Top 10 Websites for Wholesale Retail Bags and Selling Tips

This article will show you how to advertise your wholesale bags business and some great wholesale bags websites.

The wholesale retail bags business can be a very profitable one, especially since more people are looking for convenience when shopping or packaging valuables. These bags offer both the convenience and fancy they desire while on the move. Sellers of this product will always make more money from their business deals.

How can I make profits by wholesaling retail bags?

First, you must find the right suppliers for your wholesale-retail paper bag business. This is where profit maximization is possible. Wholesaling retail bags can lead to huge profits. The process is simple.

A seller must be aware of certain things in order to reach this goal. To begin, you need to do extensive online research to find bag manufacturing companies that have trade policies that are tailored to your business’s needs. You can find information about their trade policies, including percentage discounts and return policies.

List of Wholesale Retail Bags Sites

1. Paper Mart

Paper Mart is an online retailer of shopping bags that specializes in providing high-quality retail shopping bags in a variety of shapes and colors. The majority of shopping bags on Paper Mart are lightweight and durable, making them ideal for packaging small items. A large portion of the bag collection also includes a number of paper bags.

Their prices are affordable enough to suit both men and women. Paper Mart is a great place to find a wholesale paper bag for any occasion or resale. Paper Mart bags are available in many colors, shapes, sizes. They are easily available from suppliers at affordable prices.

2. Amazon

Amazon is an affiliate giant and stocks a variety of shopping bags. Amazon stocks a large selection of bags for bag lovers who are in search of practical shopping items. Amazon offers high-quality bags that are durable and guaranteed to last when you order items. They are a company that focuses on fashionable plastic bags and have created a technology to increase their production capacity by both designing and mass producing.

As a reseller, you will be able to see a variety of fashionable grocery bags that will increase your return on investment. Their bags are distinguished by their appealing texture and color.

3. India Mart

India Mart is an Indian online marketplace that connects buyers and sellers within India. They are a leader in the wholesale and distribution of shopping bags made from exotic cotton. The bag collection includes durable handles and bags that can be used for transporting and packaging items. They offer bags in many sizes, appealing colors, shapes and materials that will suit your shopping needs.

India Mart’s cotton shopping bag, which is made from durable cotton, is a great option for retailers looking to increase their stock. It is also aesthetically pleasing and is one of the most desired shopping bags.

4. Made in China

The China-based ecommerce platform is reliable for buyers and sellers of high-quality bags. They offer a large selection of retail packaging bags such as totes, shopping bags, and exotic cotton shopping bags.

Made-in-China offers over 27 categories and thousands more sub-categories. However, it is very certain that you can find what you need at very affordable prices on this platform.

5. Paperbagco

Paperbagco, an international wholesale company that supplies designer paper bags, has been in business for over thirty-five year. To distinguish their products from those of other companies, the UK-based supplier designs bags with unique prints and designs. You can choose from plain bags or custom designs such as screen printing, embroidery, lase engraving, and embossing.

They are trendy, but they fall apart on a regular basis. This makes them very affordable for both resellers and consumers.

6. Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a leader in wholesale shopping bags and distribution of an assortment of convenient and exotic shopping essentials at a huge price discount. They sell a wide range of bags including brown paper bags, shiny plastic bags and tote bags. This online company, which is based in China, sells top-quality brown paper bags at a very low price to encourage all buyers.

The company also offers CB points to customers who make purchases on their website. Customers can then use the CB points to purchase next time. Resellers have the opportunity to make a strong profit margin.

7. Innovative Packaging

This online shopping platform is a fancy shopping bag store. You can find top-quality accessories and bags at affordable prices on this website. Their prices are lower than those of their major competitors because they have a very strategic approach.

Their products are mostly white plain bags with handles or personalized gift bags. Innovative Packaging offers free shipping anywhere in the world. This particular product is in high demand. This allows resellers to easily place orders for these bags.

8. Bag for Action

Action Bag is an e-commerce giant. Their website features a wide range of new designs of glossy retail paper bags. These bags are easy to carry and can be used for packaging and shopping. You will find bags that come in a variety of sizes and shapes to hold useful items. Their prices are also very reasonable.

To receive more information about product updates and to enjoy discounts, sign up to become a member.

9. Merchandise USA

They are wholesale merchandise and take great pride in stocking a variety of wholesale retail bags products to ensure that you have an unforgettable shopping experience. They have a large selection of merchandise bags in their collection.

The Merchandise Bags have a pinch-bottom design that is suitable for small items. Because of the low prices on products, this platform is ideal for resellers. Merchandise America is the best place to look if you’re looking for wholesale retail bags.

After reviewing the top websites for wholesale and retail bags, it is time to find the best drop shipping company to do business with you. We will now discuss four steps that you can use to advertise your wholesale retail bag business.

There are four ways to advertise your wholesale retail bag business

Wholesale retail bags are just as varied as handbags. It is important to mention that it takes time and effort to market a retail bag business. There is nothing to be afraid of if you follow the steps that I have shared below.

1. Find Your Target Market

You must identify the target customer to be able to effectively market a wholesale bag business. This will determine which marketing method and where you should use it. You need to consider the age of your target customer in order to accomplish this task. Handbags are made to provide comfort for women of all ages, young and old.

The budget is an important consideration that will determine if the target customer has the means to afford the bag. Third, consider the type of design that will best suit your target customer’s lifestyle.

2. Offer marketing materials for your business

Flyers and business cards can be used to prove that you are in business. Your marketing materials should include professional photographs. They speak volumes about the products and services you offer.

3. Make use of your preferred marketing channels

You have many channels through which to advertise your wholesale retail bag business. Technology has made it possible to do business transactions and make life easier. You can reach more people through the internet’s various social media platforms than you could ever imagine.

A seminar hosted by a national or local commercial body can help you network.

4. Storefront

This is an effective way to market wholesale retail bags. Placards can be placed in front of shops to inform passers-by about your product. It is a cost-effective way to promote your business to the public. Recent studies have shown that this method has brought in significant sales leads to the seller.


This article highlights the best websites to buy wholesale shopping bags. These companies were carefully chosen to make it easy for anyone who is interested in starting a wholesale business selling bags. Dropshipping is not an option for all wholesalers.

You should now go through these websites to find the right company for your business.