Syncee vs Oberlo Dropshipping APP Differences

Oberlo is not a good alternative to Syncee for dropshipping products.

  • Express shipping to the US/CA/EU/UK/AU/AS
  • Dropshipping offers millions of high-quality products
  • DataFeed Manager

Why choose Syncee instead of Oberlo

Dropshipping for real B2B

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Dropshipping is real for B2B. You will work with genuine, established suppliers and manufacturers, not AliExpress resellers.

Bulk Management

You can choose products one by one or browse through a complete directory of suppliers to manage your products in bulk.

No extension required

Syncee does not require you to add extensions to your browser. Every feature can be accessed directly from the app.

DataFeed Manager

The DataFeed Manager is one of Syncee’s most important solutions. You can import your suppliers’ CSV or XML files, XLS(X), JSON or TXT files.

Reasonable prices

You can work with real B2B suppliers’ real dropshipping-wholesale product prices, and not with resellers’ retail prices.

Global Suppliers

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Syncee Marketplace lists millions products from genuine suppliers from the USA and other countries.

Contact us directly

Live chat with suppliers is possible through the retailer-supplier Messenger Syncee.

Unique Product Pricing

Tiered pricing and category pricing can be set. You can add fixed or percentage-based price margins or rounding rules.

Is Syncee more expensive than Oberlo?

You can use Syncee as many times as you like, up to 25 products at a time. Dropshipping is easy and affordable.

Starter Plan for Syncee


  • Unlimited Monthly Orders
  • Bulk Orders
  • Affiliate Program
  • Support available at no cost
  • Auto Order

Oberlo Explorer Plan


  • Unlimited Monthly Orders
  • Bulk Orders Not Accepted
  • Affiliate Programs are not available
  • Get Free Training


Millions of winning products

Explore the huge selections of winner products in the Syncee Marketplace to start a dropshipping company with Syncee.

Marketplace products come from companies in the US, CA and EU, UK, AU and AS.


Find the Best Suppliers

Find reliable suppliers for Syncee from all over the globe, including the US, CA and EU. You can choose if you are looking for a wholesale or dropship supplier.

Syncee Marketplace will only show you pre-vetted suppliers that offer quality products and quick shipping.


You can set your own pricing rules

You can set unique pricing rules for each product in your catalog. Syncee allows you to easily set tiered pricing by categories, vendors, or brands.

Are you concerned about the effect of price changes on selling? You can choose from many options in Syncee, including rounding rules.


One Click to Sync Products

You can upload all the products from your Syncee catalogues to your online shop in just one click. Your products data will be automatically updated on a daily basis by us.

Uploading products is instantaneous, so they will appear in your web store as soon as you have completed your catalog.


Automate your Order Process

Once a customer has placed an order in your shop, they can pay the supplier directly via Syncee using PayPal or Credit Card. The supplier will receive the payment along with the order details.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

For automatic order synchronization, look for products marked Auto Order