Print on Demand and Bohemian Jewellery Dropshipping Suppliers

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Bling Jewelry Dropshipping Reviews

That’s why we created Bling Jewelry

No matter who you are, we want to be the place where you go for trendy, high-quality, this-is-me jewelry. Since everybody has a little bit of the explorer in them and many sides to share? Who doesn’t need both a classic and a trendy look? Anything for a good time and something for those special days of life that you’ll never forget. Often, don’t forget to have anything for the people you care for.

How do we assemble our collection? We pay attention to what you want and then apply our well-honed fashion sense. (It’s like a Spider-Man sense.) We keep one eye on style blogs and fashion magazines and the other on sales data to see what people fall in love with and buy, not just what fashion dictates.

Then, in days and weeks, rather than weeks and months, our team of designers and suppliers will produce the parts you want—to our high standards and at a great price. We still update our collection regularly, so there’s always something new to discover.

Our latest inspiration can be seen in our logo and new signature item. They exude boundless good fortune and affection, two qualities that everybody could use a little more of. We do what we do at Bling so that you can express yourself.

Our Inspiration

Elena Castaneda, the maker of Bling Jewelry, is the curator of our diverse and wearable jewelry collections. Her entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in her by her Peruvian father, who dealt with garment manufacturers, and her German mother, who inspired her to forge her direction. As a result, Bling has evolved from modest beginnings in a one-bedroom Manhattan apartment to a top-selling sterling silver jewelry website and a multi-million dollar business of distributors worldwide.

She knows how to introduce the look of the stars to everyone simply and affordably as an image consultant to Manhattan’s elite apparel boutique owner and leader in online sales. Elena keeps our collections current and fashionable while pursuing her goal of spreading happiness, good fortune, and love to her customers. Sasha, her fab Frenchie, serves as Bling’s glitzy mascot. She not only provides plenty of cuteness and kisses, but she also contributes style inspiration and a dash of sass to their social media and website.

Print on Demand Jewelry Dropship

Do you want the best service for printing-on-demand jewelry? Dropshipping and printing-on-demand are becoming more popular as a business strategy. However, many people don’t fully understand the potential benefits of these services. Print-on demand companies can create a wide range of products, including customized jewelry.

Like most print-on demand products, the type of custom jewelry you can make will depend on which POD company you work with. Some companies will allow you to personalize your bracelets, necklaces and earrings. Others will print custom designs on vinyl or create statement pieces.

It is essential to find the right company to partner with if you are planning to add jewelry to your print on demand product line. These are our top picks for print-on demand services.

Print-on-demand jewelry has the potential to be a goldmine. Although not “fresh” in print on demand, it is unquestionably a unique product form to sell as a print-on-demand product.

Since the design becomes less graphic and moves from the comparatively large scale of t-shirts, tote bags, and blankets to something very small, it necessitates a very different approach than most other POD items.

This makes it simpler or more difficult, depending on how you look at it. Nevertheless, jewelry is a fantastic commodity to sell online, as it has proved time and time again.

I’m aware of at least three Aliexpress necklaces that have sold for more than $1 million in the last 6 to 7 years. For dropshippers, this means an increase in earnings. Many more did similar calculations, and the majority of them seemed to be fairly low-cost.

It’s critical to understand where print-on-demand jewelry “fits” in the jewelry market from the start. We don’t sell high-end jewelry and aren’t in the same league as Tiffany’s.

We offer affordable everyday jewelry that women wear every day – not because it is fashionable or trendy, but because it means something.

Why Print on Demand Jewellery?

Print-on-demand jewelry is a relatively new and exciting concept. Though Gearbubble has been selling simple necklaces for years, a few more players have recently joined the fray. Since it is not nearly as crowded as T-shirts, phone cases, or even caps, this is a perfect print-on-demand product to get into.

POD jewelry is fantastic for other reasons as well. Here are seven reasons why jewelry is an excellent print-on-demand item.

  • Unique
  • Jewelry is Evergreen
  • Margins
  • No Need For (Complicated) Designs
  • Perfect For Customisation
  • Ideal for Gifting
  • Perceived Worth

The 5 Commandments of Selling Print on Demand Jewelry

At this point, selling print-on-demand jewelry can appear to be the ideal opportunity. In many ways, it is, but you will crash and burn unless you understand the mentality behind selling in this room.

It differs significantly from most other print-on-demand items on the market. My five commandments for selling print-on-demand jewelry are mentioned below.

  • Thou Shall Get Personal
  • Thou Shall Not Sell “The Jewelry”
  • Thou Shall Be a Gift
  • Thou Shall Target Women AND Men
  • Thou Shall Not Sell Crap


Although Shop3D isn’t as well-known than Printify or Printful, it’s a great choice for jewelry printing-on-demand. Shop3D offers a wide range of customization options for jewelry, so that you can grab customer attention with 3D-printed designs.

Shop3D’s Print on Demand app is available for Shopify. This makes it easy to add print/on-demand functionality to your shop. Shop3D’s state-of-the art 3D printing machines make it possible to customize your jewelry with engraving. This makes Shop3D a market leader in high-quality 3D printed jewelry.

Shop3D is an excellent choice for small businesses because it doesn’t require a minimum order. For unique creations, you can also work with jewelry and goldsmiths if you aren’t a fan 3D-printed products.

Shop3D is unlike other print-on-demand companies and offers a wide range of jewelry products including tie clips, necklaces. hairpins, bracelets. rings. You can choose from sterling silver, white, rose, yellow and gold or brass and bronze.


For great jewelry, high-quality materials are used

Amazing selection of custom design options

Fantastic for Shopify use

Get in touch with a top designer

Comprehensive finish options


It can be costly

Best for

Shop3D is the best place to start if you want to make truly unique jewelry pieces that stand out from others. Shop3D is a great way for your business to stand out. Shop 3D produces high quality products with no minimum order requirements for small businesses.

Dropship Bohemian Jewelry

Drop-Earrings Bohemian Jewelry’s analytics

There are many key indicators that a product has the potential to explode: the number of short-term orders, the number of ratings, the number of wishlists, and so on. These factors decide if the product is appropriate for your target market and store location. FindNiche has everything you need.

Earrings with Drops The total number of orders placed by Bohemian Jewelry in the last three days is 0, the order volume in the last seven days is 0, and the order volume in the last 30 days is 0.

Earrings with Drops The number of wishlists created by Bohemian Jewelry in the last three days is 0, the number of wishlists created in the last seven days is 0, and the number of wishlists created in the last 30 days is 0.

Aliexpress has 317 ratings for Drop-Earrings Bohemian Jewelry. To summarize, if a product’s order volume has risen significantly in the short term, but the number of reviews and wishlist is low, it is highly likely that the product is unknown to most people but has many potentials. Therefore, this product has the potential to be your winning product.

Aliexpress top-selling products analysis

Title description analysis product name is the most important piece of knowledge about the product that the consumer obtains for the first time. Our conversion rate will be higher if we have a clear product name definition. We may draw the following rules based on the top three brands sold in the Earrings category:

  • Product name description words between 14-20.
  • Write key information such as product name, product model, etc.

The most important information is mentioned first. E.g., “what is the product” is listed first, followed by “product performance/model” and finally “other information.”

1Pair Fashion Women Girl Trendy Large Hoop Earrings Big Smooth Circle Earrings Brand Loop Earrings Jewelry.

  • Price analysis

Without considering the net profit, goods with a high volume of sales must have a very low price. We call this “limited income but fast turnover.” Thus, we can see that the price range of items with high sales volume in the Earrings category is roughly between $ 0.01 and $ 3.

This form of the product is also appropriate for a store that is just starting to attract customers and more established stores with high traffic.

  • How to choose winning products

All e-commerce merchants should think about how to select winning goods. We will evaluate based on other product data and write the product name description and select the appropriate price product. Development rate, orders, votes, and wishlist are the most important measures.

High-order-volume products are often popular, but competition is fierce, and you may not have many opportunities.

The rate of order growth is crucial. Therefore, we may predict how this commodity will be sold in the future based on the rise or fall in the growth rate of the product order.

If a product has many Aliexpress reviews and wishlists, the number is not excessive. But, at the same time, this product’s 7-day order rate is very high, and its growth rate is also increasing. Therefore, it has a good chance of being the next big thing.

Handmade Jewelry Dropshippers


Etsy is best represented as the crown jewel of handcrafted goods distribution platforms.

So, whether you make handmade jewelry or are looking for one-of-a-kind pieces, this is the place to be!

Despite its enormous scale, this marketplace remains more niche than the other eCommerce behemoths, which is one reason for its enormous success.

Etsy’s statistics are impressive; as of this writing, the industry has:

  • There are over 54 million registered users on the site.
  • There are more than 20 million active buyers on the market.
  • There are over 1.4 million sellers on the site.

However, despite Etsy’s immense potential, you will be competing with thousands of other sellers. This entails putting in a lot of effort to stand out from the crowd. For each item you write, you’ll also have to pay a $0.20 listing fee. These costs add up quickly, particularly if you have a large product catalog.

A 5% processing fee is also charged. This is, on average, much more costly than the standard payment gateways you’ll find on your ecommerce site. Stripe, for example, has a fee of just 2.9 percent and $0.30.


Next to Amazon, eBay is the second-largest ecommerce website in the United States. As a result, it’s worth considering. Use their auction choice if you’re thinking of selling jewelry on this website. This is a fantastic feature for selling jewelry, particularly if you’re selling used pieces.

However, you’ll have to devote time and effort to optimize your listings.

Otherwise, the goods would almost certainly get lost in a sea of rivals. So brush up on the subject and put what you’ve learned into practice!

Interesting fact: eBay has its jewelry-selling guide! So, if you’re thinking of using eBay as a sales platform, make sure to read this!


Bonanza is a great alternative to Amazon and eBay, and it seems to be a great place to sell jewelry online since there aren’t as many jewelry listings as there are on some of the more well-known digital marketplaces.

What exactly does that imply? You guessed it; there’ll be less competition.

So all you have to do is find or make jewelry that people want to purchase and market it effectively. If you can accomplish those two goals, you’ll have a decent chance of selling jewelry on Bonanza.

The best part is that creating your store is completely free. Furthermore, each sale you make is only subject to a 3.5 percent fee. For you, this means higher profit margins—especially when compared to some of the more expensive listing fees paid by competing for online marketplaces.

Fine Jewelry Dropshippers

Display Products on:

Please browse our online catalog and pick the items you want to sell in your online jewelry store, eBay, or Amazon. You have the option of creating a product feed or downloading the products as an xls/CSV file. There are images and explanations included.

Receive Customer Orders:

If you’ve received an order, you can easily place a drop-ship order with us using our safe checkout or bulk upload feature if you’d like to place several orders at once.

We ship to your customer directly:

We will handle packaging, handling, and delivery. To ensure that we remain unknown to your clients, all shipments will include your return address. You can also provide your shipping label and invoice with an order by uploading them.

You Profit:

Receive your customer’s purchase price, pay us the wholesale price, and keep the difference as profit!

Drop Ship Features

  • There are currently over 3000 drop ship products available, with more on the way.
  • Descriptions and photographs of products are available.
  • Over 95% of orders are fulfilled.
  • Create product feeds and incorporate them into your online store.
  • Product feeds can be downloaded as.xls/.csv data.
  • Real-time updates are made to the feeds.
  • Obtainable for download, eBay, Amazon, and Shopify are three of the most popular online marketplaces. Compatible feeds
  • Dropship accounts have no minimum order requirements.
  • Free 7-day trial with no strings attached
  • No long-term commitment and a low monthly fee of $29.99 (limited time introductory offer)
  • Blind drop shipping is when you ship something without knowing it.
  • When orders ship, you’ll get an instant notification and tracking information.
  • Dropshipping to other countries is also an option.

Product Feeds

You may use the product feed in a variety of ways to incorporate it into your website or marketplace:

  • Amazon Feed
  • Webservice
  • eBay FileExchange
  • .CSV/.XLS/.XML Feed
  • Shopify Feed
  • WooCommerce Feed

Dropship Custom Jewelry

3D Printed custom jewelry

Allow your customers to flaunt their beauty with jewelry, one-of-a-kind custom designs for your labels, and more.


Shop3d is the world’s pioneer in custom 3d printing jewelry 3d printed. Each custom piece is lovingly double-checked for accuracy.

No minimum orders

If you need mass customization or a single custom design, you can make and sell as many as you want. There is no limit to what we can do.

Who do we help?

Goldsmiths and jewelry designers

For goldsmiths, manufacturers, and jewelry designers, on-demand manufacturing is available. The Shop3D enables you to digitally incorporate direct metal 3D printing and casting into your business processes.

Customized and branded memorabilia

Make a bracelet, cufflinks, or a pin with your logo or slogan. The Shop3D allows you to order personalized jewelry on demand. You can order memorabilia jewelry for businesses, art organizations, and individuals such as influencers and creative.

What materials do we offer?

  • Gold
  • Sterling Silver
  • Brass and Bronze

Our Features

Drop-Shipping & Fulfillment Services

It is entirely up to you if you want us to fulfill your campaign or whether you already have a pledge manager, but we do provide a robust fulfillment plan when necessary. We operate on both sides of the Atlantic and deliver competitive international rates as well as individualized packaging choices such as leaflets and printed boxes to add fuel to your engine.

Personalized Packaging

Customized packaging for all your dropshipping and other business needs with White label Shipping Solutions. Any of the above options will come with stickers or marketing inserts. Share more information about your company and reward your customers with stickers to strengthen your brand.