Expert Tips To Change Favicon On Squarespace

Favicons (or browser icons) are small images that appear next to websites in browser tabs, search results pages and bookmarks. A custom favicon adds a professional touch and helps distinguish your website from those similar.

Squarespace makes adding and editing your favicons effortless and quick, making a quick change possible should something need changing later.

Uploading a Favicon

If you own a website on Squarespace, chances are good you want to customize its favicon. A favicon is the small icon displayed next to your domain in browser tabs and search results; adding one makes your brand stand out more from others when browsing from multiple tabs at the same time. Customizing one with ease.

Before uploading your favicon, it’s essential that you have an effective design in place. Favicons must be very precise to look good across devices and browsers. Furthermore, it should have a square image with transparent background – using Canva is an excellent way of creating favicons that will work across devices and browsers.

Once your favicon is completed, it’s time to upload it onto your Squarespace website. Log into your account and head to the website where you wish to add it; from there navigate to “Design”, Logo & Title and scroll down until you reach Browser Icon (Favicon), where click Upload then browse your computer for your image to upload – once uploaded click Save at the top left of your page and save!

Change your Squarespace Favicon easily using version 7.0 or later of the platform by accessing “Design”, “Logo & Title”, then scrolling down to “Browser Icon (Favicon). From there, simply replace the default square cube icon with your own custom favicon! For older platforms however, a different process applies – read this article for more details on this matter.

Creating a Favicon

Favicons are small icons that appear next to your website name in browser tabs, search results and bookmarks – an effective way of setting apart your brand from competitors and setting yourself apart from them. Squarespace 7.0 allows you to upload a custom favicon by going into Design > Logo & Title and browsing to Browser Icon (Favicon). Clicking the arrow button, upload your file, then save. Your new favicon should appear shortly! Favicons should represent your brand in some way. They could include images that represent it symbolically or even simple shapes or colors (Walbert Animal Hospital uses paw prints because people associate them with animals), however if using colors it should match up with what your business represents so visitors don’t become confused when trying to interpret what your brand stands for quickly and easily.

Remembering the small scale of a favicon can be daunting, so it’s wise to avoid including text or complex imagery that could become hard for viewers to read at such a small size. If using text in any capacity it should not overpower or obscure too much of your favicon’s design.

Once your favicon is designed, exporting it as either a PNG or JPG file should be the next step. PNGs with transparent backgrounds are typically best for this task; however JPGs may work as well in most instances. Be sure to test it across various browsers and devices before uploading to your Squarespace site!

Now you’re ready to enjoy your gorgeous favicon! Just remember to refresh the page and access your website in an incognito window to make sure the changes took effect immediately. If they didn’t, clear your cache and try again; otherwise contact Squarespace’s support team for assistance and they’ll be more than happy to assist!

Changing the Favicon

Add a Favicon to Your Squarespace Site | Squarespace Hosting! Creating a Favicon (also called an icon or signature) for your Squarespace website can make it stand out and look more professional. Favicons appear in browser tabs, bookmarks and history folders and can even serve as desktop shortcuts if necessary. Making one yourself is straightforward or use one of many free online generators instead!

Change Your Squarespace Favicon in Minutes It is an easy process that only takes minutes! Log into your Squarespace account, navigate to Design menu and scroll down to Browser Icon (Favicon) section where you can select an image file from your computer for upload. Squarespace will then generate various sizes of Favicons automatically according to browser and device support.

If your website already features a logo, uploading it as the Squarespace favicon may be simple and effective way to represent it in small-sized form. Just be mindful that images uploaded as the favicon need to be easily identifiable even at such small size.

An effective favicon can make any website more recognizable in a browser full of tabs, giving people an indication of the content on your site. Switching your Squarespace favicon may be easy but may take some time for all browsers and devices to accept its change.

Squarespace’s default favicon, a tiny black cube, makes your website instantly identifiable as being created using Squarespace. By customizing it for your site and making it more recognizable on search results and other platforms, creating an iconic brand mark with custom favicons can increase visitors and brand recognition while improving traffic flow and brand awareness. Introducing custom favicons onto your Squarespace website can increase brand recognition as well as increase visitor numbers.

Once you have created a favicon, it will appear across all browsers and devices that support them. If you have any inquiries regarding favicons, visit Squarespace’s support page or reach out directly.


Favicons, or browser Icons (Favicon), are small icons that appear alongside your website title in browser tabs and bookmarks, helping reinforce brand recognition and increase user engagement. Squarespace makes creating custom favicons easy: just visit Design > Logo & Title and scroll down to Select Browser Icon (Favicon).

First step to creating a favicon is selecting an image suitable for your business. With so many shapes and colors to choose from, experiment until you find something that speaks to your company’s values and image. Also make sure that its clarity remains recognizable at smaller sizes as thumbnails may use this icon too!

Once you have selected an image, click Save in the top-right corner to download it to your computer. When your favicon has been saved, open your Squarespace website and refresh its page to view how it looks; if your new favicon does not show, try clearing your browser cache – this will ensure the most up-to-date version of your website with its new icon is being shown.

Custom Favicons give your website an air of professionalism and can boost search engine rankings while increasing visitor traffic. Furthermore, having one will set it apart from its competition.

Add your custom favicon to your Squarespace website is straightforward and only requires some simple considerations. First, make sure your favicon is PNG file with transparent background so it is visible across devices. Also ensure it does not exceed 100KB to avoid slowing down your site.