Wholesale China Sourcing Agents and Suppliers List

It can be difficult and time-consuming to buy wholesale in China. With the help of over 50 suppliers and sourcing agents from China, however, this task is possible to be made simple and enjoyable.

Here are the Reasons You Need a China Sourcing Agency

The primary function of a China supplier agent is to source and find suitable suppliers according to technical standards and customer needs. It is difficult to find a supplier. It can be easier to purchase if you have access to professional China wholesale sourcing suppliers.

* Affordable

Many China sourcing agents can help you get a better price than yours, believe it or not. Why? Because they can combine quantities from multiple customers to get a lower price from manufacturers and suppliers. This saves the purchaser time and money.

Quality Control

Many sourcing agents in China have experience in product sampling, factory audit, and mass production inspection. They know how to source quality goods. This reduces the chance of purchasing from low-quality wholesale suppliers.

Wide Range of Products Available

A China sourcing agent is different from Chinese wholesale factories that can only offer a limited product range. They are able to provide access to the most recent goods and market trends.

* Shipping and Logistics Assistance

Chinese wholesale sourcing firms also handle logistics, supplier verification, and warehousing. They act as a link between the buyer and the supplier in China.

They help the buyer identify genuine fit suppliers based upon customer needs. This allows them to inform the purchaser about the tariffs, taxes, and any import/export modifications involved.

Summarising, China sourcing agents can help you manage your supply chain.

Sourcing Agents and Chinese Wholesale Suppliers

2. China Purchasing Agent

China purchasing agent is the best choice if you’re looking for an easy to work with and quick turnaround purchasing agent. It is a company that has been verified and is located in Shenzhen. They provide sourcing solutions to help buyers find reliable manufacturers and import from China.

You can get a wide range of services from them, including quality inspection, Amazon FBA, logistics, customs clearance, and warehousing. This will ensure that your consignment arrives on time. They offer two free trials and charge a 3% fee for each additional order. This makes buying even easier.

Recommended for: Small to Medium Companies and Amazon Sellers.

3. Jing sourcing

This company was founded in 2014 by Zhu Jing and offers a free product sourcing service to customers. This china sourcing agent is made up of 50 professionals and offers services such as product sourcing, product sampling, product follow-up, quality control, and product shipping.

Jing sourcing offers product rebranding services with custom graphic designs for its Amazon, eBay and Shopify customers. Jing sourcing, unlike other inspection companies, will not release an inspection report. Instead, they will negotiate with your supplier to fix any quality problems before you ship your products.

Recommended For: Small and Medium Businesses, E-Commerce Sellers, Like Amazon, eBay and Shopify.

4. Sourcingbro

Zhou Chao founded Sourcingbro in 2012. It has its headquarters in Shenzhen in China. This sourcing agent assists companies to import from China in an efficient and affordable manner.

They are professionals and can assist you with product sourcing, quality inspections, warehousing and quality control.

They can also help you manage your supply chain and act as trade advisors by helping you with product branding and sourcing raw material, and managing the production process.

Recommended for: is a great option for all businesses, big and small, who understand the importance of a well-planned supply chain.

5. B2C sourcing

It is one of few Chinese sourcing companies that offers full support, from order to delivery. It was founded in 2015 by Zhisheng Gao.

They offer a range of services including product sourcing, sample shipping, supplier audit, supplier audit, high-standard international shipping, and product sourcing. You can choose from a variety of services, which are available to all exporters and importers. It is also fully e-commerce-friendly.

Recommended for: Small and large businesses. It is e-commerce friendly and can be used to sell on Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

6. Iris

Iris, a multi-national sourcing agent, is located in Hong Kong. In 2007, two entrepreneurs, Yves & Dino, founded Iris. The china sourcing agent has a strong network of suppliers that can supply almost all consumer goods. They will manage all aspects of the supply chain, from order to delivery, with your participation at every stage.

They offer professional and quick services that include product sourcing, contract negotiation and creation of brand implementing, paperwork processing and quality assurance as well as international shipping and logistics.

Recommended for: All types of businesses, from SMEs to large established companies for small- and bulk-sourcing.

7. Foshan sourcing

They are specialists in ceramics and building materials, with headquarters in Foshan in China. With over ten years of experience working with professionals in this field, they are the best in their industry. They offer product sourcing, guidance, quality checks and warehousing arrangements.

After receiving your inquiry, they will respond within 48 hours. The shipment will be done by sea-shipping because most building materials are heavy.

Recommended for: A great choice for importers, bulk shipping and small and large businesses.

8. Dragon sourcing

Dragon sourcing is a global service provider of procurement services. It has offices all over the world, including in Europe, Americas, Asia, Africa, and the Gulf. This giant sourcing agency was founded in 2004. It specializes in packaging, industrial products, chemical, food ingredients, and finished products.

It also provides professional services in product sourcing, procurement outsourcing and warehousing.

Recommended for: Multinational and small entities who wish to export goods and services to any future market.

9. Imex sourcing

It is one the few china sourcing agencies that offers a 3600-user portal to clients. Clients can use the platform to track their import progress with each step being managed by a bilingual account manager. It was founded by Ash Monga. The company has offices in Hong Kong, Guangzhou and China.

They offer a range of services including supplier research, contract negotiation and product sample consolidation. Quality control and inspection are also available. Logistics and shipping can be included.

Recommended For: Established and small businesses and e-commerce friendly like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify.

How do you choose the right sourcing agent from China?

It can be difficult to shop in China, especially if you are a first-timer. You need to be prepared as it can be time-consuming and requires a lot of resources (monetary resources). To ease the process, a China purchasing agent is needed to represent the buyer in China and ensure that he gets the right products at the most competitive factory prices.

These sourcing agents are limited and claim to be the best. There are no standard measures to determine the quality of agents, so it is up to the importer how to verify authenticity and efficiency.

Consider the following six-point verification process when choosing a China sourcing agency. It will help you find the right person to serve your needs. Different customers have different requirements.

1. Ask them for their business registration permit, legal compliance reports, and export licenses in China. Verify their authenticity with local trade authorities and third-party companies.

2. Trust is key to any good work relationship. Ask the China sourcing agent to provide you with five references from clients in your area of import.

3. The sourcing agent should explain their security measures in the event of kickbacks from suppliers. Keep in mind that “kickbacks” is a managerial challenge.

4. You can choose the sourcing agent that best suits your needs. Different sourcing agents in China will offer different services. Some sourcing agents won’t provide rebranding and related services.

5. You should identify china sourcing agents that specialize in a particular type of product. They are highly skilled at what they do.

Foshan sourcing agents are experts in ceramics and building materials. They are usually located close to the manufacturing industries of the product cluster, which reduces transportation costs. Also, they are more likely to help out if something goes wrong during production.

6. Once you have identified your sourcing agent, test him with a small order. This will confirm his proficiency. Don’t place a large order until you feel more confident with him.

You are welcome to ask any professional questions regarding the services they provide. If you find the above information satisfactory, you can be sure that you are dealing with the best China sourcing agent.

What are the charges for sourcing companies’ services?

It depends on what task you are doing. Sourcers used to charge a commission on the order value. Most china sourcing agencies now use a fixed pricing strategy.

What services can you expect from a Chinese sourcing agent to provide?

You can expect to receive some services back if you are a China sourcing agent. You can expect to receive the following services:

* Product sourcing and sample consolidation

* Procurement intelligence (and procurement outsourcing)

* Supplier research and contract negotiations

* Supervised production in China factory, rebranding

* Quality inspection and control

* Shipping and logistics

* Product evolution and dispute resolution

What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ) that a Chinese sourcing agent can process?

The factory requirements and the product’s minimum order quantity (‘MOQ) are different. They can vary. China sourcing agents might choose to have their MOQ, which is the minimum order quantity or monetary value of any product.

A China sourcing agent might have a MOQ for product X of $500. However, another sourcing agent could have a MOQ for the same product in 100 pieces, each costing $2. This would translate to $200. The MOQ does not have to be constant. It can vary with different sourcing agents.

I need to find a trustworthy Yiwu buyer agent.

It is very simple and it is true. Just like with any other agent for china sourcing, you need to have a product in mind.

It should be called ‘promotional merchandise’ because Yiwu is the largest market in the world for ‘inexpensive goods’.

Use the search engine to find a phrase that is more similar to “Yiwu buying agents”.

Choose at least eight sourcing agents in the five Yiwu districts or have at least one office there.

Contact them to schedule an appointment via video or other communication like Skype.

After identifying the best ones, do your research to find out what services they offer based on your requirements.

Do you have any recommendations for Guangzhou sourcing agents?

Guangzhou has many sourcing agents, including Asiaction sourcing and Imex sourcing services. Foshan sourcing is one of the reputable foundations. You might want to explore more of these foundations, as there are many.

Are China’s sourcing agents able to provide shipping and logistics support?

Most china sourcing agencies work with freight forwarding companies that offer similar services once they have sourced a product. However, most of these agents include logistics and shipping support in their whole package when you engage them.