Quick Steps to Add Gallery In Squarespace

Squarespace provides multiple gallery options that will enable you to present images in an organized layout – grid, slideshow, stacked display or carousel are just a few options available to you.

Note: Gallery blocks aren’t supported on sites using Collection pages sections (like Blog Posts or Events). Instead, add a Gallery Section to your website instead.

Gallery Types

Squarespace provides numerous types of galleries you can use for content display, depending on its nature and size. There are grids, lightboxes, slideshow views and more that you may choose from to showcase your content in an engaging visual way. Selecting an ideal type of gallery for your material will help make a stunning presentation for visitors.

Squarespace galleries are an invaluable feature, enabling you to showcase images or videos in an organized way. Use it to highlight project work, display your favorite photos, or present a collection of products. Plus, adding one to any page of your website instantly creates an eye-catching display of media!

Squarespace makes creating galleries easy. Just add one as a block onto any page, customize its layout according to your design needs, and make it responsive using just one line of code.

Squarespace’s gallery block provides several layout options, such as grid, slideshow and masonry formats. Configuring columns, rows and caption styles are simple too – with thumbnail images and descriptions for every image included in your gallery!

One of the best features of a Squarespace gallery is its carousel feature, making navigation of your content simpler for viewers while improving search engine optimization. However, be mindful that each image or video you want to showcase needs its own gallery page in order to function optimally.

Another solution is using a plugin that randomly arranges images in galleries. This is an ideal choice for websites with many images or videos, and can significantly boost performance and loading speed. Available for both 7.0 and 7.1 sites, simply add a gallery section with type Slideshow: Full and copy and paste the following code snippet into the Custom CSS box to get this effect:

Gallery Settings

Squarespace provides various gallery settings to help ensure that photos and other visual content look their best. You can choose whether to present images in grid, slideshow or stacked displays; add text captions and text overlays; as well as create galleries that are tailored precisely to your website and client’s tastes.

Opting to have your gallery images automatically cropped can save time and effort while guaranteeing the best possible image quality. Furthermore, you can set the rows/columns in your gallery as small or as large as desired – useful if you have many images to add in grid form.

Switching your gallery type is a straightforward process, though it could impact existing images in your current gallery. As such, it’s wise to back up any important photos before changing the type; to do this simply create a new gallery on the same page where the new type will appear and add it in as soon as you are finished with this process.

Optionally, your gallery display can mirror filenames by setting “Show filename” to true in its image properties. This setting may come in handy if your images feature titles with formal names that should appear instead of filenames in their gallery display. You can easily enable this feature by selecting it under Gallery image properties.

This is an effective way of keeping track of the images in your gallery, and is especially helpful if you need to locate specific ones quickly. However, be mindful that doing this may cause them to load more slowly than otherwise would be the case.

Simply using a CSS snippet, you can add rounded corners to thumbnails in your gallery for an aesthetic and contemporary feel that people often expect when visiting websites.

Gallery Blocks

Gallery blocks provide an easy and customizable way to organize images, videos, or any other types of content into visual displays that are both attractive and eye-catching. As page-level features that work across all templates and blog post content areas, they’re great way to display images, videos or any other forms of media in an organized gallery-like arrangement with options like captions and links – plus carousel-style layout that make any site truly shine!

Gallery Blocks can also help create full-screen slideshows, which is particularly helpful if you want your visitors to be able to zoom into photos without leaving your main website page and see them larger without losing context. Each slideshow can have its own background color and title which adds another level of personalization and can really bring together an overall presentation.

An attractive feature of gallery blocks is their flexibility: you can add clickthrough links to individual images in the collection for easier navigation to specific products or services on your website. However, be mindful not to overwhelm visitors with too many clickthrough links at once!

Squarespace 7.1 features a dedicated Project page gallery section designed specifically for project galleries like weddings, photoshoots and client-facing initiatives. This type of gallery stands out from others because its structure was developed specifically to display multiple photos and videos in an eye-catching manner.

One key difference between Project Pages and regular galleries is that only a single Project Page can be added to any given website, unlike standard galleries which can be added on any page on your site. There are other differences as well, including being able to toggle lightbox effects and display dividers between images – these tools make creating unique presentations of project work much simpler!

Gallery Templates

There are various gallery templates available to you to create an eye-catching and highly functional site. Some templates provide ways for linking images together or linking multiple images directly, while others make uploading multiple photos at once possible. Some galleries even support slideshow views, keyboard navigation and the capability of displaying images in lightboxes – all making for an exceptional gallery site experience!

If you are designing a website with a gallery theme, your theme may come pre-loaded with pre-built gallery template templates. However, Gallery Blocks provide a flexible and convenient way of creating custom gallery layouts on pages or grid layouts; simply place one anywhere.

Gallery templates provide the ideal solution for photographers, illustrators, designers and other creative professionals who wish to present a portfolio of their work. Depending on your audience’s interests and preferences, gallery templates can either stand alone or be combined with additional types of media to provide an engaging viewing experience.

Integrating galleries into your Squarespace website is straightforward and straightforward. First, choose which page will host the gallery; secondly, decide on its type – for instance “Photo Galleries,” “Video Galleries,” etc.

Once you’ve selected a type of gallery, select how many columns will be visible and add a title and description for it.

Squarespace gallery blocks on versions 7.0 and 7.1 as well as gallery pages support image deeplink URLs but do not support video. If you wish to include video in your gallery, third-party services that provide hosting and embedding such as YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia and Animoto should be utilized instead.