Dropshipping Bags, Purses, and Wallets are Worth Making Money?

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Are You able to dropship wallets and make money?

Women and men both buy wallets. They are the type of item that will need to be replaced every once in a while because they get damaged over time. Dropship wallets to make a nice online income and meet your daily needs. According to Statista, the demand for small wallets and cases is worth one million dollars. You can focus on a sub-niche such as minimalist wallets or women’s wallets or RFID-protected wallets.

Dropshipping Wallets: How Does It Work?

Dropshipping is something you probably already know. Dropshipping is different from a traditional eCommerce shop. You don’t need to buy and store inventory before you can start selling.

The dropship method allows you to quickly set up your store and begin selling immediately without having to purchase inventory. You buy stock when a customer orders an item.

You can partner with dropshipping companies to sell the same products they are selling. These products can be added to your shop. You can customize the titles and descriptions as needed. You place an order for the dropshipping provider when a customer orders an item in your shop.

The Dropshipping Supplier will need to know the shipping details of the customer so they can ship the item directly. Your benefit is the difference between the price you paid and the dropshipping provider charged.

The entire process can be automated by dropshipping software.

Dropshipping Wallets

  • Men’s wallets
  • Women’s wallets
  • Credit card wallets
  • Children’s wallets
  • Leather wallets
  • Minimalist wallets
  • Money clip wallets
  • RFID wallets
  • Waist wallets
  • Slim wallets
  • Trifold wallets
  • Zip coin wallets

General or Sub-Niche

You could easily open a sub-niche wallet store, given the many types of wallets. For example, you might sell only money clip or minimalist wallets.

A sub-niche can often outperform a generic store. Because you are selling unique products, it can be easier for them to be marketed.

Your shop can be positioned as the “go to” place for [fill out the blank] wallets.

Dropship Wallet Suppliers

It’s not as difficult as it used to be to find vendors to help you with your wallet. It is possible to do a manual search. It is difficult to choose a dropshipping company. There are many factors to consider.

These questions will help you identify suppliers who aren’t best suited for your needs.

  • Is there global shipping available?
  • Is there a monthly charge or per item shipping fee?
  • Are there discounts for bulk purchases?
  • Is it possible to track your order?
  • Is there a limit to the number of items you can sell?
  • Are there any restrictions on which brands you can sell?
  • Are there any schemes to ensure buyers?

A dropshipping/ wholesale supplier list such as SaleHoo is an easy way to locate suppliers. They have already done the research in regards to locating and screening vendors.

Another option for dropshipping that is hassle-free

You might also consider AliExpress for dropshipping. Many dropshipping store operators use them as their primary source of inventory.

They are a leading online retailer that has merchants in China, the United States and other countries. AliExpress makes it easy to manage your inventory. There are no monthly fees, conditions or per-item dropshipping charges.

Additional benefits include:

  • Worldwide shipping is possible
  • ePacket distribution (faster shipping to the U.S. from China)
  • Most products can be purchased wholesale.
  • One hundred million goods
  • There are no limits on how many products you can sell and you have the freedom to set your profit margins.
  • You can track orders.
  • There is a buyer security program and a money-back guarantee.

How to set up your dropshipping store

You have many options to start your dropshipping business. Because it is the best fit for my store, I am sharing the program that I used.

The AliDropship Plugin I use is my favourite. It is a WordPress dropshipping plugin that transforms a WordPress website into an AliExpress dropshipping shop. Because I wanted to reduce monthly software costs, I chose WordPress as my store platform. Because I use WordPress and AliDropship, I don’t need to pay any monthly software fees.

Also, I wanted complete control over my company. When you use a third-party eCommerce platform, you are bound to the terms of service. They are authorized to close accounts for any reason and at any time.

A Custom-Build Store

AliDropship can build your dropshipping shop for you. This is an easy option for people who don’t know how to code or those who want to save time.

There are three store packages to choose from, as well as a Supreme Custom Kit which offers more marketing options. No matter which kit you choose, you will be assigned an individual manager who will manage everything.

Think about contacting your project manager during construction of your shop. This is a feature that not all dropshipping services offer.

Market Your New Bags & Purse Shop

After your store is ready and set up, the real work begins. Marketing the store is this.

Good news: You’re likely already using many of the free marketing tools available, including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

To sell your products, all you need to do is create accounts on each site. You can make a lot of money by marketing for free. This AliDropship Success Storey is about a store owner that makes $1,800+ per Month using these platforms.

Advertisements on Instagram and Facebook

Many dropshipping shop owners find that paying advertisements work well. Instagram ads and Facebook ads are the most popular paid advertising options.

There is a learning curve when it comes to paid advertising. You should learn as much as possible before you dive in.

You can also look into Facebook ad course to learn more quickly. People who learn to use Facebook ads will see a tenfold increase in their sales.

My Final Thoughts about Dropship Wallets

Although wallets are not the most exciting product, they are very popular. There are many ways to approach a wallet store. You can specialize in one type of wallet, such as RFID-protected wallets or minimalist wallets. It all begins with reliable dropshipping apps.

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