Wix Turbo Review Increase the Site Loading Speed

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Urgh. Is there anything worse than slow-to-load websites? We’ve all been there. It’s happened to you. You can’t find anything more frustrating and the site is gone in seconds.

The moral of this story is that loading times are critical to visitor retention as well as the overall user experience. The site’s speed is a key factor in its success. Every second counts. Pages that load in less than two seconds have an average bounce ratio of 9%. Pages that load in five seconds or less suffer an astonishing 38%.

Brands with larger brands are not exempt. For every second that their site takes to load, the BBC loses 10% users!

There’s a solution: Wix Turbo.

This review will focus on this new technology and its impact on existing Wix Sites. We have a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it!


Wix is the best website builder available. You can create stunning websites in minutes using the drag-and-drop editor. You can choose from a variety of templates and modify them to fit your brand. Wix also offers many design elements such as image galleries, buttons videos, widgets, widgets, and widgets.

Wix is the preferred website-building platform for more than 160 million users around the world. There are 500 templates available, so you can be sure to find the right one for your industry. Wix has the right theme for you, whether you’re looking to create a personal website, portfolio site, eCommerce store, or something else.

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Wix is available as a monthly subscription. Wix also offers a freemium plan, which allows you to get familiar with the interface. To connect to your domain and unlock additional storage and features, however, you will need to upgrade to one their affordable paid-for plans.

Wix Corvid has been an innovation in its product over the years. This allows web developers to create web applications using serverless computing and easy coding. Wix’s Editor X, which we reviewed in our Wix Editor X review, allows you to create fluid websites with flexible grids that allow for better breakpoint control.

Wix Turbo is the latest technology to make your Wix website more professional.

What is Wix Turbo?

Wix Turbo is the latest addition to Wix’s toolbox. It is the brand’s solution to slow website loading times. Wix Turbo was launched by Marvel Studios in 2019 after Wix partnered with Marvel Studios. It speeds up website loading times by optimising Wix code and increasing global load centers.

This is the key to enhancing user experience on desktop and mobile devices. Wix Turbo is also committed to providing a beautiful page layout that allows your visitors to enjoy your site at their best.

What Wix Turbo has to offer

Wix Turbo is a Wix technology that comes with all Wix sites. It aims to improve and provide the following features:

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Performance Boost

Wix Turbo speeds up the loading time of your images, making them almost instantly visible. Your website’s assets are loaded in preview, so visitors can see them immediately after they click on it.

Wix Turbo uses CSS functionality (Cascading style sheets) to keep your site’s look and feel consistent with the web. This allows for a minimum page load time and crystal clear website design. Your Wix site will also be served by the closest data center to the visitor. This ensures a quicker loading time and better user experience.

Wix also rewrote its site viewer in order to reduce IFrame apps. On-page animations load faster and have a higher quality.

Smart Caching and JavaScript

Wix Turbo optimized Wix sites to speed up JavaScript execution. Your website will load faster if it is cached. ).

Resilient Server Maintenance

Wix has established data centers (DCs) and content delivery networks in the US, Europe and Asia. It also has backup servers around the world. Wix sites are therefore resilient to network outages and server maintenance.


If one DC is affected, then the support of all servers will be restored. No matter where site visitors live, they can still access your website via the closest functioning server.

Wix also has a multi-cloud approach. If one cloud is having issues, Wix can switch to the next to ensure your site runs smoothly.

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Securer Sites

Wix Turbo offers secure signup and login pages. All Wix sites are protected by SSL certificates. Wix also regularly updates its software in order to fix any vulnerabilities. You won’t need to manually update the platform as with , WordPress.


Wix is a partner with Google to make sure your website is indexed by the search engine. To create a sitemap that Google will index, you can connect your domain to the Google Search Console. It takes only 30 seconds and makes it easy for Google to rank your site.

Wix makes it easy to modify your metadata, headings and meta tags. Wix’s Wizard explains all of this. This guide will show you how to optimize your website for search engine optimization.

The Wix Speed Test Tool

Wix’s Turbo Speed Test tool can help you determine if Wix Turbo made a difference on your website. It will check your Wix website like a regular visitor and provide insight into:

  • Your audience’s perception of your site
  • Loading time
  • It becomes visible
  • Animations and videos ready for play
  • Clicking buttons, menus and other interactive elements allows you to use them.

There are many site speed testing tools available, such as Google PageSpeed Insights. However, Wix’s test was specifically designed to evaluate Wix websites. The Google tool only focuses on when a site becomes visible. This test provides more insight. Wix, on the other hand, tells you when your website becomes interactive.

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What do I need to install Wix Turbo?

There’s good news! Wix Turbo users don’t have to install Wix Turbo. Any updates will be applied automatically to your website.

Keep in mind that you may need to take some steps to update an older Wix component. This applies to the old online store, blog or list builder. Wix has also stopped supporting the Flash Editor. Flash elements are being phased out by all major browsers. Wix has a tool that converts flash sites to HTML, so you don’t have to worry about that!

Wix Turbo doesn’t work well with the old HTML editor that is slowly being phased out. Wix suggests switching to the latest editor to enjoy all that Wix Turbo has.

How to Speed Up Your Website (Further).

Wix Turbo can be made even more efficient for your site by following a few simple steps. To ensure your site is performing to its maximum potential, you should follow these best practices:

Allow Caching

Most Wix sites automatically enable cache. You can disable it in the Wix editor. This is not a good idea. You can create a cache by using caching to store information when someone clicks on your site. This cache can be reused to speed up your website’s loading times if another visitor clicks on your site with a similar demographic profile.

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Caching allows your website to speed up its loading times by using temporarily saved information. Does this make sense?

Do not consume too much media

Your website should not contain too many images or videos. This type of dynamic content can significantly slow down your website’s performance.

Optimize your Images

Uploading images to Wix galleries is best done at their maximum size. This is not always the best for image quality or loading times. It is best to optimize your images before uploading them to Wix. Once you have done this, upload them to your website and publish them.

What is Wix Turbo Worth?

Wix Turbo, as we have already mentioned, is a free update for all Wix sites. This speed and performance boost is free to all Wix sites. You will need to sign up for one of the Wix plans if you haven’t yet. They range in price from $14 to $39 per month for website plans and $23 to $49.9 for business and ecommerce plans. Wix also offers a free package that is great for testing out its website builder features.

Are you thinking of switching to Wix Turbo

Website builders that load quickly are a great reason to use, especially if you have a competitive advantage. These are just a few of the many benefits of Wix that are worth noting:

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It’s easy to use:

Wix’s drag-and-drop editor is extremely intuitive. It’s easy to understand and you can create your website with one of the customizable templates in minutes.

Wix has a strong community and offers in-editor support. You can rest assured that you will receive all the support and guidance you need to create, launch, manage, and maintain your website. If you have any questions about an element click the help symbol and you will be taken to the documentation page.


Wix has some of the lowest pricing available on the market. The lower-tier plans are perfect for a portfolio or personal website.

Design Elements

Wix offers over 500 professionally-designed templates. These templates are suitable for a variety of purposes, including portfolios, personal websites, small businesses, informative websites, blogs, and websites that provide information. It’s easy with the visual editor to make your site unique using over 100 design elements.

Wix provides access to a collection of stock images that can be used to enhance your website. This is a great way for beginners and anyone who wants to quickly create a beautiful website.

Wix’s higher-tiered plan allows you to access your site’s CSS codes. This is especially useful if you are a coding expert and want to bring your vision to life. Wix’s capabilities may not be as advanced as those of its competitors if you are a web designer. Squarespace, for instance, offers a more advanced image editor.

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Wix’s App Marketplace will help you expand the functionality of your site

Wix’s app marketplace offers hundreds of plugins that you can install in a few clicks. Many of these plugins have been approved and tested by Wix and can be integrated seamlessly into your website. These extensions can be used to enhance the functionality of your site, allowing you to add an online shop, blog, social media integrations and many other features.

Wix’s Disadvantages

Let’s now look at the downsides.

It’s impossible to switch between templates

Wix templates are yours forever once you have chosen a template. Other website builders let you switch between templates without losing any of your content. This makes it simple to redesign your site or add new features. Wix makes it difficult to modify your template. You lose all your content and must start over.

You Can’t Transfer Your Website

The same inflexibility can be seen in the fact that you cannot transfer your site to another provider. If you do decide to leave Wix you will need to rebuild your site using your new platform.

Premium plans are only available for a single site

If you have one website, this might not be an issue. Wix is not designed for freelancers or agencies. They can only work on one website from their account.

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Certain important features are reserved for the pricier plans

This is a common complaint with SaaS providers – Wix is no exception.

It’s a matter of what price you are willing to pay for advanced features. Tracking and analytics, for example, require a premium plan. These are definitely worth the money if your business is serious.

Wix branding can only be removed if you upgrade to a paid service. This is a common practice in the industry. Wix’s free plan allows you to test their editor and see if the platform can create the site that you desire.

Wix Turbo – Our Verdict

Wix Turbo just one example of the many innovations Wix offers its customers. This new technology makes website loading times faster than ever, images are clearer and site uptimes more resilient.

We believe there is no downside to this upgrade and it’s completely free for Wix users. It’s also easy to set up. Wix Turbo is compatible with most sites.

This feature is a great addition to Wix. Wix’s core features and pricing are still the most important factors in deciding if Wix is right for you.

Although the platform has many benefits and is constantly evolving, it’s best for those who want a quick and intuitive experience. Wix is the best choice if you are looking for a simple website.

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If you are looking to create:

  • An online shop or blog that is more complicated
  • Advanced design features are required
  • You want to create a complex and sophisticated website?

Wix Turbo doesn’t provide enough reason to change providers.

We hope that you enjoyed this review. Please comment below to let us know what you think about Wix’s latest upgrades. We are looking forward to hearing from all of you soon!