8 Best Free Live Chat Apps for Shopify Stores

You’re here if you are looking to make a big investment in Shopify’s best live chat app. Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform. Shopify is easy to use and has many features that will help you succeed in the digital age. Shopify even offers an app marketplace that allows you to expand the functionality of your store.

There are many plugins available in the app marketplace that work with Shopify natively. There are many options, from inventory management tools to SEO solutions. We’ll be focusing on live chat, which is one of the most common functions for customer service.

Customers expect live chat on websites from more than 41%.

Shopify allows you to communicate with customers through live chat.


Let’s begin with the most well-known and widely used Live Chat option. LiveChat, the best software to connect with customers and is used by over 32,000 companies including Adobe, PayPal, McDonalds, and others.

LiveChat is extremely customizable and simple to use. LiveChat allows you to design your chat widget using your brand colors. You can also qualify leads with custom AI chatbot forms and automations. And, even showcase your products through stunning chat-based cards.

LiveChat offers reporting and analytics tools that will help you track and improve your ecommerce performance. LiveChat’s best feature is the ability to mix human and artificial intelligence interactions. Start by helping customers with a chatbot, and then allow your client to escalate to a team member if they need it.

LiveChat offers a wealth of insights and analytics. LiveChat offers everything, from agent activity tracking to live dashboards, ticket management and much more. Agents working for your business will also have access to various management tools, such as smart or manual chat routing, work scheduling, and more.


A 14-day free trial is available. You don’t even need a credit card. The cheapest plan is $16 per month for each agent, if you pay annually. Next comes the $33 package per month. The $50 most expensive package per month is available at $50. You can also request a quote on an Enterprise package. You get more chat options, such as Apple Business Chat or SMS, for the higher price. Analytics are also better with more expensive packages.


There are a lot of conversation options available on omnichannels

Artificial intelligence and interaction between human-agents

Integrations with many tools, such as Shopify

Beautiful customization elements

Extensive monitoring of the site and ticketing


Can get expensive for beginners

Best for

LiveChat is the ideal choice if you are looking for an integrated omnichannel messaging platform. This service is reliable and ideal for tracking the ROI of your campaigns. You can even customize your chat to suit your needs.


HubSpot’s livechat software is especially appealing to smaller businesses because it allows you to unlock the features immediately without spending any money. HubSpot makes it easy to connect with customers. It integrates seamlessly with your CRM and allows for powerful backend tracking. It is easy to use your chat system with the well-designed interface.

HubSpot integrates with many tools including Shopify, Facebook and EventBrite. It is a great choice if you are looking to provide consistent messaging across all channels. HubSpot gives you access AI chatbots that you can use for customer service. If you already have a pre-programmed bot, there is no need to hire an agent.

HubSpot is compatible with many smartphone apps and allows you to keep the conversation going with customers on any channel. It’s easy to customize the chat widget to reflect your brand, and you can also use routing strategies to help send conversations to the right people.

Back-end tracking and integration with CRM allow you to have a more personal experience when talking to customers. You don’t have to ask your clients to repeat themselves.


HubSpot offers a free chat plan that lasts forever. This is great for small businesses. You will have to accept HubSpot’s ads embedded in your chat widget. This might not be for everyone. You can unlock a premium version of live chat when you upgrade your HubSpot functionality, such as the marketing and sales hubs.


People on a tight budget can get a forever free plan

Integration with your CRM

A wide range of powerful external features are available

Access to customization options

Integration of AI and human agents


Can get quite expensive

The free plan: A few basics

Best for

HubSpot’s free forever plan is a great option if you are looking for basic chat software that integrates with your CRM. There are limitations on what you can do with the basic package. The live chat option is perfect for you if HubSpot already has other functions.

Tidio Chat

Tidio is a tool that helps you build your Shopify store. This product is used by more than 300,000 customers. It’s ideal for delivering large-scale conversations through chatbots and human agents.

Tidio Chat was designed with ease-of-use in mind. It offers clients a wide range of tools to reach clients including email integrations and live chat. There is also a backend environment that allows for the tracking of discussions. You can embed chatbots that can send you pre-defined messages. Tidio allows you to automate many interactions when selling more.

Intelligent insights allows you to see what clients type in real-time and offers a variety of customization options to make sure you are promoting your brand in the best possible way. Tidio can also connect to your marketing email so you can communicate with clients via various media effectively.

Integrations are more than just Shopify connections. To track client conversations, you can connect to all sorts of third-party software applications. Access to multiple languages for global interactions is also possible.


Pricing begins with a free forever plan that includes essential chat functions and mail features for small businesses. Chatbots and communicator technology start at 18 euros per month as you upgrade. Chatbot gives you access your AI bots while Communicator allows you to see more of the backend conversations. You can also add on options such as email marketing, which costs 10 euros per month.


Fantastic forever plan for free

Great integration options

Many options for tracking and insight

Email marketing can create great connections

For reaching your clients, create custom AI bots


Accessing all the extras can be costly

Best for

Tidio is a great choice for beginners. It offers unlimited free plans and an incredible set of additional features like integrations and add ons. Tidio is the perfect choice if you want to provide excellent customer service via more than Facebook Messenger.

Shopify Chat

Shopify Chat is the best option for live chat support, if you are a Shopify customer. Shopify Marketplace offers the solution for free. Shopify Chat’s best feature is its simplicity. It takes just minutes to get your new customer service strategy in place. You’ll see your customer relationships grow the more you use it.

Shopify Chat links to Shopify Ping so that you can share products and give customers the option of making purchases. Shopify Live Chat offers tons of functionality, depending on which mode you select. Live chat allows you to customize your system and give real-time feedback on frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Shopify Chat includes access to the Kit virtual assistant. This assistant allows you to respond to customers quicker, send emails faster, and keep customer conversations going. Automated customer order lookup allows you to find client details and provides convenient status and tracking options for self-service.


Shopify Chat is a great tool for those who already own Shopify stores. Shopify Chat is free to download. Shopify Chat allows you to quickly jump into new chat functions with your Shopify store. To get started, you will need Shopify Ping and a Shopify Store.


Shopify customers get free access

Clients love mobile-friendly design

Installation is quick and simple

Integrates with different channels

Shopify Kit Support and Shopify Ping


Comparable to other apps, this app is quite basic.

Customer information is not saved

Best for

Shopify Live Chat makes it easy for customers to start using the Live Chat service. With minimal knowledge of Live Chat, you can quickly get started and offer customers incredible online experiences.


LiveAgent, a proactive and easy-to-use tool that augments things like Facebook Messenger conversations with customers of your online shop, is proactive. LiveAgent is more than a Shopify app. It’s a complete ticket system. This ensures that every customer’s request and question will be addressed. No matter what platform your customers use to contact you, their conversation turns into tickets and remains in an inbox universal.

Agents can access your tickets via the internet, android or iOS phones. You can also use the built-in CRM to provide better customer service. You have access to tons great features when you sign up for Live Agent. Shopify’s chat app is one of the best. It offers multi-language support and tracking for multiple conversations at once.

LiveAgent can help you connect with customers right away to decrease cart abandonment, or just answer your questions before you checkout. Integrating with other tools can increase your conversion rate.


LiveAgent pricing can be a bit more expensive than other live chat tools because it offers omnichannel conversation ticketing and full ticketing. Basic features can be accessed through a free plan. Premium options are available at $15 per agent/month and go up to $29 per agent/month for more features.


For beginners, there are no fees

Multilingual support

Omnichannel customer service management

CRM Integrations and Analytics

System for ticket management that is seamless

Software that provides full helpdesk support to help increase sales.


For a beginner in ecommerce, it may be too expensive

It can be costly

Best for

LiveAgent makes it easy to track clients and improve customer satisfaction at every stage of client interaction. LiveAgent allows you to provide assistance at every stage of the process, from discovery to checkout.

Zendesk Chat

Zendesk is a well-known tool for customer service workflows. Zendesk offers everything you need, including automated popup triggers, offline forms, routing for the chat box, and a custom chat button. Shopify’s live chat app can also be used with other CMS systems such as WordPress, HubSpot and Wix.

Zendesk’s unique feature is its ability to track the pages that your customers are visiting at any given moment. You can either start a chat in order to increase sales or wait for shoppers to message you. A mobile app allows you to reply to chats.

Zendesk is great for multi-channel conversations and marketing automation. Zendesk allows you to bring conversations from Facebook pages and other places into one space. Shopify store owners have a fully user-friendly environment that allows them to cross sell, upsell and support customers. Analytics and reporting are included, as well as custom welcome messages and user-friendly personalization.


Zendesk, unlike other chat apps is a leading ticketing system in the industry with tons of additional features. It is more expensive than what you would expect for tools such as tawk.to or WhatsApp. Each chat feature can convert more visitors to your website. Prices start at PS39 per Month


Access to omnichannel channels and social media

Mobile agents can use apps

Chat history and routing extensive

Analytics and reporting

Assistance for abandoned carts

Full ticketing system


It can be very expensive

Chat is not enough

Best for

This product is for you if you are looking for something more than the Shopify app’s basic tools. This product will allow you to delight customers and track their conversions.

Choose Shopify’s best live chat app

There are many options available, whether you need a simple chat system or a full-featured ticketing system. Numerous live chat solutions are compatible with BigCommerce, WordPress, Shopify and other platforms. You can also customize the software to enhance your brand’s relationship. There are many other options, such as Gorgias or Chatra depending on your specific needs.

Before you invest, try out some of the features of your favorite live chat app. Many options come with free trials even if they don’t offer a full service. Keep in mind, however, that live chat is not enough to provide a competitive customer experience.

Although Live Chat can strengthen your customer relationships, it is best when it is linked with things like ticketing or CRM management.