12 Best Wholesale Junior Boutique Clothing Companies

This article will help you increase your sales by listing the top 9 wholesale suppliers of junior clothing in the world, as well as tips on how to sell wholesale junior clothing.

Wholesale suppliers of junior clothing are an essential part of your business. They ensure that you have the best quality wholesale junior clothing at the best price and time.

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Why Wholesale Junior Clothing is a Good Idea: Statistics

Is it possible to start a wholesale junior clothing business?

There are many compelling reasons why wholesalers of clothing should invest in junior clothing.

* The only customers for junior clothing are Generation Z. This generation will reach 2.56 billion by 2020 and 98% of them have smartphones. This is a huge market to tap because of the rapid growth in e-Commerce.

According to Statista data, the overall trend in the US apparel market is positive. Market size is expected to increase by 2% between US$225 billion and US$285 billion (2012-2025), according to Statista data.

* A similar institution’s research shows that the global apparel market’s user penetration rate is 33.3% in 2019, and 44.0% by 2023. In this instance, the majority is of junior age.

There are many reasons for this.

1) The rapid global growth of middle-class incomes with high disposals

2) E-commerce operations are more accessible

3) Continued expansion and availability of the apparel market

4) Greater access to computers, laptops, and smartphones

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Due to the expected rapid growth of the wholesale clothing market, junior clothing wholesale is now a worthwhile venture. Don’t miss out. These wholesalers are the best in the world.

9 World’s Top Junior Clothing Wholesalers in China/US/UK

1. Chinabrands Dropship/Wholesale Junior Clothes Online

Chinabrands is the largest online supplier of junior dresses and drop-shipper. It supplies clothing, but also deals with other products.

It boasts the most extensive distribution network, with access to more than 200+ countries on all continents. Additionally, it has a large catalog of more than 500,000+ SKUs.

Why Chinabrands has been named the #1 wholesale supplier in the world?

Zero MOQ – Wholesalers, traders and distributors can open a store with no inventory.

Delivery – Customers’ orders are delivered within 24 hours of incorporation with the most reliable shipping firms and the efficiency their automated dropshipping tool.

CB points- What other supplier offers rewards for every purchase? Every member can earn CB points that can be redeemed at the next purchase.

High quality products- They have an extremely dedicated team of quality control officers who inspect each product before it is shipped.

2. Dhgate – Cheap wholesale junior clothing

It is a wholesale marketplace online for consumer goods and the largest supplier of Chinese products, with more than 33 million products on its website. They have access to over 230 countries and territories and more than 10 million customers.

Dhgate is the largest supplier of wholesale junior clothing. Dropshipping or buying in bulk is possible. They ship within 2-5 business days. There is no minimum order.

3. Walmart Junior Clothes

Walmart is the best wholesale supplier for wholesale clothing suppliers looking to source junior plus wholesale clothing below $5, junior tops and T-shirts, and junior summer clothes.

Walmart is a wholesaler and retailer that sells all types of products, both expensive and cheap. The clothing department can meet the needs of all customers. All orders over &35 qualify for free 2-day delivery. The MOQ conditions for each product category are different.

4. JDSports.com – Junior sports clothes

This wholesale sports clothing supplier is the largest for all ages. All the most renowned brands are available here. You will also find bags, sunglasses and fitness equipment in their stores.

Standard deliveries can be made within 3-5 days. There is no minimum order.

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5. Ami ClubWear-Cheap Junior Clothing & Trendy junior clothes

Ami ClubWear was established in Los Angeles in 2004. It is most well-known for its junior celebrity clothing. Their product line is limited, but they offer large quantities.

It is designed to supply junior clothing wholesalers with trendy and cheap clothes for female customers. The order processing time is usually within two business days, but delivery can take up to 4-5 business day.

6. Uclerstore

Most people associate Turkey with quality. Uclerstore sells clothing made in Turkey. This directory is both a wholesale business directory and a supplier of accessories and clothing.

It was founded in 1993 in Istanbul, Laleli. It takes 24 hours to ship and the product return policy is 7 days.

7. Etsy – Cute junior clothing

They are located in Brooklyn New York. It is known as the home of all homemade or vintage products. Etsy is the world’s largest supplier of cute youth and children clothes. It has thousands to offer wholesale clothing for all its suppliers.

You can ship products to any place and at a lower cost with its order fulfillment tools

8. eBay – Junior plus size clothing

It is a wholesaler worldwide of all types of junior clothing. The headquarters of the company are located in California, USA. Other product categories include furniture, consumer electronics, and jewellery.

Wholesale clothes are sourced from top designers and manufacturers across the globe. They usually deliver within 2-7 days.

9. CC Wholesale – Discount Juniors Clothes

CC Wholesale clothing is based in Los Angeles USA. They specialize in selling fashionable, affordable clothing. You will find a wide range of affordable clothes from reputable designers and manufacturers for your juniors.

There are many options for junior clothing, including jumpsuits, dresses, collar shirts and floral printed skirts.

CC Wholesale offers a 30-day return policy on products, a 8-12 business day delivery period, and a minimum order of $100

This company offers top-notch dropship services: unlimited access to all products, data feed access and priority orders processing

How to Buy Wholesale Junior Clothing

High returns are the key to business success. These are some tips to help you take your store to new heights.

* Size vs. Age

This is the most difficult trick to master. Customers expect clothes that fit their ages. Wholesale clothing for juniors plus should be clearly described and listed as an exception.

* Pricing

Junior clothes are often a little more expensive than adult clothes. There are many designers and manufacturers that make cheaper clothes, which you should have in your shop. The price of an item is determined by its value.

* Variety of design and brand

Different customers may search for different types of cloth, designs, or just one color. You have only one option to satisfy all of these customers: balance the stock and the variety.

* Marketplace

Which are your primary customers? This will determine what fashion and cultural preferences you will be selling. It is important to research the demographics of the buyers at your store.

China: Where can I buy wholesale junior clothing?

China is the largest market for apparel in the world, and it is easy to start a clothing business. These are the best places to wholesale.

* Shein

* TB Dress

* Rosegal

* Maxuce.com

Who are the best to wholesale junior clothing in the USA?

The USA has the largest number of youth, which presents a huge opportunity for wholesalers. These are the best people to wholesale junior clothing

* Trading companies or manufacturing, such as Duluth Trading company and Lands’ End

* Dropship suppliers like Chinabrands.com, Doba

* Clothes distributors such as wholesalecentral, Orange Shine

* Wholesale suppliers that include AliExpress, Dhgate and AliExpress

Where can I buy wholesale junior clothing in India?

India is not left out in the wholesale business of junior clothing and their market has grown over the years. These are the best places to wholesale;

* Surat Textile market

* Bara Bazaar

* Indiamart

* Shop4Shop

* Chinabrands

Where can I buy wholesale junior clothing in the UK

Many wholesale buyers are waiting to purchase your clothes. The best places to sell your clothes are those that have a steady market.

* Citygoddess.co.uk

* Wholesale Catwalk

* Luxurious Clothing

* Missi Clothing

* Stylewise Direct


It is hard to imagine how many junior clothing wholesalers advertise on the internet, social networks and billboards. How many can they sustain bulk orders for all junior clothing ages?

Any customer’s needs can be met by only the wholesale suppliers of junior clothing. They can fulfill all your requirements, whether it’s next day shipping, low or no MOQ, trendy junior clothing or junior plus size clothing.