Ultimate Guide to Apple Products Dropshipping Business

We all know that Apple WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), should be held every year. Apple used to release new products on WWDC, regardless of hardware or software. Apple announced at the WWDC 2018 that they would release an upgraded operating system IOS 12 in the second half of 2018 and macOS 10.14 later.

Apple products are also a top-rated smart device manufacturer, which is why they are so loved by customers around the globe.

Dropshipping of Apple products is possible in the future. This post will provide some information on how to drop ship Apple products and help you decide if it is worth the effort.

Selling smart phones as drop shipping products: Pros

Statista statistics show that Apple iPhone sales have increased from 2007 to 2018. It is also possible to expect that sales will continue to rise in the coming years.

Dropshipping smartphones, especially Apple iPhones, can be a huge benefit for retailers. Here are some benefits of drop shipping smart phones.

Sales units that are higher

Research results from the internet show that drop shipping businesses have an average profit margin of around 15-30%. This business model has lower profit margins than others, so retailers will need to sell more.

Apple’s strong brand recognition allows them to build up loyalty among customers around the world, which allows them to sell a lot of products once new products are released. Dropshipping Apple products should have a higher sales volume as this is a major advantage for retailers.

Easier to do delivery

Dropshipping is a costly business. If merchandises are too heavy, the delivery fees should be limited. Most Apple products weigh less than normal smart devices like the iPhone and iPad, but they are still very light, such as iPads for tablets and iPhones for smart phones.

Retailers don’t need to worry about extra shipping fees. They only need to ensure that each Apple product is safely received by their end-customers.

You can repeat the purchase and get the unit your end-customer needs.

It can be seen that Apple releases new software and hardware almost every year on WWDC, as I mentioned in the previous section. Apple products can be repurchased because of the loyalty of its customers around the globe.

End-customers might only buy one unit in a year, as one Apple product is sufficient for all their entertainment and working needs.

Dropshipping is therefore the best model to sell Apple products globally, as it allows retailers and suppliers to buy merchandise separately.

You can also make money selling Apple dropship products.

It is clear that the sale of smart phones, especially Apple iPhones, can prove to be profitable in the future.

Retailers can also reap many benefits from the business.

But, selling Apple products is it possible for all retailers around the globe to do so?

The answer is no.

Apple products selling should result in higher supply costs because of its higher pricing.

Dropshipping models are also very convenient because sellers and retailers don’t have to touch merchandises during delivery. This means that retailers can spend more money to work with reliable logistic companies in order to ensure that all products are safely delivered to their customers.

Additionally, counterfeits are ruining the global markets right now. This should force retailers to spend more time and money searching for genuine-products suppliers.

Selling Apple products is a profitable dropshipping business. However, it’s only for retailers with enough capital.

We cannot ignore the enormous demand for Apple products and the potential profits it offers. Apple accessories can also be profitable on the market. This is especially true for retailers who are just starting out in dropshipping or have limited resources.

The following illustration shows you some Apple accessories that I am actually selling on Chinabrands, a global dropshipping platform. It is meant to demonstrate what the most profitable accessories for smart devices are still possible to dropship.

iPhone cases

It is no longer possible to attract new customers with the same case design. Therefore, retailers must find cases that are unique in design and/or have special functions.

The following graph illustrates one of the most popular iPhone cases in China.

It is clear that the case has a removable portion. This is the controller that controls the camera and takes pictures when it is connected to Bluetooth. The iPhone cases can be clearly seen that they are more than just protection. They also serve as a wireless controller to take pictures.


It is a wireless charger which can charge iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone 8 Plus, as shown in the following product graph on Chinabrands. This charger is the most recent to use wireless charging.

Customers should only place their iPhone on the charger pad and then connect the USB cables to charge the phone.

Chargers are a top iPhone accessory dropship because they can be repurchased. A growing number of iPhone users aren’t just carrying one charger around, but have multiple chargers. It is reasonable to expect iPhone chargers, especially wireless chargers.

Suggestion for Apple products dropshipping

Apple products are very well-received by customers around the globe. There is great potential for growth in the global drop shipping market. Because it is expensive and time-consuming, it should not be available to all retailers.

Dropshipping can also be done by retailers that sell Apple accessories.

Due to the high demand for drop shipping models and the features that they offer, we can expect iPhone accessories to be the next dropshipping product.

Apple product dropshipping can be a profitable business in the future, but it is not suitable for all retailers due to its strict requirements.

Dropshipping is another way to make money selling Apple accessories such as phone cases and chargers.

To maximize your dropshipping business’ profitability, you can also cooperate with reliable platforms like Chinabrands.