Zyro Website Builder Review, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

Every business, including their grandmother’s, requires a website. So, if you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur without a website, you’re probably facing the daunting task of figuring out how to get started.

Designing your website from scratch may be an option if you have a web developer on your team. However, for most entrepreneurs, a website building solution is the most cost-effective way to create a professional-looking website.

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If you’ve read our blog, you’re aware that there are many website builders available, many of which cater to slightly different audiences. Today, however, we’ll be looking at Zyro.

Zyro is a free website builder that gives you all the tools to create a website and an e-commerce store in minutes. Zyro’s feature set is quite impressive, and it includes business management tools, selling capabilities, and even marketing tools.

With that in mind, check out our Zyro review to see if it’s the right website builder for you…

Zyro’s Background

Zyro is a versatile website builder that covers a variety of demands by combining online design, selling, maintenance, and marketing features into one platform.

Zyro likens itself to a Swiss Army Knife, providing a variety of valuable capabilities in numerous areas of online business management from the comfort of a single location. They offer a variety of tools to assist people in building their businesses both online and offline.

Individuals with personal brands, small local businesses, and professionals wishing to expand their network will benefit from Zyro. 

Zyro’s staff makes it a priority to keep ahead of the curve in terms of technology to provide users with the most up-to-date features and capabilities. This is especially true for entrepreneurs that want to use the most up-to-date web development technology. This prompted Zyro to create an AI writer (but more on that in a second).

And the cherry on top? You can get started right away for no cost!

The Basics of Zyro

When selecting a website builder, it’s essential to consider all available options. This will help you determine whether you have the potential to grow and expand in the future.

With that in mind, below are some of Zyro’s features:

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Websites Can Be Easily Created Using Templates

With Zyro, you can jumpstart your web design with a gorgeous template. There are 55 options to pick from (11 of which are for e-commerce), which are fully configurable. However, it’s worth noting that all of Zyro’s templates may be converted into e-commerce stores. All you have to do now is install their e-commerce option, and you’re ready to go!

You can customize the design by uploading your images and changing the copy to fit your needs. All of Zyros’ templates, it’s reasonable to say, have a professional, modern, and elegant look.

Furthermore, all designs are adaptable and mobile-ready, allowing you to rapidly construct a magnificent website that looks fantastic on any device, regardless of screen size.

Zyro provides customers with an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor that makes customizing templates a breeze. Drag your desired web element to the desired location on the page and drop it in place. Then you click on the component to continue editing it.

Newbie web designers will find it easier to get up and run with the drag and drop editor. If you’re a pro, however, it can feel very confining. If you fall into the latter category, you should look for a more advanced website builder elsewhere.

You may use Zyro’s editor to add the following items to your web pages:

  • Text
  • Images
  • Video
  • A feed on Instagram
  • Buttons for subscriptions
  • Icons of social media
  • Forms of communication
  • A map of the area
  • Buttons

For example, there are no possibilities for creating and publishing image galleries or slideshows. If the primary goal of your website is to promote excellent product photographs or your portfolio, this could be an issue.

The Grid Tool

Zyro’s grid tool allows you to alter your web pages for a pixel-perfect layout. As a result, you can be pretty accurate with your design. Elements simply snap into place, ensuring that everything is aligned correctly without requiring hours of difficult adjustment.

Free Images

Through Unsplash, Zyro gives you access to a photo collection with over a million license-free images. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on stock photos or hire a photographer to add professional-looking images to your website.

The Zyro Online Store

Designing and launching an online store is just as simple with Zyro. In principle, you should be able to begin selling within minutes. As previously said, there are 11 pre-built templates that you may utilize to build your online store. All of which may be changed using Zyro’s user-friendly drag-and-drop editor.

Every one of Zyro’s digital storefronts is safe and mobile-friendly. 

Furthermore, the platform’s ‘Buy’ buttons make selling straightforward. 

Users can easily add them to their product sites. If you subscribe to their eCommerce Plus plan, you can sell almost any place on the internet, including Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon.

Track and Manage your Inventory

The main dashboard of Zyro is highly user-friendly. You may add and manage your whole product inventory from here and categorize and monitor your items. This gives you complete control over your list.

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Multiple Payment Options

PayPal, Visa, Visa Debit, Credit Cards, and Master Cards are all acceptable payment methods.

Shipping Management

Zyro offers a variety of shipping management tools that make it easy to:

  • Look over your order history.
  • Keep track of your payments.
  • Keep an eye on the status of your shipment.
  • Send automated shipment updates to buyers through email.
  • On top of that, Zyro takes care of all of the paperwork for shipping, delivery, and tax.

Marketing Tools

Zyro provides the tools to create custom ads for Facebook and Google Shopping. These can help you expand your reach and target your targeted audience when done correctly.

Furthermore, their built-in reports make it simple to track your sales and the success of your marketing activities. You may even connect Zyro to Google Analytics to get more information on what’s working, what isn’t, what could be better, etc.

You can also sell gift cards and give discounts on your merchandise. These are useful for running promotions to attract website visitors to buy something.


Zyro has an SEO assistant built-in that will help you through updating your page names and descriptions so that they are perfectly optimized for SEO.

The AI Writer

Do you have concerns regarding your ability to create high-quality material for your website? If that’s the case, Zyro’s AI writer can help you. In minutes, your site will be filled with high-quality content. You may rest sure that every website text written by the AI writer is SEO-friendly and suited to your business voice.

It’s as simple as these three steps:

  • Write a few phrases describing your brand and the situation you require website copy. It’s enough to give a straightforward example.
  • Adjust the AI settings to define the length, creativity, and skill level of the material you want to create.
  • When you click ‘Generate,’ the AI writer will generate unique, SEO-friendly material for your website.

How does Zyro’s AI author deal with this?

It examines hand-picked text from your business to generate appropriate online content for your sector.

Please keep in mind that Zyro’s AI writer is still being refined. While it cannot (at this time) replace the expertise of a human content producer, it is a terrific beginning point for your text.

Other Features and Tools

In addition to the AI writer, Zyro offers several online resources that beginners may find particularly useful.

Here are a few examples:

The AI Heatmap

Upload a . Jpeg or.png image of your website, and the AI Heatmap will show you where the eye travels. The heatmap illustrates where accents and contrasts on your website pull the look using a color-coded scheme to call attention to these regions.

With this knowledge, you can better optimize your landing pages to bring visitors’ attention to your product(s) or call-to-action (CTA), which should increase conversions.

The Business Name Generator

Use Zyro’s business name generator to develop distinctive business name concepts. The best part is that this tool is available on their website for free! Type in a few terms related to your sector, and Zyro will provide a list of options.

Slogan Generator

A slogan generator is a free tool on Zyro’s website as the business name generator. It also works in a similar manner, which is unsurprising. Type in a single keyword related to your brand, and the AI tool will provide a list of slogan ideas.

The Logo Designer

Last but not least, Zyro offers a free online logo maker that combines your company name and motto with a basic silhouette or shape in a gorgeous layout. You have some design flexibility because you can change the positioning, typefaces, and icons with your logo.

Zyro’s Pricing

Zyro is a very low-cost website builder if you’re on a tight budget.

Every premium plan comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, and every payment tier includes hosting. However, if you want to try out Zyro’s significant features for a more extended period, sign up for their free forever plan.

The free plan includes everything you need to get started, including:

  • The bandwidth of 500 MB
  • Storage capacity of 500 MB
  • An SSL certificate is a type of security certificate.
  • Access to website templates created by designers
  • Branding with artificial intelligence

Assist with SEO

If you wish to create a personal website, the Website Plan, which costs $2.90 per month, is advised. If you only need a modest site with your logo and domain, this is the way to go. All premium plans allow you to modify your URL favicon, and the basic tier unlocks the following features in addition to those included with the free program:

  • 3 GB of data transfer
  • 1 GB of memory
  • The removal of Zyro’s advertisements
  • You have the option of connecting your domain.

The Business plan costs $4.50 per month and is the next option. It’s aimed at small businesses looking to expand their web presence.

You’ll additionally get the following features in addition to the ones listed above:

  • You can use Facebook Messenger’s live chat feature.
  • For a year, you’ll get a free domain name.
  • You have the option to sell up to 100 products.
  • Integration with Google Analytics
  • You may now add your Facebook pixel to your website.
  • Google Tag Manager can be used to integrate.
  • Remarketing tools for visitors

Then there’s Zyro’s Online Store Plan, which has seen a significant price increase and for a good cause. If you’re serious about selling online, this plan is a cost-effective alternative to other well-known ecommerce platforms. The majority of Zyro’s advanced selling features are unlocked here.

For $8.90 a month, you’ll have access to:

  • You can accept payments via the internet.
  • There are no transaction costs.
  • All eCommerce features become available.
  • You can get a variety of payment methods. You have the option of selling up to 100 products.
  • You may send out email alerts and set up discount coupons.
  • Complete order tracking is available.
  • Inventory, shipping, and tax management solutions are all available.

Upgrade to Zyro’s highest tier if you want to get a little more out of your online store. For $15.90 a month, you can get access to the Advanced Store, which includes:

  • You have the option of selling up to 25.000 goods.
  • Email marketing to recover abandoned carts
  • Your store can be presented in a variety of languages.
  • Zyro can be used to sell anywhere, including on Facebook, Instagram, and Amazon.

Zyro’s Customer Service

Zyro offers a customer service team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to answer your inquiries. If you’re not yet a Zyro customer, they recommend sending a message through an email app. It’s tough to get their contact information if you don’t have this app loaded.

You can message Zyro via its live chat widget, which you’ll find inside their editor once you’ve become a user. They’ll usually respond to you within minutes. Zyro also has a FAQ area, which is somewhat limited compared to other online support documents offered by competing website builders.

Pros and Cons of Zyro

A basic pros and disadvantages comparison are all you need to analyze the benefits of any software swiftly. The following are the key benefits and downsides of taking Zyro:

What Makes Zyro Unique:

Zyro is a great way to get a personal website online for a low price. You can get hosting, a domain, and a professional-looking website for a few bucks each month.

The eCommerce features offered by Zyro are among the most cost-effective on the market.

The Zyro team is always hard at work developing new tools and features. They use artificial intelligence (AI) to create parts that save you time and simplify website construction.

Using Zyro’s intuitive drag-and-drop editor to change a template makes it simple to construct and customize your website.

The templates from Zyro look fantastic and are all mobile-friendly.

Zyro’s desktop and mobile themes are also geared toward speed, resulting in high-performing web pages.

The Disadvantages of Zyro:

Customer service is only available after you’ve joined up, and even then, they only offer live chat and a tiny FAQ area.

In comparison to other builders, Zyro’s template selection is restricted.

For complete beginners, several of Zyro’s AI tools are helpful. However, the end effect isn’t as polished as a professional could do. 

Professional copywriting and logo designs should be considered by everyone serious about their business.

There is no built-in app store where you may install plugins to enhance your site’s functionality.

The number of integrations is restricted, and they are only available with premium plans.

Zyro is somewhat limited due to its grid architecture and few website features for design customization.

Is Zyro the Most Effective Website Builder for Your Company?

Zyro provides all of the essential features of a website builder. You can make a website in minutes using one of their lovely themes, and Zyro is economical if you’re only seeking to launch a personal website. It is one of the most affordable alternatives for the features it provides on the market.

ECommerce retailers can use Zyro to sell practically anyplace on the internet. The builder has some valuable capabilities, such as abandoned cart recovery and inventory management tools. Although Zyro’s range of abilities isn’t as comprehensive or robust as Shopify’s, small businesses may find everything they require there.

Overall, Zyro is a low-cost and simple solution. While they invest in innovation and strive to provide consumers with cutting-edge capabilities, you get what you pay for. Other builders can offer more features, better customizability, more store management choices, and templates for a more significant fee. Zyro is a beautiful alternative if you’re new to website building and want to get online quickly and easily.

If you’re unsure if this website builder is perfect for you, start with the free plan and see for yourself. There’s nothing to lose!