How the Cash on Delivery (COD) Works in Dropshipping?

What’s Cash on Delivery? COD (Cash on Delivery), also known as ” Collect On Delivery“, refers to an online sale where payment is made at delivery and not in advance. The seller or retailer will automatically return the goods if they have not been paid for. Originally, the term “COD” was only used to refer to […]

How to get 2Checkout Approved for Dropshipping?

The drop shipping business is on the pinnacle and has taken a rush. Though it is proffering the drop shippers with countless benefits and high-end profit margins, some problems do exits. People doing drop shipping but are living outside the United States mostly suffer from one significant, or shall we say a common issue. Yes, […]

Stripe Dropshipping How to Open and Activate Your Account?

How Does Stripe Work? Stripe Payments is a payment processing platform. It enables you to move cash from a consumer’s checking account into your organization’s account by way of a credit or debit card deal. That’s a quite streamlined description, however we’ll get more into the nitty-gritty information later on. While Stripe can be utilized for all type of deals, opportunities […]

PayPal Dropshipping – How to Set it up Ecommerce Business?

Short Note About PayPal Dropshipping Paypal is the popular payment entrance that assists in the worldwide transfer of cash from one celebration to another. If your account gets a lot of conflicts, then you’ll wind up getting your account prohibited. Luckily, you can prevent this problem by keeping your consumers delighted and producing a healthy Paypal profile. […]

Shopify Dropshipping Without PayPal and Stripe – Alternative Options

PayPal is a great choice, but it’s not the only one. So, why do you look at PayPal alternatives? Here are some of the payment solution’s major flaws: PayPal does not provide any security to digital product and service sellers. Many PayPal alternatives have rates that are lower than PayPal’s 3.7 per cent plus $0.30. […]