15 Great Tips and Strategies for Dropshipping Beginners

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Top 15 Dropshipping Tips & Ideas

Don’t panic because you’re not lonely if dropshipping is new to you. It’s a relatively recent idea that helps company owners buy products from a wholesaler and directly deliver them to the consumer. This strategy removes the need for purchasing a physical storefront and bulk product. 

Here are the top 15 drop shipping tips from the pros to help you take advantage of this market.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Get a Shipping Partner

ShipBob does everything the FBA (Amazon Fulfillment) does, except it’s faster and cheaper. For picking, packaging, or warehousing, ShipBob does not tax. If that sounds too good to be real, their business philosophy is that they negotiate higher shipping volume-based prices, charge you just what will be the usual shipping price, and retain the difference. For all, they have a fantastic API and integration.

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Choose a Passion Niche

When starting, this is the first step, which is perhaps the most critical and can either set you up for success or doom you to failure. I’ve discovered that passionate/hobby niches fare much better than other places (after much trial and error). Let’s take Yoga vs. dining room tables into account, for instance. People are much more likely than dining room tables to be more optimistic about Yoga and items related to Yoga. In the end, this enthusiasm leads to more business prospects and repeat clients.

Light & Durable Is Better than Heavy & Fragile

Regarding what goods to sell by dropshipping, as long as there are suppliers around, you could easily be tempted to deliver just about anything that can make a decent profit. But note the dangers inherent with a dropshipping organization before posting pictures of those big vases or sculptures or those home theatre systems that you couldn’t believe vendors were selling at a low rate. When shipping an item, logistics should be one of your primary concerns, so it is easier to choose light and sturdy items instead of heavy and delicate ones. It’s also prudent to steer exact things that need more than essential technical assistance to set up, especially if you’re starting.

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Use Alternative Dropshipping Platforms

Aside from the usual channels for dropshipping, consider using alternate ones as well. We suggest that AliExpress be attempted. It has the same vendors in US places who still have eBay accounts. Since they don’t want to get penalized by eBay, they are usually quicker. Typically they have US associates and warehouses, and they have a tracking number for USPS. This can be provided to your client and offers them a Chinese foreign tracking number for better customer loyalty than supplying them.

Additional tips: Make sure to pick ePacket shipping while dropshipping from AliExpress, and make sure it is delivered via ePacket and not China Post. This is because ePacket can easily be tracked, and as it is mostly in Chinese, China Post is a challenging forum to traverse.

Start a Dropshipping Business with Oberlo

One of the main sites out there for eCommerce is Shopify. This gives you the freedom to personalize your online shop entirely and tailor your brand. It also has a free dropshipping marketplace of its own: Oberlo. With Oberlo, Shopify users gain access to a network of validated providers, guaranteeing the company’s protection. You will automatically start adding their goods to your shop when you find a supplier you need without managing the inventory. Best of all, with a store in Shopify, Oberlo is free to download. 

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A Dropshipping Business Needs a Strong Brand

The trick to useful dropshipping is to build a better reputation than your product. The error made by many dropshippers is clearly to list several incoherent items across many niches. Pick a place of products of the same look, sound, and quality. Product descriptions in the supermarket can then imitate the style of significant brand rivals. For example, if you sell men’s apparel aimed at the 18-25-year-old demographic, use the same type of product definition as Hollister. Only look to imitate the construction of the sentences and the adjectives. Crucially, use product and lifestyle photos in a carousel-style while using Facebook ads. You can build a good brand feel around drop shipped items with a well-designed store logo and frequent social media postings.

Sell Products You’re Interested In

The most widespread difficulty we have with dropshippers is that many look at it as a straightforward machine that gets rich and then tries to sell goods to which they have no emotional relation. As a consequence, their branding is not influenced by proper care and consideration.

A lot more popular are dropshippers who are excited about what they sell. Their enthusiasm comes out in attention to detail in their branding, photography, and thoughtful social media messages.

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Most notably, in both paid ads and organic social media, passion-driven dropshippers take the time to engage with their viewers. To get your audience to know, like, and trust your brand, prompt, genuine response and acknowledgment is essential. Instagram direct messaging is an absolute gold mine. It is time to identify your ideal audience using hashtags and to participate in actual, substantive conversations with them in the only currency necessary. Take an interest in them, and 10x more will be returned.

Make Quality Presentation of Your Merchandise a Priority

Not only focusing on the XML feeds provided by wholesale vendors, distributors, and other stores is one of the biggest dropshipping tips to consider. Usually, the details are repetitive, which will lower your conversion rate and bad for SEO when you deal with all the other dropshippers that use the same content for their shops.

While it can be a hassle and time consuming, it is well worth developing specific descriptions of goods tailored to the keywords you choose to rank with. When interacting with shoppers on an emotional basis, the product details should address characteristics and advantages. Humans are ultimately irrational, so that the emotional attachment will help a dropshipper take advantage of an individual’s inherent logical prejudices with a specific product explanation.

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Another recommendation unique to dropshippers is to look at the supplier’s picture quality; however, low-quality images can indicate that the supplier or the commodity is not up to snuff, but it is not always the case.

Establish a Good Retailer – Supplier Relationship

Many specifics must be sorted out with any supplier-retailer dropship arrangement for either side to see lucrative sales. Aspects being discussed include: How are the quality and data of the product handled, and how does it find its way to the retailer’s web? How is the inventory updated and synchronized to the position of the retailer? How does the provider receive the data as orders are placed? Who gets paid, and why, for what proportion of sales? Whose courier account is used on how products are ultimately shipped? What do returns get played with?

Dropshipping is a dynamic, multifaceted practice that inevitably suggests that data is continuously shared back and forth between distributors and vendors. The secret to success is to continually note that dropshipping is a partnership between seller and retailer, and both parties need good coordination, accountability, cooperation, and organization.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Attend Ecommerce Events

There is no better place to launch your journey through events such as the Internet Retailer Conference & Exhibition of e-commerce and dropshipping (IRCE). Attending involves learning first-hand from online companies already founded with deep experience in the dropshipping market. It’s also not going to hurt that you can network with trusted wholesalers and merchants with whom you can do business someday.

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Among the key reasons why you should be present at IRCE:

  • It caters to online businesses of all sizes
  • It’s not as expensive as it seems
  • Highly educational
  • Motivates your creativity
  • It takes away a lot of the guesswork in setting up your own business

Try A Product Specific Pricing Strategy

A wholesale dropship reseller knows that it is essential for company to put strategic items in an online store. More often than not, consumers decide whether to continue on your website in only a couple of minutes or to move on to the next one depending on what they see on your main page. Consequently, smart shop owners have introduced a featured product showcase segment on their home page where they present their most favorite items. Why stop there, though?

The next thing they can do after you have attracted the customer’s eye with your featured items is to compare the offer with other sellers. Many resellers settle for a simplistic pricing approach, ignoring that they will close the sale by delivering a more favorable price for their featured items. This pricing approach can initially sound like too much effort, such as featured product pricing or product-specific pricing. Still, it just takes a few minutes to execute while giving you a fantastic opportunity to maximize your traffic.

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When they realize immediate savings, consumers can add your featured items to their cart and then continue to add more product-related accessories to spread their delivery costs where you can make your extra margin.

Sell What You Know

Selling what you know makes sense is one of the best dropshipping tips, especially if your experience turns out to be highly in demand for creative goods.

In comparison, the beauty of getting the correct product information means you can take more of the guesswork out of your product range. It will demonstrate the confidence in the offers you deliver; up to the degree of customer support you will be willing to give, in how you display the product on your website. And because seller ratings are a significant driver in e-commerce, understanding your product well can raise the confidence of your buyer in your company and eventually draw more future buyers.

Get a Sample of the Product from Your Supplier

If you lose a small number of products, don’t hesitate to ask your supplier for a sample. Typically, vendors would be able to send you a preview of your product at a discounted cost. Getting a piece of your product offers you as an online vendor with several benefits:

  • It helps you to take a higher quality shot of the product
  • It allows you to compose an excellent product description by being able to experience the product.
  • It may be used for feedback on video products, advertisements, and other marketing materials.
  • It will allow you to see what it is like to shop from your store and, if necessary, make changes to it.
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Using your online shop to position your order, and make sure your order management system is smoothly aligned with your dropshipping company.

If you’re dropshipping several products, first ask for samples of your featured products and see if your sales can rise by using those samples to enhance your marketing materials.

Choose a Reliable Automated Dropshipping Solution

Typically, a dropshipping provider caters to more than one manufacturer, in the same manner as more than one supplier is often dealt with by a dropshipping retailer. It would help if you had a stable portal to manage the data-sharing practices between you and your counterpart, regardless of which group you come under. This is where automated solutions for dropshipping come in.

Based on the complexity of features it needs to deliver and the level of integration with other market instruments, platforms differ. You must do your homework and learn what choices are available on the market to adapt them to what the company wants.

Pay Extra for Shipping Insurance & Tracking Numbers

Until a customer’s kit is misplaced, it might initially sound like an unnecessary cost. There’s no way for you to recover the object without a tracking number and shipment insurance. You will have to take the unflattering criticism from your unhappy buyer, who will advise their friends and relatives not to use your service, aside from having to face the fact that you have just missed out on the expense of the merchandise. One of the useful tips to note about drop shipping is not to hesitate or to spend a little extra on these security essentials.

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Over to You

In reality, dropshipping is increasingly common with its strong sales potential and limited investment requirement. Company owners should note, though, that a lot of effort has to go into it for this enterprise to be successful.

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