5 Top Custom Embroidered Patch Wholesale Websites

This post will highlight 10 top wholesale patches websites & suppliers of custom patches, embroidered patches, and other patches. We’ll also discuss the state of the wholesale patch market and common questions in the industry.

Let’s get started.

Why wholesale patches?

You did your research and looked into all options before you started as an entrepreneur. Wholesale distribution is a large part of the economy so it’s never a bad idea to enter this market segment.

Many people may ask why wholesale patches are important. It would be more expensive to specialize in one niche than in an extensive market, such as wholesale clothing.

Market growth and an increase in manufacturers responding to the demand for wholesale patches are indicators of the growing demand. Wholesalers of clothing want to personalize their products with T-Shirts and Golf-Shirts as well as hats and other fabrics.

According to industry analysis, 2018 showed that apparel companies love third-party companies for adding embellishments and embroidery. This is a positive sign for wholesale suppliers as the patches industry is closely linked to the manufacturing sector.

In 2018, the total revenue from commercial embroidery was $1 billion. This is an increase of 1.7 percent annually since 2013. This industry is in steady demand because of sectors such as the hospitality and administrative sector.

China Wholesale Suppliers of Custom Embroidered Pashes

1. Alibaba/AliExpress

Alibaba is the largest online retailer in China. Alibaba was founded in 1999 and has since expanded to more than 200 countries. Its 2015 profits and sales surpassed those of all US retailers. It is the best in terms of buyer protection and secure payments.

AliExpress is an online store that operates under the Alibaba Group. Alibaba makes use of this online retailer to expand its global presence beyond Asia. AliExpress connects buyers with businesses and has expanded to include affiliate marketing. Alibaba/AliExpress may be the right choice if you are looking for wholesale sunglasses that are safe and secure.

Websites selling wholesale custom embroidered patches in the US

Wholesale Patches

Wholesale Patches offers superior customer service and a user-friendly website. This website features hundreds of artists who work together to create the finest embroidered patches. There are many options for patch sizes, attachment methods and border styles.

Patch Superstore

The sample gallery at Patch Superstore has a wide selection of patches. Biker Patches are also available in Sport Patches. First Responder is also available.

There are also other products, such as custom challenge coins and baseball trading pins. You have many styling options. The thread color chart and style chart offer additional options. Prices are still very affordable.


PatchStop requires wholesale orders of $100 or less. To receive discounted rates, orders must contain a minimum number of three per item. This wholesaler offers genuine leather patches for customers. It is one the most affordable wholesalers, with rates as low at 0.40 per patch.

There are many patch types, including Biker Lifestyle, Military & Veteran and Country Flags. There are many sub-categories that fall under these categories and they are definitely worth looking into.

American Patch & Emblem Company

American Patch began in 2000 with the creation of embroidered patches. However, growth and customer demand allowed them to expand their product line and significantly increase their market share. Wholesale hand-embroidered bullion Crests, dye sublimated and blank woven patches as well as wholesale hand-embroidered bullion emblems are all available.

There are many types of patches, including shoulder, personalized and merit, jackets, iron-on, sewn-on, applique and more. There are many styles categories, including scout, school and martial arts, flag, football, bikes, band, police and many others.

Patch Addict

Since 2006, Patch Addict has been focusing exclusively on iron-on patches. More than 1 000 styles are available from the Austin-based company. Patch Addict sells patches that are embroided and is known for being the lowest priced online. Popular categories include Symbols and Flags, Find your Identity, Biker Patches, and Symbols.

You will find interesting sub-categories under “Find your Identity”, such as Knights Templars, Irish and Celtic, Sobriety and Political, and many others. Each category has its subcategories.

How to Find Wholesale Suppliers of Patches

It is not easy to find wholesale patch suppliers. Here are some tips to help you make it easier:

1. You can find the most reliable suppliers of wholesale patches in our directory. They are all verified to be safe and secure.

2. Google will allow you to type in your search terms as with other products and individual vet businesses. For example, enter the country or destination in the USA.

3. You can use popular online marketplaces like Aliexpress, Globalsource, Alibaba, Globalsource and Globalsource. These marketplaces connect you with drop shippers, wholesale distributors, and global online retailers.

4. Use wholesale directories such as the comprehensive SaleHoo, which lists verified distributors.

5. You can interact with other sellers and dealers by joining online forums like Warrior or Wholesale Forum.

6. Local trade shows featuring products from your industry will give you direct contact to wholesalers. This gives you an advantage because you can form an opinion regarding trust and quality of products.

7. You can source your products directly from the manufacturers, which is more cost-effective and will also eliminate the need to use middlemen.

8. Use personal and professional contacts who might be in the same industry or similar to you.

9. Depending on the product, you may find that your manufacturer has its own representatives who are happy to point you to the right place for their products.

10. Direct marketing can be done if you have the resources and help of a marketer. This allows you to buy from your competitors and resell for a higher price. However, this gives you an edge over your competition.

What are the Best Customized Wholesale Embroidered Patches Suppliers in the US

Below is a list of the top wholesale custom embroidered patch suppliers in the USA.

. Patch Addict

. American Patch & Emblem Company

. PatchStop

. Patch Superstore

. Wholesale Patches

You can also try these methods if you don’t like the websites listed.

Is there any supplier of wholesale custom patches for hats in the US

There are many options available for hat patches, including dhgate.com which stocks more than 190 types of patches. The best thing about dhgate is the free shipping.

What are the best distributors of wholesale blank embroidery patches in the USA?

Listings on wholesale sites like Alibaba and Wholesale Promotional Directory are available. You could also use one of our listings like American Patch & Emblem Company. You can also find blank embroidery patches on other websites like patchsupply.com or blankpatch.com.

What are the US Wholesale Patches Suppliers of Clothes?

A vendor like Alibaba or dhgate.com are great places to start your search for wholesale patches for clothing. Aliexpress and CBflabel.com are also great places to source patches for clothes. They specialize in different types of clothing patches.

What are the Wholesale Elbow Patches Vendors In The USA?

Chinabrands, Aliexpress and Alibaba are the top places to buy wholesale elbow patches

Is there a supplier of wholesale military patches?

Aliexpress.com as well as Alibaba offer wholesale military patches. Popular Patch, which has more than 1000 designs, is another USA-based supplier.

How can you choose high quality patches from the USA websites?

Customer reviews can be a great way to assess the quality of an online product. You can find customer reviews on a retailer’s site. The amount of sales could indicate satisfaction, especially repeat orders, if it is possible to verify.

You have a better chance of buying from a trustworthy seller if you make the right choice.

Is there a USA wholesale patch distributor that offers free shipping?

You won’t find an online platform that offers free shipping. However, they might be willing to negotiate lower shipping costs or free shipping for repeat orders.

Are there legitimate wholesale sites in the USA?

The majority of US websites are 100% legitimate, except for the one listed above.

Are There Any Leather Patches Available Wholesale?

Yes, it is. PatchStop is one of the most popular websites selling leather patches in America. It is also listed above.