9 Top Most Profitable Dropshipping Niches with High Profit Margins

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Last Updated on September 20, 2020

This guide will present all you need to know in 2019 on the best products for dropshipping.

In 2019, drop shipping is among the hottest online companies. In addition to being easy to start, it is almost free.

Just create a business for e-commerce, import the products on your site from a less expensive shopping platform and start marketing them on social media and search engines.

Easy, right?

Yes and no. For simple reasons

Like all other online companies, success depends on a niche selection. Your niche determines the performance of your business. Search therefore always for low competition, yet high search volume products for shipping. Otherwise, you can choose the trend wave and go for items that sell for some time, like hot cakes.

While shipping will not be a magically fast way to succeed, if you have reasonable choice of top-down shipping items or the right shipping ideas, it is an extremely easy and affordable way of receiving orders.

The reality is that in order to be successful in e-commerce, you need three things: the best items to sell, the ability to promote them and the motive to succeed. Eventually everything will end up with how much action you take while you already have a winner’s mentality.

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During this piece, we would go over the 9 hottest items you ought to sell in 2019.

Let’s start:

List of 9 Best Dropshipping Products in 2019

1. Dogs’ Accessories

This niche is basically a recipient because dog accessories are very popular.

No secret that the animal’s niche is never lacking in popularity. Looking quickly at this Google Trends graph, people are very interested in this kind of product:

Why do we think the dog food market would spark in 2019?

As every pet needs proper care, many bathroom accessories, training aids, dog clothes etc. can be assumed to skyrocket in demand.

Above all, a constant demand for these products is not just a trend, but a constant need that will last as long as pet dogs are present. The bottom line is definitely worth taking this niche.

2. Wireless Devices

Given the crazy number of AliExpress orders, it is a safe bet that many wireless devices are a good choice for your store.

More importantly, updated statistics show that our forecasts are correct.

For example, the Wi-Fi router industry is expected to reach $320.92 million by 2022, with an annual growth of 8.18 percent over the 2017-2022 periods.

Similarly, Business Insider expects the headphone market to grow by surprisingly 45 percent in the next five years.

Finally, the Global Forecast for Wireless Audio Market provides us with a good basis for including wireless devices in this promising drop-off list. Their research shows that by 2023 the wireless audio market will reach the 31.80 billion dollar mark, with an increase of 10.06 compounds per year throughout 2017-2023.

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The question now arises: why is the market growing all the time?

The answer? Because, there is an increasing demand for such products.

3. Phone Accessories

This rapidly growing market should reach the market cap of 107 billion dollars by 2022. Telephones, screen guards, handles, charger boxes, repair kits and earphones have always been in great demand and have been showing strong signals that they will become an evergreen market such as fitness, home decor and fashion.

Accessories such as phone cases and handles work well on picture-based platforms. For example, Facebook, IG, Pinterest etc., Running ads on these platforms and staying active are an excellent way to network your first sale. If you sell repair kits, screen protectors or loaders these items are more searched for, meaning that you need to use Google adwords or a precise keyword strategy to make money.

However, the simplest way to monetize search-based items is to give them upselling in your phone cases if you don’t have SEO. For example, if someone has purchased an iPhone case, a loader can be upsold.

When you create ads, people based on their devices can be targeted. For example, if someone has a Samsung telephone, you can create an ad saying “Samsung telephone box only for $20” to entice your audience.

4. Posture Correction Belts

Each second person has posture problems. Correct posture is essential for your health and trust. Therefore, dropping belt correction is a prominent method of earning in 2019. In addition to fattening your wallet, it does well for people.

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The average correction posture belt is $12, and can be easily wrapped for $30 with a fat profit margin.

5. Waterproof Floating Phone and Tablet Cases

Regardless of where you go for a picnic, fear #1 accidentally moves your phone. Most of our smartphones are not waterproof so they are ruined when they are drenched.

The first way to protect them is to use a waterproof case. Make it one of 2019’s hottest products. This product is available for about $3 on AliExpress and is easily sold for about $10+.

6. Portable Mini Air Conditioner

This is a seasonal product that is better sold in the summer. You can sell this for high profit if you want countries that have extreme temperatures.

You can get it for 30 dollars and easily turn it over for a solid 50 dollars.

7. Minimalist Watches

Worldwide sales of approximately 1.2 billion watches per year and this number continues to increase. Although minimum watches are tracked, a large number of watches are also sold.

The search volume of men, women and intelligent watches is increasing over time. December is usually the best watch month. Although you can sell with a watch shop all year round, it is wise to include an important summer accessory to boost your profit.

Facebook and IG are usually the most renowned watch shop channels. Many retailers take lifestyle shots by influencers from various places, usually luxury and outdoor photos which are perfect for social media.

Many brands of the top-level watch swear that style works well for commitment. Such photos are a great piece of craftsmanship.

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8. Backpacks

The niche of the bag and bag alone is worth 151 billion dollars. Backpacks, bags for men and women, tote bags and wallets are just a few sample items which you can now sell.

While this niche is performing alone as an independent shop, remember that the best period is around August, when the return-to-school season begins. You can make year-round sales with other accessories, such as sunglasses, which have proven to be stable.

What makes this niche great is that you can guide it in different directions. You can focus your backpack shop on school, travel or fashion and provide your customers with a wide range of products.

Overall, women are usually major purchasers of handbags and backpacks. If you sell kids ‘ bags, you ought to target women with kids in your ads.

And if men, they should target men between 18 and 35, as they are most likely to be at school. And if you sell bags to tourists, go for people who like to travel, adventure and outdoor activities such as walking.

9. Pocket Language Translators

Pocket Language Translator is a wonderful item that travelers and tourists can sell because it translates the language on the go. Most travelers have difficulty understanding the local language and with this item, they can easily explore various countries.

These pocket language translators are China-built that can be translated into 34 languages. You can find it on AliExpress for about $60 and keep a fat bound when selling Facebook and Google ads.

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It’s Your Turn Now!

These are the top 9 product niches in 2019 you can drop ship.

However, remember that it’s only the tip of the iceberg to find the best products to sell. The #1 secret is your way of marketing it.

Let us know what items you plan to sell on your shipping plant, and I will get back to you immediately.


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