5 Top Must-Have Squarespace Product Add-Ons

Squarespace provides an effective ecommerce storefront, but is lacking some of the more robust platforms. Developers have responded by creating plugins designed to increase sales and conversions.

Ilovecreatives Squarespace commerce website stands out as an outstanding example, featuring bold designs and eye-catching visuals that capture customers. Their use of hero images in particular stands out.

Product Variations

People often struggle with using their imagination when it comes to products. That’s why when offering multiple versions of an item, making it clear to your shoppers exactly what they are getting into can really help build trust and reduce confusion over returns or confusion issues. Providing visuals can really help build this.

With Squarespace, you can quickly and easily create product variants to show all of the available options – like size or color – for each of your products, complete with detailed descriptions and images for each. When added to product pages, customers will immediately see all available variants for that item they can easily compare them all side-by-side.

Once your product variants have been created, use the Display Variants plugin to connect them together. This plugin enables you to display stock level indicators for each variant option on each variant page – an invaluable way of assuring customers that their purchase won’t run out anytime soon and making them feel confident when making their decision. It may cost extra but there are various license types available so that you can find something which meets your requirements best.

Display Variants can also help your business by adding forms to each of your product variants, which is especially helpful if selling customized rings or services that require more customer input, like engagement ring customization. Customers can fill out these forms directly, which allows you to collect their details for sale!

Product Lightboxes

Squarespace may provide powerful e-commerce features, but some critical ones such as dropshipping and point-of-sale are missing. However, third-party plugins can add these features without negatively affecting UX. Furthermore, these extensions add extra functionality like product cards, inventory indicators and countdown timers that enhance user experience and add extra features like countdown timers to enhance functionality.

Product Lightbox plugin provides the ultimate way to create eye-catching product cards with its pop-up functionality that displays when clicking links, buttons or images. Extremely adaptable and useful for showing size charts, forms, videos galleries or pages from external websites – Product Lightbox will bring beauty and distinction into any product card design!

Product Grid is another fantastic plugin to increase conversions, providing an effective carousel effect with multiple products displayed at once. Customize how many are shown, their order on screen, and how much space each takes up; plus add titles, descriptions, and calls-to-action for maximum impact!

Product Discounts is another must-have e-commerce plugin we recommend installing, as it enables you to add various forms of discounts such as percentage and dollar discounts, coupon codes and expiry dates to products on your store. It is an ideal way of increasing average order values, with quick setup process for maximum efficiency.

If you offer services-based products like hairdressing appointments, coaching sessions and massage services, make sure to use Squarespace’s Services Add-On. This plugin leverages Squarespace’s Checkout and Cart templates while being specially customized to service-based sales. Customers can book service time when purchasing their item through this plugin.

Product Reviews

Implementing product variations into your website is an effective way of providing more options to your customers and increasing sales potential. Squarespace makes this task simple through their product editor: in the ‘Pricing & Variants’ tab you can enter sizes and colors for every item before the platform creates all possible combinations and displays them all on the page.

Collect customer reviews as another means of expanding your product’s reach. Doing this can aid buyers’ decision-making process while simultaneously strengthening your social proof – something eCommerce stores that rely heavily on customer feedback to drive conversions should find especially useful.

Wiremo, an eCommerce review software integrated directly with Squarespace sites, makes this task much simpler for you. Once activated, Wiremo allows customers to provide reviews automatically for products in your store – and when activated again you can choose which reviews appear online and how you respond to them.

As well, this plugin lets you quickly create tabs for products on any page – an effective way of organizing information and adding a form that enables people to request further details. Customized tabs allow for optimal design aesthetic.

With these Squarespace e-commerce plugins, you can enhance your e-commerce experience and increase conversions. Just be sure to test each before applying them on your website.

Product Video

Squarespace’s e-commerce tools make it simple to create product cards with images, videos and detailed descriptions for customers to peruse easily. Plus, Quick View lets customers zoom into an image or video for an up-close view that makes selecting their ideal product much simpler.

Features like these provide shoppers with a better idea of what they’re purchasing, which in turn encourages conversions. To enhance your merch game even further, plugins may offer advanced functionality; one such plugin lets you add a countdown timer on an e-commerce website in order to create urgency and boost sales conversions – perfect for showing limited-time offers such as sales.

If you sell service products, a Member Sites (formerly Member Areas) plugin can help you sell digital content or services like workshops, tutorials, classes, packages and newsletters online. Essentially turning your website into a mini membership platform enabling one-off or recurring subscription sales is another benefit of Member Sites.

Show Inventory is an ideal plugin to enhance the customer experience on e-commerce sites by showing an indicator showing how many units of each variant remain available for sale, encouraging buyers to act faster or even to explore alternative variants of your product(s). This encourages shoppers to make their purchase sooner rather than later – potentially leading them down different pathways!

Add a social media plugin that enables customers to share your products on Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube for increased brand recognition and revenue generation – an essential feature for any e-commerce business. Squarespace Commerce Basic Plan or Advanced Plans provide all the tools and marketing features required to take your e-commerce business online successfully.

Product Comparisons

Squarespace website owners know that their platform comes equipped with its own built-in shopping cart and checkout experience, but many don’t realize that Squarespace also provides additional add-ons that can enhance ecommerce efforts; these plugins can be found under the “ecommerce” section of your website.

These third-party apps help expand and extend the features of your store. They’re great ways to fill any feature gaps on your site; options range from product sliders, customer review widgets, shipping calculators and beyond.

An increasingly popular plugin is the “before & after” comparison slider, enabling visitors to visualize your products’ benefits and make an informed decision based on their individual needs. Easy to use, this works with any image block on your site.

Check out the “Continue Shopping” plugin, which allows customers to return to your store after placing their order – an excellent way of increasing conversions!

Another useful plugins include a customized “Copy” button that enables visitors to quickly copy text and code snippets, and an Animated Loading Block which showcases an eye-catching visual while your website loads.

GoDataFeed can assist in creating standardized feeds for your Squarespace catalog to improve SEO and sales across channels, saving both time and effort while making sure listings appear uniformly across channels. This will save both effort and ensure listings appear consistently across platforms.

Squarespace provides an array of tools to manage inventory effectively, such as adding unlimited stock-keeping units (SKUs) in multiple colors and sizes; tracking inventory levels; and sending low stock notifications.