A List of Squarespace Templates With Parallax Scrolling

Squarespace is known for offering beautiful templates that work flawlessly across devices, as well as tools designed to help a website stand out in search engine results.

Features that distinguish this platform for businesses include autoplay galleries, responsive layouts and ecommerce tools that enable online selling.


A parallax effect gives the appearance that background images are moving more slowly than foreground content, providing your website with a distinctive design feature that stands out from competitors. When using this technique, keep a few factors in mind when applying it – firstly not all browsers support this effect and visitors may not see it; secondly using this effect may cause your site to load more slowly so be sure to test its performance prior to going live with this design feature.

Squarespace templates with parallax scrolling can help your business create an engaging website. The effect adds depth and keeps visitors engaged while showing off your portfolio or products in style. Many templates offer this feature – in addition to being easily customizable according to your business needs!

Squarespace (7.1) no longer supports parallax scrolling by default, but there are 29 great templates from its Brine family which do support it! They were designed specifically to work well with ecommerce systems.

If you’re seeking a template with a parallax effect, check out the Brine family of templates from Squarespace. These flexible and functional templates offer maximum ecommerce compatibility and offer various customization options to customize your site; in addition to being mobile-friendly so your site looks perfect on every device.

Harris template for Squarespace websites offering parallax effects is another fantastic choice, designed specifically with photographers and visual artists in mind and featuring various gallery styles to present work creatively and vividly. Ideal for photographers showcasing their portfolio in an attractive yet memorable manner, Harris will help your work make an impressionful first impression with any visitors to your website.


A parallax effect is an optical phenomenon in which one layer moves more slowly than another, creating the impression of depth. You can use this design trend in your website design to add dimension and create an unforgettable user experience for visitors to your page. Not only can this enhance user engagement, it may also increase page views and encourage people to stay longer on your site!

Although Squarespace no longer supports parallax scrolling natively, you can still add its effects with some creative javascripting. This method allows you to apply parallax backgrounds on individual pages or sections using images – it might not be as effective, but could provide quick and easy solutions if your problem requires one.

The Squarespace template York offers a modern and eye-catching design ideal for photographers or creatives who wish to display their work online. With a parallax-enabled homepage and configurable banner pictures, this layout makes customization simple; plus it fits any unique aesthetic perfectly!

Parallax backgrounds are great tools for landing pages as they give users an enhanced sense of movement and depth, drawing their eyes down the page, as well as emphasizing key messages or calls-to-action. As such, they’re an efficient way to convert visitors into customers.

Although parallax design trends have become popular, it’s important to remember that they may become distracting and slow the loading speed of your website. Therefore, use this design element sparingly or exclusively on your homepage.

Squarespace 7.0 templates offered a parallax feature that could be applied to banner images; unfortunately, however, this was removed in version 7.1. However, there are several ways this feature can still be utilized with its new image effects capabilities.


Hayden template from Squarespace is one of the newest options with parallax scrolling and other interesting image effects, creating an interactive website background by moving. This adds visual appeal while keeping visitors engaged on your site!

Squarespace templates that offer parallax scrolling typically feature an image or several images that move at a different speed than the rest of your website, creating an eye-catching effect and setting you apart from competitors. Please keep in mind, though, that Squarespace only permits this form of scrolling on certain pages – best used on those where you really want to make an impactful statement!

Parallax scrolling may pose several downsides, however. First, it can be distracting for visitors. Second, it can negatively impact website performance. Finally, parallax scrolling may not be suitable for websites with repeat traffic or high conversion rates due to slow load times that cause users to leave before it finishes loading completely.

This can be an issue with websites that utilize parallax effects extensively, so it’s wise to use this effect with caution on your site. There are ways around it though; such as increasing scrolling time before parallax starts or switching out for smaller header images.

Parallax scrolling may present difficulties for those with low vision, since images may be too close together and distinguishing text from background is hard. But, you can use simple solutions to address this issue; such as increasing font size on your website and using larger header images to make text more legible.

Parallax scrolling is an emerging web design trend that’s quickly growing in popularity. It offers an engaging way to tell your story and helps set you apart from competitors – check out our selection of Squarespace templates with parallax scrolling features for inspiration.


If you want to add parallax scrolling to your Squarespace website, there are numerous templates you can choose from to do just that. Each template offers different features and styles tailored specifically for different websites – some designed specifically for business sites while others may suit creative or e-commerce ventures better. All are user friendly with features designed to help create engaging sites.

Parallax scrolling on a Squarespace site can bring depth and dimension to its design, offering visitors an immersive experience while drawing attention to important content or features of your site. A popular trend, parallax scrolling can set your site apart from competitors and attract more visitors; but keep in mind that parallax scrolling can slow down site load time which could prove frustrating for visitors; therefore it would be prudent to test performance on mobile devices before going live with this strategy.

Although Squarespace (7.1) no longer supports parallax scrolling, several templates offer this feature. Brine family templates offer this functionality with blocks and layouts designed to help create an eye-catching and captivating website. Furthermore, these templates also include guidelines and recommendations for image sizes to ensure that your website loads quickly while remaining user-friendly.

The Brine template is an ideal solution for designers, photographers, and other creative professionals. Its flexible grid layout and clean aesthetic makes it suitable for portfolio websites; additionally it comes equipped with built-in tools that make customizing and building professional online stores straightforward.

Parallax scrolling is an increasingly popular website design trend that creates the illusion of depth through slow moving background images that lag behind foreground ones, thus giving an illusion of depth. This technique has become prevalent in web design, 2D video games and smartphone apps alike; although not absolutely essential to modern websites it adds dynamic looks while improving user experiences while offering companies or organizations a creative and captivating way to present their products or work in an engaging and unique manner.