ShopMaster vs Dropified Who is the Winner Tool?

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Who is ShopMaster?

ShopMaster integrates across multiple platforms simultaneously, so you can use different suppliers around the globe.

You can import products from AliExpress and 1688 as well as Amazon to your online shop.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

They announced in March 2021 that they would be closing down. This leaves their users with little choice but to quickly migrate to a dropshipping platform.

ShopMaster users who are looking to move to another platform can find it difficult. We would love to assist you with your transition.

Dropified will give you all the core features of ShopMaster plus a whole range of powerful tools to help you take your dropshipping business further. Register today to get your free trial so you don’t miss a thing when ShopMaster closes.

How do we compare?

Automating everything is key to your success in eCommerce.

How does ShopMaster compare to Dropified?

This comprehensive feature comparison chart below will help you to identify the differences.

You can see that ShopMaster does not have a lot of features. This will cause you to lose productivity and/or hire people to do those tasks.

These are the Key Features that are essential to running your business. They are simply missing:

Create Product Bundles

Dropified sellers will attest that being able quickly to combine multiple products is a great way to make more sales per customer.

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A higher average cart value often means more money that can be used to promote and grow your business quicker.

This gives you an unfair advantage as a seller, as you can create product bundles that are as unique as your heart desires. Your imagination is the only limit.

ShopMaster currently does not allow you to create product packages. Dropified members, however, can add our Bundling feature quickly.

Auto Order for Bundled Products

Dropified allows you to quickly create product bundles. It also automates tracking and ordering for every bundle item from multiple suppliers. This means that you don’t have to worry about placing each bundle item manually and sending the correct tracking and shipping information to each buyer. Dropified takes care of all the details.

Captcha Solver

AliExpress makes it easy to solve Captcha images on platforms such as AliExpress. This helps prevent fraud.

It is not a good idea to have to manually enter every Captcha for each order you place. Especially as you start to see hundreds of thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of items per month, as many of our users have grown.

It is a huge waste of time to have to be tied to your computer while you solve captchas manually. This is time that could be better spent growing your company.

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Quality Control

As we mentioned above, although it sounds great to be able to connect to dozens of vendors platforms, you should make sure that your customers are protected from fake sellers, counterfeit products, and low quality items.

Dropified could easily integrate these integrations, and may do so in the future.

…but protecting users from fraud, theft, and poor product offerings is the core of who we are as platform.

We can’t guarantee you won’t be cheated by suppliers or vendors on platforms like AliExpress or eBay, but we can…

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You can rest easy at night knowing the platforms we integrate with work to protect you.

Why Dropified is The Smart Choice

Reviewing the Feature Comparison between Dropfied & ShopMaster will show you that there are many features available to automate your business.

All of these missing features add up quickly in terms of time required to complete everything manually.

…and all the money that you are LOSING simply because you are too busy creating new jobs for yourself and your staff, instead of focusing on revenue-generating activities.

If you are serious about growing and starting your eCommerce business right from the start, automating nearly every aspect of drop shipping is a must.

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Dropified is the best place to start your search.