Shipbob vs Deliverr Shipping Comparison Guide

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Shipping is an integral part of any ecommerce business. It’s a must-have element and, when done right, it can be another way to impress your customers. Customers expect fast and reliable shipping in the age of Amazon Prime.

It is crucial to find a reliable fulfillment provider. It is crucial to take the stress out of what can sometimes become a tedious process.

We’ve taken a detailed look at ShipBob & Deliverr, key players in ecommerce fulfillment, to determine which one is better.

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ShipBob vs. Deliverr: Summary

After careful consideration, ShipBob was crowned the overall winner for the best fulfillment company. It’s evident that ShipBob operates fulfillment centers and provides ecommerce businesses with peace of mind by providing reliable handling, tracking, shipping and delivery.

This review will highlight the pros and cons for ShipBob as well as Deliverr. It will also show why ShipBob is our preferred third-party shipping solution for online businesses. We will also discuss pricing and customer service to see which services are the best.

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Overall Review: ShipBob

ShipBob makes order fulfillment simpler for merchants. This tech-enabled 3PL uses high-quality software throughout their entire fulfillment network to provide a better experience. Your orders are automatically sent to their warehouses, where your inventory will be picked, packed and shipped directly to you.

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ShipBob offers inventory management and fulfillment services, as well as its own fulfillment centers. Merchants have full control of their inventory. ShipBob’s simple-to-use dashboards keep users in the loop when an item is shipped.

ShipBob operates fulfillment centers in the United States, Canada and Europe. ShipBob’s services reach far, allowing them to offer global shipping costs and order fulfillment. Its vast network of fulfillment centers allows you to strategically allocate inventory to customers who are closest. ShipBob’s express shipping service ensures that your products are delivered faster and more cost-effectively.

ShipBob’s order software makes it easy to manage your orders. This allows you to see all of your wholesale and direct-to-consumer shipments in one place. You can also manage subscriptions and make changes to orders after purchase. You can even share your tracking information with customers and view in a timeline format where your orders are in the fulfillment process.

ShipBob is compatible with all major ecommerce platforms. It also features many tech integrations that streamline the experience. ShipBob’s customer support team is known for their quick response times and ability to resolve any questions or issues.

Control and Visibility

We just mentioned that you, the ecommerce merchant have full control over your inventory. You are kept informed at all times about where your items are.

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ShipBob provides easy-to-understand charts and reports with its analytics tool. This tool provides you with real-time data and year-end reports that will help you make better supply chain decisions.

These insights will help you determine which fulfillment centers are most beneficial to your business and how promotions affect stock levels. You’ll also see how long you have before running out of inventory. It is possible to estimate the fulfillment cost per order and storage costs per unit.

International Fulfillment

ShipBob offers warehouse management services in the United States. They have offices all over the country including Pennsylvania, Texas and Florida. They also have fulfillment centers in Ireland and Canada. Its services are therefore widely available all over the world.


ShipBob integrates seamlessly with all major ecommerce platforms. Shopify, WooCommerce and Squarespace are just a few of the many ecommerce platforms that ShipBob supports.

ShipBob offers many integrations. You’ll also find plugins and tools that simplify returns management. These tools will make it easy to centralize your sales channels. ShipBob also partners with many freight, order management, and shipping solutions.

ShipBob’s most loved integrations are:

  • Happy Returns
  • Return to the homepage
  • Cin7
  • InventoryPlanner
  • TradeGecko
  • Skubana
  • OrderDesk
  • PackageBee

ShipBob’s Returns Procedures

ShipBob provides merchants with returns as an added value service. ShipBob understands the importance to provide easy returns for customer satisfaction. ShipBob can handle everything if you ask them to. All you need to do is create and set-up returns via your ShipBob dashboard.

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ShipBob charges a basic processing fee for simple returns. You can also purchase shipping labels directly from them. You can track your returns as they are being processed. ShipBob will also dispose of, restock and quarantine your items upon their return.

Additional inspections can be costly. This can be a great way to find the root cause of the problem if you have a lot of returns on a particular product.

ShipBob is a great tool for getting your products into the sellable inventory quickly.

ShipBob Pricing

ShipBob prices reflect the cost of fulfilling direct-to-consumer orders. Standard fees include a one time implementation fee. This will give you: 30 days of support. They’ll receive your inventory and warehouse your products. ShipBob will ship each order.

ShipBob customers get standard boxes, mailers and packaging supplies. Same-day shipping is available for pre-noon orders. A merchant dashboard will also be available. You can also access ShipBob order and inventory management tools as well as other useful integrations from this dashboard.

To request a quote, you will need to contact ShipBob directly. For pricing guidance, ShipBob offers a flat rate of $25 for the first two hours and 35$ for each hour after that.

Monthly storage costs are $40 per pallet, $10 for each shelf or $5 per bin. Standard packaging and pick-and-pack are all included in the price. Shipping costs vary depending on destination, weight, dimensions and chosen shipping service.

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ShipBob Customer Support

ShipBob’s customer service team provides quick responses. You can contact them via the help button in your dashboard, email, phone, chat, or by calling. You can reach them via the help button on your dashboard, or email, call, or chat with them between 9 AM and 5 P.M. CST, Monday through Friday.

ShipBob has its own fulfillment centers, and they will handle your orders at every stage. They are the only contact you should think about if you have any shipping-related questions. ShipBob has representatives on-site at every fulfillment center to assist with any problems that may arise.

You can also use their website to find self-help documentation and frequently asked queries.

ShipBob Order Fulfillment: The Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of using the service are at the core of any comparison. Let’s take a closer look to what this means for ShipBob.

ShipBob: The Pros

First, the perks.

Best-in-class tech:

ShipBob will provide you with accurate inventory information. ShipBob allows you to easily combine products and bundle items. You can also view SKU numbers in real time. Customers will be automatically notified when an order is ready for delivery. The order fulfillment company is committed to transparency and keeping customers informed at all times.

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ShipBob allows you to choose the fulfillment center(s), location, that you want. Over time, you can expand to other locations. These types of fulfillment-related decisions can be made easier by analytics, which tells you how to save money and speed up delivery .

Simple pricing. No hidden costs.

ShipBob is transparent about their pricing once you have contacted them for a quote. It’s simple to choose the best plan for you because there are no hidden fees. ShipBob’s transparent pricing structure allows you to plan your spending for any period.

ShipBob’s tech Integrations:

ShipBob seamlessly integrates with the most popular ecommerce platforms. It makes it easy to fulfill ecommerce orders. This can be done directly from the dashboard of your favorite ecommerce solution.

All orders can be customized with

ShipBob allows you to brand your products with ease. ShipBob offers customized packaging options, such as custom-branded boxes and poly mailers. You can also add marketing materials and promotional inserts to help promote your brand.

ShipBob: The Cons

Let’s now look at the downsides.

ShipBob does not integrate with Wish.

ShipBob is not the best service if you need to manage customer orders that you received via Wish.

ShipBob costs more.

ShipBob offers a value-add service with superior support and technology. These extra services are not free. ShipBob might not be the best option if you are looking for the lowest pick-and-pack 3PL. However, they will save you money over the long-term because of their ongoing value. Before you commit your hard-earned money, it’s important to perform a cost-benefit analysis.

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They do not support Walmart 2-Day.

ShipBob can integrate with Walmart. They don’t support the 2-day badge. ShipBob may not be the best choice if this is critical to your conversion rate.

High SKU count Makes it expensive

ShipBob’s warehouse fees are higher than those of its competitors, as we have just mentioned. Each SKU will require storage. The cost of storage can quickly add up. Merchants with low SKU counts might find the service ideal.


ShipBob is not available for Amazon Prime customers. They offer FBM integration with Amazon, but they do not currently offer Prime or SFB services. If you are already using Amazon FBA, it might be a good idea to continue to use that service. You could also use ShipBob to fulfill orders on your website.

ShipBob: The Verdict

ShipBob fulfills orders and does everything. You can have an all-encompassing service that covers the entire globe and uses top-quality tech to your advantage. ShipBob may not be the most affordable option on the market but it is a service that can provide the best value for those who have fewer than 100 SKUs.

ShipBob’s willingness to work with merchants in order to provide a high quality seller-to-customer service…for any business type — is the most attractive aspect of ShipBob. This is evident in all of the services offered by ShipBob, including the customization options and the ability for customers to inspect and handle returns. All this can be done within the full visibility and control of the merchant.

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ShipBob is a great option for anyone who wants total control over the entire order fulfillment process. ShipBob may be the best ecommerce shipping solution for you if you use one of the many ecommerce platforms ShipBob supports.

Deliverr: Overall Review

Deliverr provides quick and inexpensive fulfillment for sellers on the marketplace. It is easy to use their service. Merchants can send their inventory to get fast shipping tags that they can use for direct selling platforms. It is easy to launch the service across multiple selling platforms.

You can add prime-like badges to any platform where you sell products, just like Amazon. Deliverr supports Walmart’s 2-day shipping, eBay Fast & Free, and Wish Express. This allows you to increase sales in a variety fast-paced online marketplaces.

Deliverr encourages this as a great way to increase search rankings. The fast-delivery badges delivered by Deliverr make products eligible for search engine categories that are tagged for quick delivery. Your products will be easier to find online because of this. This makes your products stand out from the rest.


Deliverr integrates primarily with direct sales channels such as Amazon, Walmart, Wish, and eBay. They only integrate with Shopify.

Deliverr is a partner with several inventory management systems and listing tools for added functionality.

  • Sellbrite
  • SellerActive
  • GeekSeller
  • Skubana
  • ChannelAdvisor
  • EcomDash
  • Zentail
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Fulfillment locations

Deliverr partners with warehouses across the US, so they don’t have to run their own fulfillment centers. Deliverr connects merchants to outsourced fulfillment services or warehouses with empty, unoccupied space. It operates differently to ShipBob, and doesn’t allow for the same level of involvement and control throughout fulfillment.

They cover 95% of the US and offer fast shipping. They have warehouses all over the country including California, Texas and Missouri as well as Ohio, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Merchants usually split their inventory between 3-5 locations. Deliverr does not operate internationally at the time of this writing.

Delivery Returns Procedures

Deliverr currently does not process or handle customer returns. Deliverr will mark items as “unfulfillable inventory” if they are returned by buyers to one of its partner warehouses. This means that the item is not being returned to saleable inventory because of fraud concerns. Returns are reported to the merchant and may be subject to removal or disposal fees.

Delivery Pricing

Amazon’s multichannel order fulfillment service is not comparable to Deliverr’s transparent and affordable pricing. Each unit processed will be charged a fulfillment fee based on its weight, dimensions, or service level. The price includes shipping, handling, pick-and-pack, box costs, and receiving.

Deliverr offers three levels of service. Standard delivery takes between 5-7 days. You can also choose to have your order delivered within three days or two days. These times are calculated from the time your order was placed until the delivery date.

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For something as small and as simple as a phone case, fulfillment costs start at $3.99 per unit. For something more substantial like a computer monitor, prices start at $17.98. To see the full price breakdown for Deliverr, visit their cost calculator online.

Delivery Company Customer Service

Deliverr does not have its own fulfillment centers so customer service can take longer. As such, most conflict resolution relies upon third-party logistics providers.

Support documentation is however available on their website. You can also email their support team or submit an online request to get in touch. There are currently no live support options.

Deliverr offers one-on-one onboarding if you are interested in them as a fulfillment provider. You will need to give Deliverr your email address so they can get in touch with you.

ShipBob and Deliverr: The Pros and Cons of Using Deliverr

Deliverer: The Pros

Let’s begin with Deliverr’s brighter side…

2-day shipping to marketplaces:

Deliverr is a great 2-day shipping option for marketplace merchants that sell on Amazon, Walmart and Wish.

Affordable Rates:

Deliverr has very low overheads, mainly because they don’t have their own fulfillment centers. Their prices are much more affordable than many of their competitors, making them an attractive option for small businesses that have tighter budgets.

Badges to Markets:

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Users can quickly activate fast shipping with just a few clicks Deliverr software allows users to create badges and fast shipping tags across multiple platforms. This is a great way to gain a competitive advantage in increasingly crowded online markets.

Deliverer The Cons

Let’s now look at the downsides.

There are no return procedures:

Deliverr does not have any policies or procedures in place to allow customers to return their products. This is a major disadvantage. This means that you could lose inventory or face disposal fees if the item is returned to Deliverr’s warehouses.

Deliverr does not have its own fulfillment centers.

There are several downsides to this. Deliverr is essentially a middleman between your fulfillment center and the US fulfillment centers that it partners with. This means that communication is limited and that you have less control over the fulfillment process.

No international fulfillment partner:

Only partners with fulfillment centers in the US. Your options are limited if a portion of your audience is not located in the US.

Deliverr does not offer customization.

This is not the best option for you if customized branding is important to you. Deliverr does not offer custom packaging or marketing inserts.

Deliverer: The Verdict

Deliverr could be a good option for marketplace sellers looking for Amazon FBA-like fulfillment. Deliverr is not as comprehensive as other eCommerce platforms. It is lacking transparency, customization and control over order fulfillment.

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Deliveryr is only available in the USA. This will make it difficult to expand internationally if you are looking for a service that can help you.

We recommend this service to marketplace sellers who don’t have a particular focus on building their brand.

ShipBob or Deliverr: Which is Best for Ecommerce Brands

It is important to keep in mind that ShipBob and Deliverr are two different services. Each provider has a specific target market that will be able to find high-quality fulfillment services.

Deliverr is a cost-effective option for marketplace sellers who primarily sell on Amazon, eBay and Wish. It offers fast shipping options to the USA and helps sellers increase their reach on these platforms.

ShipBob, on the other hand, is more suited for anyone who wants to build their brand through an ecommerce platform such as Shopify or WooCommerce. ShipBob is usually the most expensive option but it offers an all-encompassing fulfillment solution that allows users complete visibility and control over their inventory. ShipBob offers a variety of branding options, as well as fulfillment centers located across the US, Europe and Canada. International fulfillment is possible.

ShipBob, we believe, is the more all-around winner. It’s the best ecommerce shipping option.

Last Thoughts

Order fulfillment can be a great way for you to add value to your customers when done right. Customers will appreciate fast shipping, customized products, and returns. ShipBob or Deliverr are both great options for storing and shipping your products.

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We believe ShipBob offers the most control and visibility for marketplace sellers, but we have just stated that unless you are a seller on the market, ShipBob is not an option. Their all-inclusive order processing provides us with the best level of control.

FAQ: ShipBob vs. Deliverr

We’ll end this article by answering some frequently asked questions about ShipBob, and Deliverr.

How do ShipBob & Deliverr compare on price?

Deliverr is often the most affordable option because they don’t have their own fulfillment centers, and therefore are not subject to overhead costs. They are a software company. ShipBob is typically more costly, but they offer a wider range of services through their vertically integrated solution. This includes a large fulfillment network.

How does ShipBob and Deliveryr compare in Customer Service?

ShipBob’s customer support is responsive and can be reached via telephone number. You’ll be connected with the appropriate contact right away. ShipBob offers online training and customized implementation for new customers.

Delivery on the other side, is unable to offer fast customer service. They can’t manage fulfillment so they must negotiate with third parties. This can sometimes lead to delays in communication.

How do ShipBob & Deliverr compare on Custom Packaging

ShipBob’s customer support is responsive and can be reached via telephone, chat or email. You’ll be able to connect directly with the appropriate contact right away. ShipBob offers online training and customized implementation for new customers.