6 Best WordPress Shopify Plugins With Pricing Details

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WordPress and Shopify are the two biggest names in eCommerce and online store website design. Each platform has its own features, so it can be difficult to choose between them.

Were you aware that these platforms can be combined to create the ultimate online store?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Yes, it’s possible! WordPress can be used to create a professional website that is easy to customize. Shopify’s powerful product management system and shopping cart can also be combined into one website.

WordPress plugins can help you achieve this. Shopify offers a variety of plugins that will allow you to integrate with WordPress your products and store. We will be looking at three of the most popular plugins for Shopify and how they can help your business.

Why Shopify with WordPress?

You might wonder, “Why would anyone want to use both Shopify and WordPress simultaneously to create an online store?” This is because you will need to maintain your website on two different platforms and also pay Shopify monthly subscription costs.

There are many reasons why you should consider this option. It is very easy to use. Shopify’s user interface is very simple to use. You can manage your products, taxes, payment processors and orders from one place. It’s also much simpler than many WordPress eCommerce plugins like WooCommerce or Easy Digital Downloads.

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Shopify offers a 256 bit SSL certificate. This means that even your WordPress website does not have SSL, Shopify will still be able to process orders and protect customer data.

The benefits of merging Shopify with WordPress

WordPress is a comprehensive CMS solution that offers many useful features to build advanced websites. However, it does not include pre-installed eCommerce tools. To enable eCommerce features, you will need to install several third-party plugins. Integrating Shopify with WordPress simplifies the process.

Modify the theme however you like

Shopify only offers a limited selection of themes that can be customized. You won’t have many customization options even if you purchase a premium theme. However, you can still use WordPress premium themes to customize the design in any way you want.

You can, for example, customize your homepage and product pages by using a theme that is built with a page builder.

It’s actually cheaper

Although it may seem difficult to believe, Shopify integration with WordPress is actually less expensive than creating a WordPress website using another eCommerce plugin.

WooCommerce, for example, is an excellent tool to build an online store. Although the plugin is free, you will need to purchase Add-Ons to make it more useful. Dropshipping costs $49, $79 for 2Checkout credit card payments, and $79 for the UPS shipping addon.

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Shopify costs only $9 per month if you select the Lite plan. It also includes all of these functions in one package.

All Your Data From One Dashboard

Shopify eliminates many of the tedious aspects of managing an online store. It allows you to manage them all from one dashboard. Shopify makes it easy to process orders, integrate credit card and PayPal payments, ship, manage taxes, and organize your products in one place.

Shopify WordPress Plugins

These mind-blowing facts will show you why Shopify is the best choice for your store:

  • It is the third largest eCommerce platform.
  • Shopify holds a 20% market share
  • It is found in approximately 175 countries.
  • The platform powers more than 800,000.

There are many plugins available and it can be easy to become overwhelmed. We are going to show you the top Shopify WordPress plug-ins for your brand. Are you ready? Let’s start!


ThriveDesk offers a modern, affordable and simple customer support solution that can answer customer questions, interact with customers, manage WooCommerce sales, and more. ThriveDesk is the best choice for small businesses that use WordPress. It can also be used as an eCommerce platform or a SaaS. ThriveDesk offers a shared inbox that allows you to manage all your WordPress integrations from one place. It also provides live chat support, knowledge bases, community support, reporting, and a lot more at an affordable price.

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HubSpot CRM

Look no further if you are looking for a plugin that can do everything and offers powerful features. HubSpot CRM makes it easy for you. It tracks, organizes, and nurtures leads and customers. It syncs your online shop data quickly and allows you to personalize it to fit your marketing strategies. You can also send emails to customers who have abandoned their carts. It keeps track of all interactions with customers, and allows you to create strategies accordingly.

SendinBlue to Shopify

Once you’ve found your leads, it is time to take action. An excellent email marketing tool is one way to accomplish this. Your chances of success are greater if you have more relevant contacts on your email list. This plugin analyses email statistics and segments contacts based upon previous purchases. It combines your lead and marketing strategies into one place, maximizing your potential benefits. We highly recommend this plugin for seamless integration.

SEO Plug-in:

Plug in SEO will take care of all traffic directed to your site. SEO is an important element in boosting sales. This plugin is well-acquainted with this fact. This plugin is used by Shopify stores around the globe. This plugin is your SEO assistant. It helps you better understand your strategies. It monitors your shop and alerts if there are any problems. This plugin includes all the essential elements of SEO, such as page titles and headings.

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Bundle Upgrade:

Upselling allows you to offer customers different options based on previous purchases. This allows customers to buy related products, which can help you make a big sale. This is a popular and proven method. It encourages customers to spend more by buying products that match the items in their shopping cart. You can also create custom bundles with just a few clicks. This plugin will help you increase your sales using powerful techniques.

Wishlist Plus

A wishlist option is a must for your eCommerce website. A wishlist can help increase your sales. It’s easy to set up and customize. It is intelligent and can provide you with reports and metrics on activities that have taken place on wishlists. You can use this information to modify strategies and increase sales. This information allows you to keep track of which products are most popular with your customers and helps them buy those products later. It makes it easy to improve the customer experience.

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shopify dropshipping store set up


Today, it is vital to have a strong social media presence. Customers want to feel connected to the company they buy from. These plugins can be used to keep your customers in the loop. It works by importing product images from social media and creating an album on your site. This gives your customers social proof, which makes them more likely to buy from you. It’s also customizable, so you have complete control over what pictures you choose.

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WP Shopify

WP Shopify plugin is very popular. This plugin allows you to connect your Shopify account to WordPress. It allows you to connect to your Shopify account and sync your products with your website. You can also add a shopping cart to your WordPress. This plugin is perfect for seamless integration. It allows you to customize your website according your preferences, and it includes many templates and filters. This plugin allows you to design it in the way that you want and makes it even more powerful!

Final thoughts on Shopify WordPress plugins

Merging WordPress and Shopify can be a great thing for your business. These plugins will help you manage your sales and make your customers’ shopping experience memorable. We hope you find this article helpful in determining which plugin is best for your brand. What are you waiting to do? These plugins will allow you to reap the benefits! We wish you all of the best!