The Best Ways to Send Company Swag Boxes Overseas, and How to Prevent Shipping Delays

Forget the swag boxes of the past, which were, let’s face it, full of things no one wanted.

Today’s swag boxes can be curated to contain pretty much whatever you want, from cocktail kits and savory snacks to clothing and high-end tech products.

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Furthermore, you can easily tailor the swag boxes you give out to suit your industry; and you can send swag boxes to your clients or your employees.

You can send swag boxes to employees or clients who are based anywhere in the world. However, before you start looking for the ideal swag boxes to send to your clients and workers overseas, you first need to consider what the best shipping methods are.

When you send a gift to show your appreciation, the last thing you want is to encounter shipping delays.

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Methods for Sending Your Company Swag Boxes Overseas

Sending company swag boxes overseas is simpler than you may think. All you need to do is find a swag box company that offers international shipping.

Many swag box companies offer overseas delivery and you can typically send customized boxes to multiple addresses.

Your other option is to have all of the boxes sent to one central address, such as your business premises, and then have them sent out from there via your courier of choice.

The latter option usually takes up more time, effort, and money, so it is typically best to simply go with a swag box provider that is able to directly send packages overseas.

Though, the former option could be utilized if you face a rare occasion when you find the ideal swag box from a company that does not offer international shipping or you choose to create your own swag boxes in-house.

Preventing Shipping Delays

So, it is easy to send company swag boxes overseas. But you still need to ensure they arrive on time.

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If you have an important client to thank or you need to get a swag box for an employee to mark a special occasion, for instance, it becomes even more vital that your boxes arrive on time.

So, here are three options for preventing shipping delays.


When you look for a swag box company to deliver your gifts overseas, or an independent courier service, go with a company that uses tracking to track the boxes throughout the order fulfillment process.

It works like this. A barcode is assigned to the box. Everyone who comes into contact with the box throughout the delivery process scans the barcode so that the item can be tracked and any updates, such as unpreventable problems that cause delays, can be attached in real-time.

When the box reaches its end destination, the courier will use a scanner to send information to the tracking system, showing that the item has been delivered and signed for.

Shipping Options

Many companies enable you to choose from a number of delivery options. Next-day deliveries may not be possible when you send swag boxes overseas, but you can still often choose a precise date for delivery.

So, to prevent shipping delays, review companies’ delivery options and choose the best shipping option available.

Go with a Trustworthy Company

Whether your swag box is directly delivered by the company you buy the items from or you use a delivery service to send your boxes overseas, if you want to prevent delays, you need to ensure you go with a reputable company that has satisfied customers.

Spend some time looking at customer reviews for any company you are considering going with to see if its packages are always delivered on time and that there are no issues.

If you decide to hire a company that has no customer reviews or track record, you could easily end up with delayed deliveries. So, do your research.

You need to go with a company that puts on-time delivery at the forefront of its services. You can then ensure that your swag boxes arrive on time. In turn, you can ensure you have happy clients and employees.

In recent years, more and more businesses have been sending out swag boxes to show appreciation or thanks to their workers and their clients. Sending swag boxes has become especially important in the new age of remote working, as it is a great way for employers to ensure their remote workers feel valued.