8 Best Wix Alternatives for Website Building

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Wix is a great site-building solution.

Simplicity with an intuitive user interface makes it easy to design your site. Versatility allows you to create many pages in different styles. Wix also offers a variety of ecommerce templates and themes.

Wix is not for everyone, however, and it may be attractive. Wix offers a state of the art drag-and-drop interface, beautiful templates, and an excellent app marketplace. However, Wix doesn’t offer other features such as the lowest price model or scalable services for larger stores.

Top Wix Alternatives

You’ve reached the right place if you have seen beyond the Wix website builder hype and are looking for something more. We’ll be discussing some Wix alternatives today:

Let’s begin with the basics before we get started.

Wix is a leading solution for companies who need modern templates for sleep. These templates can be customized in a variety of themes to suit a wide range of industries including portfolios, hotels, restaurants, and many other businesses. The pixel-perfect editor allows you to control every element on your page. Wix also offers a wide range of apps that can be used to enhance the functionality of your website.

Wix also comes with automatic site backups, which we love. If you need to, it’s simple to go back and retrieve an older version of your website.

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Wix isn’t the most affordable option, but you can choose your template only once. Once you publish your website for the first time you cannot change to another template without losing all your content. If you wish to sell products on a large scale, there are some eCommerce limitations.

Wix is a flexible website builder that allows you to do a lot with your design freedom.

Wix Alternatives Best for Building Websites

Your goals will determine the Wix option that is best for your online shop. A website building service is better than an eCommerce solution if you are looking for features such as SEO, blogging, and small business advertising. There are differences between them. We’ll show you the best Wix alternatives to building websites.


Squarespace is an established provider of web design solutions. Squarespace offers many benefits, including the ability to purchase your own domain and connections to social media. Squarespace templates and themes are modern and sleek, just like Wix.

Squarespace is also a strong blogging platform, with similar features to WordPress.com. Squarespace offers excellent customer service, something that isn’t offered by any other content management system or CMS provider.

Squarespace is best for: Squarespace is the best Wix alternative if you want a website that looks professional and was created by a professional developer. If you are looking for something great for blogging, Squarespace is better than Wix.

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Squarespace pricing: Squarespace prices start at $12 per Month, and go up to $40 per Month if you pay annually. You get more features the more you pay.

The Personal Plan is $12 per month and is available for personal websites only. It is the cheapest plan. This plan cannot be used to sell online. However, you can still use Squarespace’s other features like the custom domain support and robust templates.

You can sell online if you upgrade to the $18 per-month Business Plan. However, you won’t be in a position to manage a large store. Squarespace Business is best for people who only sell occasional products.

The $26 monthly Basic eCommerce plan is better suited for full-fledged online shops with mobile-optimized checkouts, integrated tools for customer management and accounting. You can also opt for the Advanced Plan, which costs $40 per month and includes abandoned cart recovery, gift certificates, and other features.


A wide range of templates and designs available

There are many options for pricing.

Fantastic blogging platform for people who wish to get away from WordPress

Outstanding customer service and support

It is relatively easy to use


It’s not the most expensive product on the market, and it doesn’t come with a free plan.

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To look amazing, you need a lot of professional images.

Could load much faster


If you are looking for business websites, Weebly may be the best choice among Wix alternatives. Weebly offers a lot more storage and many additional features that make it a great choice for business websites. Wix has a large number of third-party integrations and open-source applications, but Weebly comes with all the features you need. It’s great to be able to add plugins to Wix. However, this can increase the price.

Weebly allows you to keep costs down by adding forms, photo galleries, and email marketing capabilities to your website. Weebly is a great choice if you want to save money on your website. Wix has a steeper learning curve than Weebly.

You will need to learn how to use each component of Weebly before you can feel comfortable creating your website. Weebly has excellent customer support. This includes live chat and phone chat as well as email and community guidance.

Weebly is the best Wix alternative if budget concerns are a concern. You can concentrate on your business and increase your profits by keeping costs low.

Pricing: Weebly has a variety of pricing options available for online stores and websites. For example, the pro plan starts at $12 per monthly and includes features such as SSL security, unlimited storage and SEO tools.

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Upgrade to the Business plan at $25 per month and you will get all the functionality of Pro, as well as additional features like inventory management, integrated Facebook ads, shipping labels, and inventory management. The Business plan on Weebly is $38 per month. It includes features such as real-time shipping or abandoned cart emails.


Weebly’s drag-and-drop editor is easy to use

A good selection of features to look at

You don’t have to purchase extras because everything is already included.

If you have many pages, multiple navigation levels are possible

It’s great for affordability


There is no versioning so mistakes can be rolled back

Templates are extremely rigid and don’t allow for much customization

It doesn’t work for large websites.


Squarespace is one of the most popular Wix alternatives, but Squarespace can’t compare to WordPress.com. WordPress is the most popular solution for people who want to rank their business on Google. WordPress.com is a better option than WordPress.org for bloggers because it offers more flexibility.

When building your eCommerce website, it is worth noting that WordPress.org isn’t a website builder, but is the ultimate platform. WordPress.com is not the traditional HTML website builder, but it allows you to create a stunning site with ease.

WordPress.com was clearly designed for blogging. This is evident in every aspect of the tool. It’s better to find a website that is highly customizable and focuses on content than you are looking for.

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WordPress.com offers everything you need to communicate with customers via content. This includes an RSS feed and the option of building additional display categories and analytics.

WordPress.com is the best choice among Wix alternatives if you are passionate about blogging and search engine optimization. It’s the most popular website builder for content market, and it’s also surprisingly simple to use.

Pricing: WordPress.com has a different pricing structure to what you are used to. Hosting starts at $3 per month with templates that come with their own costs. Every purchase of WordPress includes different fees.

Access to WordPress is all you need. However, you won’t be able do much with your site that way. To get your business online, you will need a custom domain.


Software is available for free and helps keep costs down.

All features of your website can be easily and scalable controlled

There are many templates and plugins to help you grow your website.

Great SEO and content management are also great.

WordPress makes blogging easy


Installation can be difficult and require a lot of learning.

You need to take care of your security and maintenance

If you are having problems, there is no support

GoDaddy Website Builder

Although GoDaddy is best known for its domain name registration services, it also offers a website builder that has received positive reviews from the internet community. The GoDaddy Website Builder is a great option for beginners, even though it doesn’t offer as many templates or themes as other options.

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GoDaddy offers a free 30-day trial of their website builder. To get your website up and running, you don’t have to provide any information. This is a great way to try out different features. There are also a variety of marketing tools, including pop-up boxes, email newsletters, and other tools.

GoDaddy’s feature set is limited compared to other sites, but it does offer some benefits. If you aren’t sure what type of website you want, AI can help you create it. GoDaddy also has an integrated online appointment feature that makes it easy to add bookings on your website. Your clients can also receive email and SMS notifications.

GoDaddy is the best website builder for beginners. It’s mobile-optimized and easy to use. GoDaddy is also impressive for features like appointment forms and AI integrations.

Pricing: GoDaddy offers a few pricing options starting at $4.99 for the basic plan. If you need an ad-free website, this is the best service. Upgrade to the Standard service for $6.99 and get a PayPal integration.

Upgrade to Premium to get access to email marketing tools and social media integrations, plus a faster site speed for $10.99. You can get features such as credit card payment and abandoned cart recovery.

Unfortunately, the domain name is not included in your purchase. You will need to add it separately.

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Many additional features are available, such as appointment scheduling

Simple to use, with a well-structured editor

Smartphone responses are possible with good layouts

Performance without advertisement


Basic features for blogging

Editor layouts are extremely limited

There won’t be a lot of customer support.

The Best Wix Alternatives to Ecommerce

You can find a solution designed to increase your online sales by looking at the options below.


Shopify is one of the most widely used ecommerce platforms. Shopify is an ecommerce platform that allows you to create a store that appeals to a wide range of customers and offers endless opportunities.

Shopify allows you to sell digital products and services. Dropshipping is an option that allows you to bypass the hassle of ordering fulfillment. Shopify offers a user-friendly environment that allows you to build web pages from scratch in just minutes.

If you want to enhance the functionality of your website, there are many plugins and extensions available.

Shopify is the best Wix alternative for people who are heavily focused on selling and ecommerce. Shopify is the right choice if you want to provide a seamless transactional experience, from start to end.

Pricing: Shopify offers a variety of pricing options, including Shopify Lite, Basic Shopify, Advanced Plan and Shopify Lite.

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Shopify Lite is the cheapest plan, at $9 per month. It includes social media integrations, embeddable buy buttons, and access to other features. Basic Shopify costs $29 per month and allows you to sell unlimited products. Here you can also recover abandoned carts.

The central Shopify plan is $79 per month. It offers many additional features such as reporting and gift cards options. Advanced Shopify is available for $299 per month. This allows you to receive real-time carrier shipping.

Enterprises who want to have access to highly scalable sales options can also opt for Shopify Plus. These prices start at approximately $2000 per month.


High-powered servers for your store’s operation

Interface is clear and simple to understand

Integrated SEO features to improve your Google rank

POS App for Offline Sellers

There are thousands of plugins and integrations available

Excellent loading speeds

Amazing customer service


There are very few customization options

Plugins that add extra functionality could prove to be costly

Transaction fees are a problem


BigCommerce is another popular alternative to Wix for people who are committed to selling. Big Commerce allows you to create a simple website. You can also add additional functionality with the rich feature set. BigCommerce’s drag-and-drop builder makes it easy to use.

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BigCommerce does not charge transaction fees like Shopify and premium plans are available to reduce transaction costs. You will still have to pay the extra costs associated with adding an add-on such as Stripe or PayPal. BigCommerce is a great alternative to Wix for business owners who want to grow.

BigCommerce is best for: BigCommerce is great for growing businesses that want to sell on Amazon. Although there aren’t many widgets or apps available, you don’t need to worry about any external functionality.

Pricing: BigCommerce offers a few pricing options. The Standard plan starts at $29.95 per month and gives you unlimited bandwidth and products. If you wish to access real-time carrier shipping or abandoned cart saving modes, the Plus plan costs $79.95 per month.

The Pro plan costs $249.95 per month and allows you to manage more sales. It also includes dedicated SSL certificates and customer reviews from Google. If you make more than $125,000 annually, the Enterprise plan is available.

BigCommerce’s greatest asset is its ability to access advanced reporting and priority support for a higher price.


Business owners get an all-in-one solution

There are many tools that can power your online shop

A wide range of premium and free themes are available.

A great commitment to maintaining high uptime

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Support for new customers and cart recovery


Shopify does not offer unlimited support for products or sales.

Premium plans can be very expensive

Some features are only available in the US.

Square Online

Square is the brand behind Square Online Store. This company is known for its amazing point-of-sale solutions.

Square offers a great eCommerce store service when you sign up for a plan. You get everything you need to create a functional website that is easy to use with minimal coding skills.

The Square store also offers a number of benefits, including the fact that it is free to use if your Square account already has the Square technology. The Square offers everything you need to support both online and offline sales.

Square offers many features, including a free URL and unlimited hosting as well as inventory management and tracking at the back end. You can access all themes for your store from within Square. There are also advanced reporting tools. It is also great that Square integrates seamlessly with other products.

Best for: If you are looking for something equally great for offline sales and online selling, we recommend Square. Square is easy to use and requires very little programming or time investment.

Pricing: Square Online offers a free plan and a domain. This means you only have to pay transaction fees of 2.9% and 30 cents. You can also choose the Pro plan at $12 per month or the Performance plan at $26 per monthly if you require something more. A Premium package is also available for $79 per month.

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The Professional Package includes additional features such as site statistics and marketing capabilities. Premium offers third-party integrations.


It is easy to use and intuitive in the back-end

Many features, including inventory management and reporting.

It’s great for online and offline sales

Small businesses can get started with a website builder free of charge


Transaction features quite high

If you are not a Square user, you may be missing some advanced features


Volusion, which is an alternative to Wix, offers many of the same options as those we have already mentioned. Volusion provides a great user experience, with a clean inventory and many additional payment options. It also has a lot of amazing analytical tools.

Although Volusion’s themes look great, they’re not as elegant or as simple as those found at Squarespace. You can select a template that is specifically tailored to your industry’s needs and expectations.

Volusion’s best feature is its ability to change templates as you wish. This allows you to mix up the look of your store with your business and changes without having to worry about changing content. You can also sell anywhere with integration to Amazon and eBay.

Volusion is the best choice for selling physical products online. Volusion has many eCommerce features built in, so it is great for people who don’t know HTML or coding.

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Pricing: Volusion offers a variety of plans starting at $29 per monthly for stores that don’t sell more than 100 products. The Professional plan is required if you are looking to make more than $50k per year from your store. This plan is $79 per month, and you can sell up to 5 000 products.

The Business package costs $299 per month. It covers up to $500k in annual sales, depending on your needs. This plan includes a variety of professional features such as priority customer service and 15 staff accounts.

Volusion Prime plans come with a customized price tag that can be tailored to your business. All features of the Business plan are included along with VIP support.


PayPal support is available for many payment gateways

Secure SSL Certificate Paid with Control

Offers suggested products built-in

A wide range of stylish themes available

It doesn’t require programming knowledge


You can’t sell digital products

It doesn’t come with any blogging platform

Which Wix Alternative is Best for You?

Today, there are many options for setting up an online presence. These include WooCommerce and WordPress, as well as Squarespace and Shopify. There is no website builder that will work for everyone.

You have many options, whether you are looking for a website builder that can create a mobile app, an immersive back-end, and a complete website, or just one that focuses on eCommerce.

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WordPress.com is our top choice for bloggers. It’s great for SEO and blogging, and even has eCommerce functionality with plugins such as WooCommerce. You will need to source your web hosting. You might choose Weebly for its simplicity and affordability. This is a great option for beginners who don’t need to do much online.

ConvertKit is a great option for those who know their way around CSS.

We recommend Square to companies that sell offline and online. It has excellent POS functionality, and offers free access to an online store. Shopify, on the other hand, is the most popular choice for those who want to sell online only. Shopify lets you sell anything, from software to dropshipping products.