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shopify dropshipping store set up

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With a global market size of an estimated US 5225.1 billion in 2019,, fashion is the largest B2C eCommerce segment. Despite the fact that this year’s shutdown had a negative impact on merchants, many have reacted quickly and transformed into Shopify fashion and clothing stores in order to sell again.

We can help you if you haven’t yet set up an online shop, are selling on marketplaces or plan to launch a fashion brand.

Let’s take a look at the reasons you should set up an online fashion and apparel shop and the steps to make it a success.

How to take your Shopify Apparel and Fashion Store online

FashionNova has revolutionized the fashion industry, from lululemon and FashionNova. The needs of shoppers are very specific and they want a faster and more seamless shopping experience. This has been made easier by the large number of apparel companies that are visible and keep their products easily accessible.

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If you don’t sell online as a fashion or apparel brand, you’re missing out a large percentage of potential customers. This is especially true because the pandemic has made shopping online easy for shoppers of all ages.

Guide to Start Shopify for Your Fashion and Apparel Brand

1. Choose your theme

When you create your Shopify fashion store, the first thing to do is to design it. There are many themes available in the Shopify Theme Shop, including free and paid themes. These themes allow you to customize the look of your brand.

These are the top Shopify fashion themes that you can check out:

1. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a free theme designed for modern apparel shops. This theme allows you to set up a rich storefront. It is also perfect for branding. Brooklyn is the ideal free theme to set up fashion stores. It features dynamic product grids and customizable content sections.

2. Cascade

Cascade costs $180 and is perfect for brands that have a unique and fun style. You can arrange your text among product images and features to make it easier to communicate your brand’s message.

3. Prestige

Prestige is a luxury brand product. The price is $180. It includes features such as visual storytelling. This allows you to create large, high-resolution images and even image hotspots.

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These themes will allow you to launch your online business in no time. You can also work with our design team to create a custom design for Shopify’s fashion store.

2. Add photos and descriptions to your products

Next, upload your products. Each product can be manually added or you can bulk import them to your Shopify dashboard. These details should be kept in mind when setting up product pages:

  • You can add multiple angles to your products or show them worn by a model. This will help you visualize the product better.
  • Include a description that would be of interest to shoppers. It should be conversational and concise
  • Search friendly page titles are a must. You could, for example, call a denim jacket “Lara Jean”
  • Optimize the URL to improve discoverability by adding a meta description.
  • Include wash instructions and fabric type in the description.

3. A sizing chart can be added

To help customers choose the right size, Shopify apparel and fashion stores must offer sizing charts.

Many shoppers don’t buy from a clothing store because they aren’t sure what size to choose. You can make it easier to shop by accurately describing each size and providing measurements.

4. Brand colors are best

It’s a good idea to define your brand and visual identity before you launch. This will help you plan product photos, website colors, as well as your social media branding. Once you have defined your brand colors and fonts, you can keep them consistent so you are easily identifiable to your customers.

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5. You can add videos showing how to use it

Fashion shoppers often want to see the various ways the product can be styled, or simply want to know how the brand works.

Videos can help you increase your conversion rate up to 80% on Shopify for fashion websites and apparel websites.

Many fashion brands include product videos on their product pages. Others add brand videos within their header to show their values and vibe.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify video apps such as Typito can be used to create videos. Drag-and-drop video creator allows you to quickly put together product footage, add music and effects, then publish them to your website.

6. To increase urgency or credibility, add product labels

You can encourage your customers to buy more quickly by using product labels that validate your brand. You need to demonstrate why your brand is worth shopping from, since many people will not have heard of it before. These are five product labels that you can use.

  • BestsellerLet customers know about products that are loved and appreciated by your customers.
  • Top-Rated Inform shoppers that a product is highly-rated.
  • Exclusive: Limited edition products in stock You can add an “Exclusive” product label to it
  • There are only 5 left Let customers know that there are only a few of your clothing items remaining.
  • Staff Picks Tell store visitors what products you love.
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7. Pop-up shop at exit intent

Pop-ups are a great way to re-engage customers who are leaving or to capture them before their departure. Pop-ups can be placed at exit intent to offer shoppers an offer or collect their email address to market to them later.

Create a popup using Priviy. The pop-up can be customized with your branding. You can even add discounts or spin wheels to make it more appealing to shoppers.

8. Create pages specific to your Shopify fashion store

Your customers need to have enough information so they can learn about your brand and establish a relationship with you. This can be done by adding some pages that define your process and provide background information about who you are.

These are the pages that you will need to create to make sure customers know everything they need about your Shopify apparel and fashion store.

  • Tell us about our story: Let us know how Shopify’s fashion store started. We can also tell you why it was set up and who the team is behind it.
  • Hygiene Standards Inform your customers about safety measures when packaging and delivering products.
  • Refund Policy Inform customers about your refund policy and explain to them why they are eligible for a refund.
  • Factories Show your customers how your products come to life from design through manufacturing. This will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your sustainability practices.
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Shopify Fashion and Apparel Stores: Best Practices

1. A well-designed customer account will build loyalty

Shoppers want to have an easier time purchasing from you. A well-designed, branded customer account page is a great way to provide a personal experience to your customers. A customer account page should be robust and include features such as rewards, wishlisting, one-click ordering, and more.

Flits can be used to create a customized customer account page. Shopify allows you to customize the appearance of your customer account page, as well as set up rewards and wishlisting features. Social login can be used to simplify customer registration.

2. Search filters and intelligent autosuggest allow for better searching

You can sell more quickly if you have better search experience. To enable smarter search experiences such as autosuggest or typo correction, you don’t have to be as large as Amazon.

This is what Shopify search apps such as Searchly can do for you. To make the app frictionless, enable auto suggestion on the search bar and search filters to narrow down searches.

3. Visual shopping made easy with lookbooks

A lookbook can give shoppers a unique shopping experience. Lookbooks are a great way to show customers different ways to wear a product, and it makes it easier to browse the images.

This Lookbooks app allows you to create this visual shopping experience. Your lookbook can be organized in multiple galleries and connected to your catalog. You can also allow add-to-carts.

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4. Get noticed on visual social media apps such as Instagram and Pinterest

The best way to show what you are buying is for shoppers to see it. 87% e-commerce shoppers feel social media helps them make an informed buying decision. To build your brand and gain followers, fashion brands must actively share their brand on social media.

You can easily share product photos and videos using visual social media apps such as Instagram and Pinterest and grow your organic following without incurring any costs.

You can set up Shops on Instagram and Pinterest so users can browse your products without opening your website. Integration between your social media presence and your product catalogue is seamless!

5. Make personalized recommendations

Strategic touchpoints can help you keep shoppers on Shopify longer and encourage them to make a purchase. Product recommendations can account for as much as 31% eCommerce revenue.

These recommendations can be personalized for each customer to increase conversions. Personalized experiences have an average increase in sales of 20% for marketers.

With Wiser, you can create personalized recommendations for your Shopify fashion shop. You can set up recommendations such as ‘Recently Viewed Products” and ‘Inspired by Your Browsing history’ to help shoppers find the items they are interested in.

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6. To show consumers how much they love your brand, tap into user-generated content

According to research, UGC can increase revenue by 18% for companies who incorporate it into their websites. You can show your customers how much you love your products and reassure them that they are worth the purchase.

UGC can be collected through product reviews in your Shopify store, as well as hashtags on social networks. These photos can be shared on Instagram and other social media platforms once they have been collected.

These user-generated images are best displayed on your Shopify storefront in order to increase credibility with new customers. This can be done by embedding your Instagram account on your Shopify storefront using Instafeed. This feed can be made shoppable using the Cameo App.

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