Eric was a determined individual who we met in Bangkok. Eric is a person who will travel to the ends of the earth to meet people who are true product evangelists.

He is not the only one affected. Mongs Cobilo Hernandez was also recently in the Philippines helping Mongs with the first ever XCALE Conference.

Eric is a man who will do anything for his sellers, and that includes providing exceptional fulfillment services for his community.

ShineOn Jewelry: Who are you?

ShineOn Jewelry, a Print on Demand Jewelry company by Shopify, is ShineOn Jewelry. This means that they offer an app that can be integrated into your store’s backend. This article will show you how to set it up and what steps to follow to make your product sell.

ShineOn is based out of New Jersey. Their proud tagline says “Made with Love in the USA by Moms”.

These are just a few other cool things.

  • Quick production in 3 days or less.
  • ShineOn’s majority of production workers Working Mothers. Selling with ShineOn supports strong communities and fair wages.
  • 2 Patents are pending for their products and processes.
  • The webcam allowed them to monitor their production line, which works around the clock to fulfill merchant orders.
  • A dedicated platform with custom URLs
  • Continually adding high-margin, new products
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ShineOn Jewelry is a supplier of Print on Demand jewelry for Shopify. They provide amazing products for both their end-users as well as their sellers.

My ShineOn Successes – Just $732,701.32 in just 3.5 Weeks…

This is what we’ve achieved in a very short time with jewelry. However, there are many instances of great success using their platform.

ShineOn Jewelry is the ideal product to market with holiday in mind. ShineOn Jewelry is a gift-based product. Keep this in mind when you are writing your dedications.

With a few quotes from Husband to Wife, we were able make the most of Christmas sales. We quickly expanded our reach to other niches due to the increased interest in gift-giving and we cut the advertising budget.

ShineOn success stories include Michael Crist who made $578,359.53 within 16 days or Krste, who made north of $7 figures in just a few weeks.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Michael Crist has a lot more than just being a great marketer. He is also a genuine, amazing human being. He is the kind of guy that I would happily share a beer with and shoot the sh*t with.

Anyway, I am currently completing his course with the intent of writing a full review. It is absolutely mind-blowing.

It is a must-see. It is important that you do. You must see it if you want to scale. It is important to see it.

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Michael is not a fake guru. He has taken his method and put it together into one of the most valuable courses I have ever seen.

It’s practical and easy to implement! ShineOn is the only company that has made close to $100,000 per day.

This is the type of success I want to achieve. (We have done approximately 40k per day with ShineOn.

You won’t be disappointed if you take the course.

Is ShineOn Jewelry legal?

This is a valid question if you have never heard of the company. It is not what you want to do, especially if you are selling or scaling with a company that you don’t trust.

You can rest assured that this ShineOn Jewelry reviews is not an authentic review. It is a trustworthy company. They are very responsive to all your inquiries via their support channels, including their Facebook group, team members and email.

They guarantee their products and provide free replacements for orders damaged in transit. Shopify allows you to seamlessly order a replacement within your dash.

ShineOn understands the importance of keeping customers happy.

Being responsive to support requests allows you to quickly resolve any issues in your business.

Who is the best match for ShineOn Jewelry

No matter if you are a new seller or a seasoned one, you can sell ShineOn Jewelry. ShineOn Jewelry lets you offer quality products to your customers with a sweet margin.

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Based on my research, I found that sellers promote their products at different price points. Both offer a minimum margin of $25USD per item (as of the date I write this). This is before engraving (which I will discuss later in this article).

The silver pendant necklaces sell for up to $59.99 per unit. This is a net profit of $50 USD (before engraving upsell and ad spend), and the base cost of the silver pendant necklaces is only $9.97.

Jewelry is my favorite product for POD because it allows me to connect with people on a deeper level than shirts. These gifts often have a personal touch and are great for giving as gifts.

The Most Popular Jewelry Products

The Print Cards on ShineOn have seen a huge increase in sales since their introduction. Scaling is easy with the simplicity of designing. You can design, upload and sell in minutes. This is key to making 6 to 7 figure monthly income.

My favorite piece to sell, is the eternity necklace at the top left and the love knot at the bottom left.

The eternity necklace was the driving force behind 90% of our Q4 sales, which translated to nearly 3/4 million dollars in product value!

How to use ShineOn Jewelry

You will need to install Shopify as with all fulfillment companies you use.

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It will guide you through a self-guided 6-step installation after installing ShineOn. It’s easy, it only consists of 6 steps.

  • Join the Facebook Group
  • Create your first product
  • Add your payment method
  • You don’t have to set up your box offers immediately.
  • Update the ShineOn Product Page
  • And ……making the first sale

How to upload a design

First, your image must be sized to fit the product. ShineOn’s Facebook group has many great designers. You’ll soon be able to choose from many.

Step 1. Product Selection

In this example, I will select the cross.

Step 2. Uploading your design.

It is important to keep in mind that a clear background will show the metal below. This can make your design stand out. The “Tequila is My Valentine”, as you can see in the above image, makes the design stand out.

Step 3. Setting Product Name & Prices

Step 4. Adding extra Product Images

To show as much product as possible, I always include additional images. You should be careful, as visitors will need to download more images which can slow down your website. Make sure you choose the best images to display your item.

Step 5. Sell, Sell, Sell

Features & Services

New Products

Eric is constantly on the lookout for the best products to add to his collection. From the outside, it is clear that Eric takes time to select the products that make it onto the platform.

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The POD Cross is the latest addition to our product line-up. ShineOn’s success was largely due to overlaying a niche element over a cross. This was a multi-niche strategy that I used with great success.

These Crosses are sure to sell, and I recommend that you design them as soon as possible.


It is a must to have engraving included in every listing. We have sold very few pieces that did not include engraving.

You can make $7.50 more on every sale by adding the engraving up-sell for $15

You must be a member of the group to see this post. ShineOn recently updated their ShineOn product page, which is used in all Shopify shops. This has resulted in increased conversions.

You will be amazed at how many people are trying to make you more money selling if you search Eric in their group.

Video Creator

Facebook is all about video at the moment. ShineOn Jewelry can create customized videos to fit your pieces. This is a paid service but it is worth the investment if you have a product which is growing.

Examples of Requests

Samples are essential when you’re considering product scaling or just feeling confident about your next piece of success.

You will stand out among the crowds by having your own samples and your own photos. My success with ShineOn products has been largely due to my ability to take real-time videos and photos. I recommend that you have those samples in your hands.

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Upload Buyer Photos

This is a game changer. Personalization is huge and jewelry can be personalized with images that the customer treasures most.

Targeting is simple, regardless of whether you are targeting engaged, married or simply animal lovers. These are almost certain to bring you sales.

Bulk Product Uploader

The ShineOn bulk uploader works freaking well. This is an amazing tool for massive launchers like me.

It is simple to use. Once you have created your template, you can bulk upload all of the designs at once. Next, make sure that the URL matches the template’s naming convention. This is my favorite update over the past few months.

Pros & Cons

I think this section should be called “Pros”, as there aren’t many downsides to having ShineOn installed.

ShineOn excels by focusing on the customer and creating an extraordinary experience for them. ShineOn is a company that lives up to the old saying, “Go the extra mile, its less crowded”.

Every aspect of the transaction is handled professionally from the sales team to the product and customer to seller.

ShineOn moved from 3d jewelry to Print on Demand pieces in 2017. You can see the difference today. Although I was not happy, it was necessary and it has resulted in the company’s success.

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What are the pros?


  • High Margin $30+ prior to upsells
  • Uploader for Bulk Products
  • Video Creation Service
  • No cost replacements
  • 3 Day fulfillment
  • Custom engraving
  • Upload Buyer Photos
  • Engaged Community
  • It’s super easy to use
  • There are no monthly fees


  • They don’t do any 3D anymore… at least not right now, although this is slowly changing.

Competitors in ShineOn Jewelry

For pod jewelry, there is only one major competitor. ShineOn is the only competitor that I know of. Quality has always been my main focus and I only want the best for my clients. Gearbubble has never been my favorite place to buy jewelry.

Comparison of Print on Demand Jewelry: ShineOn Jewelry and Gearbubble

Don Wilson is a great marketer. He was also the one who introduced me to the POD world. But, I do not believe that this battle will be a real competitor to ShineOn Jewelry.

Why? There is a huge quality difference between ShineOn and GearBubble necklaces. If Facebook wants to continue to market dropshipping and POD products, we must take care of the products we sell to our customers.

Our customers will be happy if we only offer the highest quality products at an affordable price. Both these companies do. However, ShineOn Jewelry products have a much higher margin.

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Facebook actively surveys people who have bought from your ads. If customers are unhappy with the products, it could have a negative effect on your livelihood. This is not a joke. If you do not meet their acceptable negative standards, your account could be terminated.

You will lose your Facebook access if you do it repeatedly.

This is a battle between ShineOn Jewelry and Gearbubble necklaces. As for the other products on GB, I have no problems and GearBubble itself is an outstanding platform.

Who wins?

ShineOn is the clear winner based on jewelry. Gearbubble is the clear winner in product selection.


It would be an understatement to say that ShineOn Jewelry is dear to my heart. They have given me the life I’ve always wanted. ShineOn is the reason I find being in this industry so rewarding.

People living in poverty and faraway corners of the globe can change their destiny. They can connect to the internet and sell amazing products to people all over the globe with a little bit of determination and drive.

This review may seem biased in terms of print on demand jewelry reviews. ShineOn Jewelry is a great company that is worth your time and effort.

Eric and his team do an outstanding job. They are not slowing down and Eric is no exception. While we are still experiencing a massive uptrend in ecommerce, I recommend that you download the ShineOn Jewelry App and put your stamp on the POD Jewelry industry.