22 Cheap Wholesale Suppliers for Branded Products

You are looking for suppliers who will wholesale brand products all over the world?

This comprehensive guide will list the top wholesalers that can dropship or wholesale branded clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Now, let’s begin our journey.

Today’s world is very different from the world of 10 years ago. There has been a huge rush to create branded products. Statistics show that today’s consumers are more materialistic and brand-loving.

Recent reports show that black Friday sales in 2018 were almost 80% higher than last year. This report shows how branded products sales have increased dramatically.

Wholesale branded products are a good option for any retail business regardless of industry or niche. This is because people are becoming more brand conscious, and this awareness will continue increasing which will lead to increased sales of branded products.

You, as a retailer, would also make more sales.

Wholesale Suppliers of Brand Name Clothing

1) Alibaba.com

Alibaba was founded in 1999. They are the world’s largest platform for global wholesale commerce. They have millions of buyers and suppliers around the globe. Alibaba makes it simple for anyone to do business in any part of the world.

Wholesale suppliers such as Alibaba can sell any name brand clothing. They give their suppliers all the tools they need to reach a global audience for their products. They assist buyers in finding products quickly and efficiently at affordable prices.

Alibaba offers 40 major categories, including apparel, machinery, and electronics. Alibaba has buyers in over 190 countries, and there are a lot trade days.

3) Magnolia fashion wholesale

Magnolia fashion wholesale offers the best in fashion to buyers all over the globe. This wholesale online fashion store is located in Miami. They offer easy-to-use global ecommerce platforms. Magnolia fashion wholesale gives their customers 24/7 access to their wholesale fashion collection.

So buyers can find the latest trends at the most affordable prices. We all know that fashion trends are constantly changing so they offer their customers the best fashion looks and styles.

4) Amazon

EBay is an internet wholesale site. You can order everything online in bulk. All at very affordable prices. Wholesale is available in a variety of products, including wholesale brand name shoes, designer handbags wholesale and wholesale brand watches. They connect millions worldwide buyers and sellers. This empowers people and creates economic opportunity for everyone. They offer many benefits to their customers. This platform is very helpful for purchasing products.

5) Emmacloth.com

EmmaCloth sells online wholesale. Their main focus is on fashion apparels, and they are eager to attract fashion-loving ladies. Emmacloth aims to provide fashion-forward pieces to its clients. Emmacloth also guarantees customer safety when shopping.

They have a wide selection of merchandise, including designer handbags wholesale, clothes and shoes. They make it easy for you to shop online without worrying about safety. You can get free shipping. You will also find great discounts and reasonable prices. You can also save shipping costs by having them shipped via air.

6) Wholesale fashion Square

Wholesale fashion square is an online wholesaler of cheap branded clothing wholesale. Most of their items are sold in packs of six. This makes it less expensive. They also offer the option to buy smaller bundles, such as three-packs. Customers are satisfied with the delivery.

They deal in wholesale cosmetics wholesale as well as other wholesale branded products. They offer all the fashion products you need to complete your fashion look at affordable prices.

Wholesale Suppliers of Handbags

1 Wholesale bags online

You may not be able to distribute the goods of some designer brands unless you have good relationships with them or their distributors.

There are high chances that the handbags you see in wholesalers might be counterfeit. Wholesale designer bags can be purchased. They sell authentic brand handbags.

2) Handbag fashion

Handbag fashion is known for its high quality products. Based on how many you purchase, the company offers discounted prices for designer handbags. The company will offer discounts up to 40% on large quantities.

You can expect your product to arrive at your door in between 1-5 days.

3) Rose wholesale

Rose wholesale is the largest online wholesaler of bags. Rose wholesale is known for its competitive prices. They offer a wide range of products and high quality.

They have shipped to more than 200 countries and received thousands of orders. Their products are dispatched almost daily. They offer rose wholesale at lower prices than other suppliers.

4) Alibaba

Alibaba was founded in 1999 and is now the most popular b2b marketplace. You can find the item you are looking for from their wide selection of products. Wholesale designer handbags are easy to find here.

Wholesale handbags with branded branding can be purchased easily from ailbaba. They offer a high quality product for their customers. The products are delivered within 24 hours of your order.

5) Choice Handbag

Choice bag is an online wholesale company. There are many bags to choose from, and they offer a wide range of products for different occasions. You can get 20% off handbags for women and 40% off other products.

Wholesale Suppliers of Accessories and Shoes

2) Shoenet.com

Shoenet is a wholesale brand of shoes. They sell wholesale shoes of name brands. Shoenet.com is a wholesaler of shoes. They specialize in wholesale flip flops, wholesale footwear, wholesale designer shoes and wholesale dress shoes for women.

You can find everything you need to start a wholesale shoe business here. This is one of the most trusted wholesale brands of shoes. You can also get it at very low prices.

3) Alibaba

Alibaba was founded in 1999. They are the world’s largest platform for global wholesale commerce. They have millions of buyers and suppliers around the globe. Alibaba makes it simple for anyone to do business in any part of the world.

They give their suppliers the tools they need to reach a global audience for their products. Wholesale name brand shoes are available here. Wholesale prices are available for a variety of shoes. This will complete your fashion look.

4) Merkandi.co.uk

Merkandi.co.uk, a great online wholesaler for shoes, is a great choice. It’s a platform for business to business. It is a platform where selling and buying can be done in an easy way. They deal also in liquidation stock, bankrupt stocks, and overstock.

They offer easy returns for wholesale products. They can help you buy and sell wholesale products at attractive prices.

5) Madeinchina.com

Made-in-china.com began in 1998. Made-in-china is a global wholesale company that sells wholesale branded products. It’s an e-commerce platform for business in China. They offer high-quality Chinese products. They sell wholesale shoes from top brands. They provide all information regarding the supplier for global buyers.

Made-in-china provides product information for approximately 27 categories and 3600 sub-categories. They also have their website in around 11 languages. This is a great advantage for buyers from different countries.

6) Yue Yuen

Yue yuen can be described as an online business. This group is the largest in China and deals in wholesale of outdoor, casual, and athletic footwear for top international brands. This group is the largest retailer network of apparel and footwear in greater China. This group offers a high level of support to ensure its customers receive the best quality and lowest prices. Promote their brands.

Wholesale Suppliers of Branded Makeup

1) Goldshiny.com

Goldshiny offers wholesale makeup of name brands. This online store sells branded makeup wholesale. They offer the highest quality products at very affordable prices. They are very responsive to their customers.

They sell all types of branded cosmetics wholesale, which is crucial to complete the fashion look for teenage girls and women. They offer easy shipping and exchange policies. This company will give you the best makeup look.

2 Shopcosmeria

Shopcosmeria has been a great choice for retailers. They deal in wholesale branded cosmetics. They are in direct contact with manufacturers. They offer their customers the best rates.

For their promotions, they also offer small samples to their customers. They offer fast shipping. The products will be delivered within 3-5 business days to Asian countries, and 7-10 days to America and Europe.

3) Asianbeauty.com

Asianbeauty.com also offers wholesale makeup of name brands. This is your guide to the best beauty products in the world. Wholesale branded cosmetics and skin care products.

They have the best wholesale brands products. You will also get the highest quality. They also offer the most affordable prices. They carry all types of makeup. This will provide all the necessary items for a female bag.

4) Eorupages.com.uk

Eorupages.com.uk sells wholesale products. They specialize in both cosmetics and skin care, for male and female. They offer business to business marketing services. Trade in B2B platform.

They currently have a database of approximately 2.6 million companies. They give full source information to their buyers. You can view their gallery to help you recognize products. They have a great import and export policy.


OHYMA was founded in 1921. OHYMA is a wholesale company that deals in cosmetics. They deal in domestic products like soaps and toothpastes. They began to create exclusive products like “Hechima Cologne” as the market matured.

It was founded in Japan. They are a market leader in the cosmetics industry. Wholesale is possible for a wide range of skin care and cosmetic products.

Wholesale Brand Watches Suppliers

1 Aash ford

They guarantee the product to be 100% authentic and offer a 2-year warranty. The best part is that they buy a lot of products, so they can get the best price. Wholesale designer watches and branded watches are easy to find.

Since 1997, Aash Ford has served over 10 lacs of customers. This is because they offer a great customer service. You can return your order if it’s not satisfactory in any way.

2 Watch Warehouse

Watch Warehouse sells only original watches. Their watches are of exceptional quality and they have a wealth of experience. They ship in one day, return your money within 30 days, no sales tax, and many more.

Tic distribution

Tic distributor is a top wristwatch wholesale distributor. Tic distributor has a strong reputation in the market and has been in business since 2011. You can order models from tick distributors or wholesale designer watches. You can also order a sample.

4) Inventory adjusters

It is a major watch liquidator for nearly all of the major brands. Since 1983, Tick distributors have been in business. They stock wholesale designer watches, thousands of other products and more than 100 brands. They have helped hundreds of thousands of customers online. They offer shipping discounts and ship the order the same day.

5) Alibaba

Ali Baba is a well-known online wholesaler. Here you can find branded watches. There are many brands available. They are part of one of the largest b2b platforms. You can find the wholesale brand watches that you want easily.

Do You Want to Wholesale Replica Branded Clothing and Accessories? What are the best places to buy bulk?

Wholesale replica clothing is possible. Everyone wants to be in the latest fashion. Some people can’t afford to buy the original. They buy copies of the original.

You will find too many websites selling replica clothing.

How can you get low-priced brand clothing for wholesale?

You have two options to find wholesale prices for branded cloths. The first is to search Google. You will find the lowest prices if you do your research.

You can also go to your local market to find the right pieces.

How can you wholesale products and rebrand with your brand name?

Some products are made in factories, then sold directly to retailers. The retailer can then make some changes, so if your order is directly from the factory, you can add your label.

How can you find the wholesalers behind well-known brands?

This is why you need to know the market. You can join the wholesalers’ community on Facebook. Subscribe to related magazines.