Tips to Use Squarespace to Make an Orthodontist Website

Squarespace provides a range of template designs that work perfectly with large images, an integrated ecommerce platform, and plans above the Basic plan offer features like inventory management.

With its user-centric design and simplified approach to website functionality, their solution does away with third-party plugins while prioritizing security and providing an online help center and other informative resources.


Squarespace is a highly-acclaimed DIY website creation platform known for its intuitive templates and design features, perfect for orthodontists looking to build an online presence that showcases their doctors and services while keeping current patients informed. Furthermore, this platform features appointment scheduling as well as easy ways to add and display testimonials from satisfied clients.

This website uses imagery to introduce its practice and build trust with prospective customers, and its copywriting effectively promotes it using creative shapes and dividers to break up large blocks of text more visually appealingly.

Squarespace was designed as a drag-and-drop website builder to be user friendly for non-coders, with drag-and-drop elements to position them on pages rather than being able to move them all around like WordPress allows. More experienced web designers may wish to take advantage of its code editing options that offer greater control.

Squarespace provides new users with a 14-day trial that allows them to get familiar with the software without incurring any financial or commitment-related obligations or upfront costs. At the conclusion of their free trial period, users may select from various subscription plans suitable for their individual needs ranging from simple blogging websites with no payment processing capabilities all the way up to full ecommerce sites with payment processing capabilities.

One of the many great benefits of Squarespace is that it enables you to easily customize a mobile-friendly template that makes it simple for visitors on the move to find and schedule appointments with you – this feature is particularly advantageous for businesses that rely heavily on foot traffic such as an Orthodontist.

Squarespace makes website ownership much simpler by giving you complete ownership over your site, unlike working with website providers who require contracts and charge an exorbitant fee to gain access to its admin panel. Switching providers could mean losing all the work that has gone into building up your site over time.


Squarespace provides some of the most eye-catching templates, making it a fantastic option for creating professional-looking websites without needing to hire a designer. Plus, this platform has additional features designed specifically for Orthodontists!

These features include online booking, mobile-friendly designs and blog sections. Furthermore, many templates of these platforms can be highly customized, enabling you to craft a site that reflects the distinctive identity of your brand.

Website content is just as essential to its design. When developing a dental website, it is key that information about the services you offer and their benefits for patients be included; this will attract new patients while keeping existing patients satisfied.

Use a Squarespace template designed specifically for your industry to save both time and effort while tailoring the content of your website to its target audience. For instance, dentists would benefit greatly from using the Keene template since it includes four primary pages such as an About page, Services page, Info page and Contact page.

Your clients can attract new clients by publishing a blog. Doing this allows them to share useful information with potential customers while building their reputation as experts in their field. In addition, blogging provides an effective means of building an email list; Squarespace makes this possible via newsletter blocks which enable clients to collect emails from potential clients.

Squarespace’s Scheduling tool makes it easy to create group classes and workshops, giving your consulting business greater accessibility for clients while increasing revenue. Team members can be granted access to Scheduling by adding them as contributors; however, they won’t be able to edit other areas of your site.

By using custom Squarespace templates and adding appealing, professional content, you can build a dental website that’s both visually attractive and easily searchable online booking tools can make booking appointments faster.


Squarespace’s website building platform enables dentists to create websites that look professional and sleek while also featuring patient testimonials, dental care information and other content to attract new patients. Unlike some DIY website builders, Squarespace features templates which look appealing while creating a professional feel – an advantage over DIY builders like Wix.

Not only does the website for this dental practice highlight their team and services, it makes booking appointments online easier for visitors as well. With prominent calls to action featured in the header area and links to downloadable forms and frequently asked questions lists as well as an FAQ list, this website helps ease potential new patient anxieties prior to visiting in person.

Haas House’s home page utilizes vibrant color combinations and unconventional font choices to create an eye-catching design, drawing viewers in. They also incorporate images of their office staff into the design to foster trust with viewers. Unfortunately, its text-heavy layout may turn away visitors. Although it’s essential that an attractive design be employed on any page, too much text may suffocate readers who become disinterested quickly.

This dental website utilizes a similar design as those above, including large photos of dentists and their office as well as links to their full profiles for new patients. What sets this one apart, though, is its unique call-to-action in its header bar inviting visitors to request free orthodontic consultation – an effective strategy to capture leads while emphasizing an exclusive offer.

Fix8 Media used local landscape photography to add life and vibrancy to this endodontic website using the Brine template. It features calls-to-action encouraging new patients to meet doctors, explore treatments or review testimonials. Furthermore, there’s a blog featuring practice news as well as updates on current events – perfect for keeping visitors up-to-date.


Fix8 Media’s Squarespace web design team assisted Huszti Dental with creating an attractive yet informative website using the Brine template of Squarespace. Their home page showcases a motion video background office tour as well as multiple calls-to-action inviting prospective patients to learn more about the practice, meet its doctors and explore treatments offered. They even make it easy for visitors to download patient referral information or refer an existing patient online!

Squarespace podcast website is an outstanding example of how to use creative layout to set yourself apart from competitors. Their vibrant color palette and eye-catching font choices evoke feelings of enthusiasm while their use of shaped dividers prevent the experience from becoming too text-heavy. This is important, since large blocks of text can easily be skipped over by visitors; so breaking it up into short paragraphs helps ensure user retention.

Squarespace makes a fantastic website platform because their templates are highly customizable, making it simple for dentists to showcase patient testimonials and dental care information on their site. This helps to build trust in their brand while encouraging potential patients to schedule an appointment. Plus, the DIY-friendly interface of Squarespace makes using it straightforward for anyone!

Start by browsing Squarespace Gallery and making a purchase. After checkout, you will receive an invitation for this template in your Squarespace dashboard as a new website and can edit and publish as you please.

Though starting from a template is beneficial, make sure you personalize it as much as possible so your client’s site stands out from its competition. Incorporate their branding as well as voice and tone into its design for maximum impact. If you need help getting started Squarespace offers helpful customer support: simply email or live chat them for assistance and they’ll be more than happy to answer any queries or provide answers to any problems that arise!