Where to Buy Indian Clothes in UK, Malaysia, and China?

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for Indian wholesale clothing suppliers. This article will provide you with all the information you need about Indian wholesale clothing.

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Why wholesale clothing in India?

1. Market data

Indian fashion revenue reached $7.864 trillion in 2018. The revenue is expected to grow at 22.3% annually (combined growth rate between 2018 and 2019), and the market volume will reach $21.517 trillion by 2023.

2. Clothing is an essential human need and it is necessary to provide for them. You will find a wide range of fabrics in India. This is a large market and a lucrative area to find a wide variety of apparels.

3. This field will prove profitable for us.

This article will help you locate Indian wholesale clothing suppliers online (UK/Malaysia/China).

Wholesale clothing suppliers from India (UK/Malaysia/China).

Indian wholesale clothing UK

1. The Indian connection

One of the most established Indian wholesale clothing suppliers in UK is The Indian Connection. They deal not only in clothing, but also in other categories. They import their goods directly from India, and all of the buying is from small-scale Indian suppliers whom they have visited personally.

2. Andaaz Fashion

Andaaz Fashion began their journey in 2008 They are a pattern-setter in the international ethnic wear market. Our team includes skilled designers, traditional hand embroiders, and tailors. They are one of the largest Indian wholesale clothing distributors in the UK. They also run successful businesses in the USA, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, and Canada.

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3. The Namaste Journey

In 1997, The Namaste Journey began their journey as a supplier for Indian wholesale clothing UK. You will find a wide selection of Indian wholesale clothes, as well as great quality and incredible offers.

Indian wholesale clothing for Malaysia

4. Indian Colors

Indian Colors is your one-stop shop for all things Indian. Indian Colors strives to provide a pleasant and hassle-free buying experience for its customers. Indian Colors is a conscious effort to bring the power of fashion to customers with the most current and trendy Indian wholesale clothing.

5. Punjabi Fashion Malaysia

You will love Punjabi Fashion Malaysia’s vibrant, colorful Indian wholesale clothing online. The large selection of cotton textiles is available here. They recently sourced different types of natural cotton and fabric from all over the globe. They have a strong network of suppliers and designers from India, Pakistan, and Malaysia. Their focus is on ethnic Indian wear.

6. Vanitha Trends

Vanitha Trends, a wholesale Indian clothing company based in Kuala Lumpur was established in 2013. They offer the latest Indian fashions in Malaysia, as well as reimagined designs in everyday wear, party wear, and designer wear. VanithaTrends offers the highest quality designs with the greatest selections of traditional Sarees, Designer Sarees, Fancy Sarees, Party wear Sarees, Chiffon Sarees, Designer Sarees, Fancy and Designer Lehengas & add-ons, as well as Jude products.

Indian wholesale clothing China

8. Alibaba/Aliexpress

Aliexpress and Alibaba are two of the most popular Indian wholesale clothing distributors. The products are supplied by sub-suppliers mostly by Chinese manufacturers. You will find many items, including great deals on Indian wholesale clothes.

Sign up at no cost with AliExpress and Alibaba Explore your options and get started.

8. Dhgate

Dhgate is a global wholesale provider with over 30 million item categories, including Indian wholesale clothes at wholesale prices.

Dhgate offers free shipping on all purchases Orders are delivered in a different time frame depending on where they are located. Most orders arrive within 1 day.

Five key points to remember about Indian wholesale clothing

1. How to select a supplier of quality

Qualitative characteristics of suppliers who are quality:

  • Strong supply resources exist. This not only gives you a large supply of goods but also allows you to customize your clothing.
  • Guarantee product quality. These companies usually employ a professional quality inspector team to guarantee product quality.
  • You must ensure that you work efficiently. You may be offered services like after-sales service and logistics, or even powerful API technology that will help you run your business.

2. Variety of options

If you are looking for the latest models in Indian wholesale clothing, it is a great option to buy Indian wholesale clothing online. There are many options available and it is possible to find the right item for you.

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3. Shopping at a Cost

The rise of online shopping has led to many changes in the cost of goods and services. Online shopping is a great way to save money on rent and have multiple ways to keep your items in good condition. Online-exclusive outlets allow for lower costs and thus appeal to more customers.

Online shops such as Chinabrands and Andaaz Fashion will eventually become a reality. Many customers prefer to shop online because they are able to reduce the cost of products on-line.

4. Clothes Quality

Every consumer is focused on quality in the clothes they purchase. This is something that cannot be negotiable. Every new online customer has a strong innate fear that they will have to test and try the products before making a purchase.

A new solution has emerged in the rapidly changing online apparel market. Nearly all online fashion suppliers, such as Alibaba and Chinabrands offer refunds without any questions. There are no requirements for the item to be defective.

If the client receives the item but the material is not what they expected, they can send the package back and get a refund. This is one of the best achievements on the internet marketplace.

5. Shopping Comfortable and easy

Online shopping for Indian wholesale clothing allows customers to compare prices from multiple stores at once. A buyer won’t be able to shop in a mall if they don’t have the ability to open multiple tabs or look for the best.

It is hard for anyone to resist the tempting deals on the best and cheapest clothing. The customer expects a seamless shopping experience that allows them to access almost every product, make payments and feel comfortable. Many websites, such as Chinabrands, Indian Connection, Indian Colors and so on, provide customers with a comfortable shopping experience.

Which are the top online stores for Indian wholesale clothing?

There are many options, but Chinabrands and Alibaba are the best. They offer high quality, affordable Indian wholesale clothing as well as excellent customer service. Go ahead, buy the clothes you like.

Do you think it is a good idea for Indian wholesale clothing to be purchased online?

Yes. Online shopping is a great way to shop for Indian clothing. Online shopping will save you time and keep you up to date with the latest trends.

Where can I find Indian wholesale clothing in Malaysian?

Online shopping is full of options, but not all of them are good. You need to be careful when choosing a wholesaler to buy Indian wholesale clothing at a low price. Chinabrands and Vanitha Trends are some of the top online wholesalers for Indian wholesale clothing that ships to Malaysia.

Where can I find Indian wholesale clothing in the UK?

Chinabrands, Andaaz Fashion and The Indian Connection are three of the most prominent Indian wholesale clothing wholesalers in UK. You can visit their online shop to purchase the clothing you need.