Wholesale Hair Distributors and Factories from China

The most lucrative business ventures are those that involve wholesale buying and selling hair products. After comparing hundreds of Chinese wholesale hair distributors, I have compiled a comprehensive list of the top hair distribution companies that you can source hair from.

This article will provide you with detailed information about wholesale hair businesses. It is easy to excel in this industry.

Although there are many types of hair, few distributors stock all types. This makes it difficult to stay relevant in this fast-growing industry.

Why Buy Wholesale Hair From China?

China is the country with the fastest growth in wholesale hair and related products. China is a preferred destination for hair outsourcing. These are:

* Esticast Research Company’s 2017 research on the hair extension market shows that the market for hair extensions will grow at 4.1% through 2022. In China, there has been an increase in hair factories to supply the growing demand for hair extensions and hair wigs.

Why Buy Wholesale Hair From China?

China is the country with the fastest growth in wholesale hair and related products. China is a preferred destination for hair outsourcing. These are:

* Esticast Research Company’s 2017 research on the hair extension market shows that the market for hair extensions will grow at 4.1% through 2022. In China, there has been an increase in hair factories to supply the growing demand for hair extensions and hair wigs.

China is well-known for its cheap products. This is due to the availability and increased use of technology as well as low labour costs. These factors can help reduce the cost of your products, thereby increasing your profit.

* Many wholesale distributors in China offer low cost transportation for products imported from China. Bulk hair extensions and wigs can be purchased and shipped free of charge.

* China quality compliance certification bodies, along with distributors’ and manufacturers’ internal quality control systems, ensure that all hair you receive is of the highest quality standards. Many wholesale buyers have worried about sub-standard products. This is now a thing of the passé. All hair supplies must pass strict quality control before being delivered.

China’s Top Wholesale Hair Distributors


Hktdc was founded in 1966 as the Hong Kong Trade Development Council. Its purpose is to promote small and large-scale businesses. Later, it expanded its work scope and began looking for new opportunities as well as distribution services. They currently have 43 Hong Kong Business Associates from 32 countries, and more than 13,000 personal Associates.

Service Overview

* Connect and explore opportunities

* Highlighting Hong Kong Services

* Maintaining trust and respect.

* Enhancing SME’ capabilities

* Creating and delivering value for customers

You are looking for work in government agencies? You can become a member and connect to larger and more lucrative markets by becoming a member of this institution. Order any number of hair extensions, wigs and weaves from Hktdc to get them delivered at wholesale prices with discounts.

Recommended for: If you’re a Chinese hair seller looking for someone to supply you with wholesale hair in China, Hktdc would be a great choice. Hktdc will not only help you sell hair, but also connect you with wholesale sellers in other countries.


It is one of the oldest wholesale hair distributors China, offering a variety of products online. It was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma, an 18-member team with the goal of making Alibaba the best place for customers to socialize, buy and sell products.

Service Overview

* Supporting online platforms

* Technology infrastructure

* Marketing to other merchants

* Payments and financial services

Alibaba could be a good option for you if they acquire 33% of your equity stake. Alibaba will provide all the financial services and payment solutions for your merchants and customers.

This company is recommended for wholesale buyers who need publicity and suppliers with unique products. They can choose from at least 27,310 suppliers to find the best form.

Rem Hair

Rebe hair has more than 10 years of experience in the distribution and manufacturing of hair extensions. Rebe hair is proud to offer 100% human hair as their products are high quality. Their promise to customers has remained the same since they began.

Service Overview

* Customization of client packaging

* Continued quality control through research

* Quality hair extensions are subject to product supervision

* Centre for market research and development

* Product catalogue

Wholesale hair suppliers that specialize in human hair extensions at uncompromised quality can connect with Rebe Hair to receive constant hair supplies at wholesale prices. There are many hair weaves available, including Remy hair and wholesale weaves.

Recommended for: I would recommend this wholesale distributor to high-end clients with high-end hair extensions.

Global Sources has been the most trusted Business to Business facilitator in China for more than 47 years. Global Sources has been trusted by over 1.5 million international buyers to provide information about where to order products. All hair types are available for buyers to source from, and they charge a very reasonable price.

Service Overview

* Import and Export services

* Events from private sources

* Analysis choice

* The creation of new sourcing markets

* Client products sold

* New product alerts

* Integrated marketing solutions

Many wholesale online hair buyers consider Global Sources the best option as they can help them to obtain market reports and product leads. Global Sources hosts two export sourcing events each April and October for the top Chinese hair vendors who want to try new products.

Recommended for:This is a great option for entrepreneurs who want to expand their business internationally and connect with thousands of other international entities that deal with the same products. Global Sources offers a variety of services at no cost to those who are looking for a way to save some money.


Another e-commerce site for Business to Business that facilitates the sale and purchase of products to small and large businesses. Dhgate offers over 30 million products from a variety of categories at wholesale prices, including hair products and hair accessories.

Service Overview

* Secure refund policy

* Tracking shipment

* Plan to protect the buyer

* Express delivery

You can rely on this wholesale hair distributor to send your hair. They offer a variety of payment options that will ensure that all payments are made quickly.

This distribution company is highly recommended for hair vendors who are interested in international trade and highly secure systems.

FirstHair Wholesale

FirstHair, which was founded in 2002, is one of the most prestigious hair factories in China. It is located in QingDao. It started its distribution services many years later. Now, it covers the US, UK and Australia. There are many types of human hair extensions and lace wigs.

Service Overview

* OEM Service

* 24/5 customer service

* Simple product return policy

Transparency and openness are their strategies to build trust with new clients. You can ask them for any information about them. They are always open to price negotiations that may result in the best price on the hair market.

This is the recommended category for new businesses. They have low bargaining power, and are ready to help you reach higher heights. Wholesale hair can also be purchased at factory prices to maximize profits.

ChinaBest W Igs

ChinaBest Wigs was established in 2010. It is a well-known global hair supplier because of its high-quality, virgin hair. They offer a variety of hair products in different textures and lengths to meet the needs of every client. Their strict control and customer-oriented systems are what have earned the company a worldwide reputation.

Service Overview

* Express logistics

* Strict quality control supervision

* After sales service

* 24/7 customer service

This wholesale hair distributor is a top choice for high-end clients. Accredited around the globe, you can increase your profits on human hair wigs or lace frontals.

Recommended for: If you are selling to wealthy customers, this wholesale hair distributor is the best to provide you with human hair products. ChinaBest Wigs can help you improve your online store.


Baco was established 10 years ago to work with small and large wholesale hair distributors. A hair factory allows them to sell hair extensions and wigs at a low price. They are well-known for creating beautiful human hair designs.

Service Overview

* Return and exchange policy

* Shipping and delivery discounts

* Payment options to support your online store.

* Delivery services

* Hair packaging and custom labelling

Due to high demand for human hair, it can be difficult to obtain human hair products. Baco can manufacture any order that you require to meet your product specifications. You can be sure of a consistent quality.

Recommended for:Baco isa great option for anyone starting a wholesale hair business. You have access to information about how to dropship hair from a Baco hair distributor. Start small for start-ups, and get lots of help.

Where to Find the Best Hair Factories/Manufacturers in China?

You can find the best hair factories and manufacturers in China at a variety of places. These are:

Online and offline B2B directories

Magazines are another option for factories and manufacturers to advertise.

Google and Yahoo have almost all of the hair factories and manufacturing from China listed on their search engines

Direct visits to factories and manufacturers provide the best opportunity for one-on-one interaction with the products or services.

Do you know of any hair suppliers that offer free shipping and low minimum order quantities?

A few hair suppliers are using this strategy to attract customers. These are the few hair suppliers that you will find.

* Chinabrands

* AliExpress

* Alibaba

* Dhgate

* Wholesale Central

What are the Best Cheap Hair Extension Wholesalers in India?

Because India is a growing market for hair extensions, the export of cheap hair extension has increased. The following are some of the Indian wholesalers of cheap hair extensions:

Global Sources



Where can I find distributors of human wigs that ship to the USA

The USA is one of the most important users of human hair wings. Here are some places to look for distributors who ship human hair wigs to the USA.

* Google websites such as Zauba offer in-depth analyses of distribution companies that ship human hair to the USA.

* The B2B online directory contains names and contact information for human wig distributors as well as the addresses of places they ship to.

* Business partners from the same industry may refer you to human wig distributors that ship orders to the USA.

Where can I find the best Chinese hair vendors that ship to the UK?

The majority of top-rated Chinese hair sellers are rated at least 4 stars. This is a sign that they are trustworthy. These details can be found via search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

Ask your friends for honest information about Chinese vendors and their performance so that you can get the best.


Wholesale hair business can be very lucrative. With the right knowledge and experience, you could make millions in a short time. Your success will depend on your selection of the best wholesale hair distributor in China.