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This article will be a review of AliDropship and the AliDropship plugin.

We will be discussing AliDropship and reviewing the benefits of using it for your dropshipping shop/dropshipping website.

We hope you find this review of alidropship useful and informative.

First, let’s say you are in a hurry. Here is an article summary.

Article Summary AliDropship allows you to manage, automate and create dropshipping businesses. It can help you market your products and provide real-time stock management as well as adaptive pricing.

We HIGHLY recommend it to anyone who wants to make managing a dropshipping shop easier. It is used in our dropshipping shops!

AliDropship offers a 25% Discount to readers. So grab it while it’s still available!

What is AliDropship?

Yaros created AliDropship, a WordPress plugin. This plugin was created to assist dropshipping business owners.

It allows you to import, organize, manage, and choose inventory. You can also place orders semi-automatically. All this with minimum effort.

What services does AliDropship offer and which should I choose?

AliDropship’s plugin powers every AliDropship product.

There are many options, depending on what you need and whether you prefer a DIY or a done-for-you solution.

It can be difficult to determine the right solution for you. We have done our best to make sure each product is available to everyone we believe it best suits.

  • AliDropship Plugin – For those who wish to build their own website. Alidropship offers a variety of compatible themes that you can use to create your own Aliexpress products. This plugin is great for people who are looking to get started quickly, save money, and learn by doing.
  • AliDropship Custom Stores For those who wish to have a custom store built for them by an experienced project manager. This includes consulting you at all points, including competitor analysis, niche research, product selection, importing, graphics and content. You’ll also receive lifetime support and updates for your AliDropship Custom Store purchase. This is great for anyone who wants to learn from the experts and have them create your store.
  • AliDropship Premium Stores For those who wish to have an exact copy, with all the AliDropship products and exact marketing strategies, of a AliDropship store. You’ll get a new logo and you will be fully operational. This is great for people who need a specific formula, but don’t want to spend the money on an existing store. You can read our AliDropship Premium Shop Review here.
  • AliDropship Stores – This is for those who wish to buy an established ecommerce business or store that makes a certain amount each week. This allows you to get a fully-financial business without having to do much work. It also gives you an opportunity to see how a dropshipping store is doing.

AliDropship Plugin Review

Two versions of the Ali Dropship plugin are available

  • AliDropship Plugin Original
  • AliDropship Woo plugin

Both plugins can be used with WordPress. The Woo version can only be used with WooCommerce or WooCommerce themes. See the section below to see our comparison between original and woocommerce dropshipping.

AliDropship Plugin features


The AliDropship Original plugin and AliDropship Woo plug have many useful features that will streamline your business’ processes. This will allow you to focus on the important aspects of growing, scaling and promoting your business.

As you can see, it is an all-in one dropshipping solution.

Specific Features

A plugin like AliDropship can help you streamline your dropshipping operations.

Import product — AliExpress products can be imported using the alidropship chrome extension. This allows for easy creation of stores.

The plugin makes it easy to import products automatically, and includes all aspects of AliExpress product pages.

You can edit and further modify your imported listings, including title, description, photos, etc., to personalize your store.

This is a great feature that makes dropshipping with Aliexpress so easy.

Import product reviews – You can import any product review into your store by clicking a button. They will be displayed under the product details once they have been imported to increase purchase conversions.

Automated price markup – Like any other business, drop shipping is a failure because it doesn’t make money. This can be caused by many things, but the main reason is that drop shipping companies start to lose money on products if they aren’t agile enough to notice when their supplier has changed.

You need to be able react quickly to rising costs to avoid losing profit. AliDropship Dropshipping plugin lets you set a price markup of a %. This means that your costs will change as your supplier’s cost change. If you specify, the plugin will automatically check the supplier’s cost every day.

This is not only true, but the listing on your dropshipping shop will also match the supplier’s stock. If the supplier stops selling the product or runs out of stock, it will be removed from the store.

Currency Converters— AliDropship allows you to display different prices to different IP addresses. Why is this useful? Let’s suppose you want to use psychological principles to encourage visitors to buy, such as the $7.99 Cent rule (i.e. not rounding up the closest dollar).

This price would convert for UK residents to be approximately PS6.24, but does not benefit from the psychological principle. It is useful to have control over pricing based on geographic location.

Shipping Options — With this plugin, you can set shipping options for each product. This is crucial because different products may have different shipping costs. This plugin is essential to ensure your profitability.

Payment – To have a profitable store, your customers need to be able to purchase easily. You can provide multiple payment gateways or one payment gateway for them to choose from.

AliDropship plugin allows you to access the following payment gateways: 2Checkout, PayU and Stripe.

Abandoned cart: AliDropship allows visitors to create automated emails to notify them when they abandon their cart. This is a great time to offer a 10% discount and entice them back to complete the transaction.

AliExpress cashback: With the AliDropship plugin, you can get up to 12 percent cashback on stock purchases at AliExpress. For more information, refer to the AliDropship Cashback Information page. AliDropship also has an area where you can enter your unique code. So whenever you place an order, you can receive up to 12% as a referral fee.

This is the last feature of AliDropship… One-Click Automated Ording System

One-Click Automated Ordering Systems – This is where the problem begins. Your dropshipping shop starts to get busy and, ironically, even though it’s a dropshipping business, you are now also busy! It’s not the reason you opened a dropshipping shop to have more time.

The AliDropship plugin is your best friend. It features a single-click order button that transfers all data from each order into Aliexpress. Orders are then processed automatically. It’s as easy as clicking a button.

Amazing Customer Support Team – Alidropship is known for providing quick customer service. We have found that they respond to and resolve most issues within 24 hours (during week).

AliDropship Review: The Pricing

The pricing for AliDropship seems straightforward. However, there are many items to choose from and some add-ons that you may need in the future.

AliDropship offers its WordPress plugin at $89. The website doesn’t indicate if the fee is a one-time payment or if it will be recurring support. Most plugins such as this require a one-time payment and an upgrade to continue support. This includes all the features mentioned above, including updates, automation, unlimited products and automated upgrades.

Start WordPress/WooCommerce Dropshipping from Aliexpress with Most Powerful Alidropship Plugin.

* Coupon Codes Valid Only Through our Referral Link.

GETPLUGIN25 or WOO25 — gives 25% OFF a Plugin.
GETSTORE15 — gives 15% OFF a Ready Custom Store.
GETADDON10 — gives 10% OFF Add-ons.
GETTHEME10 — gives 10% OFF paid Themes.
GETPACKAGE10 — gives 10% OFF paid Product Import Packages. 


You can build a dropshipping shop on AliDropship. The packages start at $299, and go up to $2899 for Supreme Package. This one-time fee allows you to add 50 products to your store. After that, you have unlimited access to the products. You can create the online store yourself, which means that you don’t have to do any development.

Other custom store plans are available at $499 and $899. These upgrades offer many benefits, including promo videos for products and social media tools.

AliDropship offers hosting at a reasonable price. It starts at $48/year and comes with a free SSL.

These are the top hosting plans:

  • Silver $48/year for 3GB storage, unlimited bandwidth, and a control panel. Also includes 20 email addresses, free SSL, and up to five websites.
  • Gold $86 per annum for 8GB storage, 40 email addresses, support up to 10 websites and all the other features that were included in the previous plan.
  • Platinum $220/year for 17GB storage, 80 email addresses and support up to 30 websites.
  • Supreme Package – $2899 – one time payment. This package is our favourite. This package is our favorite.

AliDropship Addons

AliDropship has no other costs, except for add-ons.

Although the add-on library does not have a lot of items, it is a good place to start if you are looking for some specific functionality. There’s an addon that can be used to display a sales pop-up, countdown clock, or catalog of Facebook products.

Some add-ons can be purchased for free but may cost up to $69.

How much does AliDropship cost?

The lowest price for a custom online shop from AliDropship is $347. This is a one-time fee, so it’s not an unreasonable rate.

The WordPress plugin will cost $89, unless you are interested in one of the add-ons.

AliDropship Review – Customer Support

AliDropship provides free customer support, provided you have purchased the WordPress plugin or a custom AliDropship website.Support emails are the best way to contact the support team. You’ll be placed in a queue and will receive a response in a reasonable time. AliDropship has many social media accounts. If you prefer, you might be able ask questions via social media sites like Facebook or Twitter. Social media is great for customer service because you can scroll through and see other people’s previous questions.

There are many articles on topics such as improving your store, adding-ons, hosting, etc. The knowledge base seems to contain a lot of them. Many of the articles include videos, which is more than you’d find in a simple plugin that you can download and install on your WordPress website.

AliDropship provides a forum for users to communicate with one another, as well as some guides and a blog that shares updates and tips directly from the company.

The online resources are impressive for a company selling a WordPress plugin or eCommerce design services. Although I didn’t see any phone numbers, there are live chats that can be accessed online.

AliDropship: Who should it be?

Two types of companies should be considering AliDropship. First, a brand who wants to dropship, but does not have the resources or skills to create an online store. AliDropship can help you set up dropshipping solutions that include access to AliExpress as well as all the backend tools necessary to get your product on the market. These services are more affordable than many of the other developers that you will find online.

AliDropship can also be used for businesses that have a WordPress website. You might be familiar with WooCommerce or WordPress, and you want to set up your dropshipping shop with this platform. You would purchase the AliDropship plugin to install on WordPress. You can then continue with the design of your website and add products to it.

AliDropship might be avoided if you don’t like the slow shipping times on AliExpress. Although it depends on where your customers live, I have found that AliExpress takes weeks to deliver all the items I’ve purchased through them. The pricing is often amazing,