Alishark vs Ecomhunt Dropshipping Differences

Dropshipping has grown in popularity, with a global market worth an estimated $111.28 billion. Smart merchants are profiting handsomely from platforms like AliExpress and Amazon, thanks to this business model.

Your dropshipping business can be made or broken by the products you choose and how you promote them.

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As a result, you’ll need to locate the ideal mix of tools and ads to boost sales and earnings.

So, without wasting time on product research, how do you assure that you choose, promote, and earn from the proper products? That’s why we’re comparing AliShark vs. Ecomhunt, two product research tools, to help you find the best fit.

This page goes over their features, functions, pricing, and what they have to offer.

What Is AliShark?

AliShark is a popular tool for conducting product research. On the other hand, this product spy tool is designed to assist merchants in their product research on AliExpress.

Before adding products to your dropshipping site, you may use this tool to receive detailed information on them. It also provides important details such as:

  • Others who profit from a product are known as drop shippers.
  • The nations in which that product sells the most
  • The total number of orders received by the product in a certain period.

What Is Ecomhunt?

Ecomhunt is a product scouting tool that assists eCommerce enterprises in finding profitable things to offer online. Every day, you’ll get access to fresh winning and selling products.

ECommerce professionals choose these products by ensuring that they are new, have hot sales on well-known eCommerce stores, and have significant social media engagements.

Product Niches

If you have a specific specialty in mind, this function will assist you in finding products that fit into that category.


You have access to a list of niches with best-selling products that AliShark updates daily. This is particularly helpful if you intend to market specialist products.

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This function is also beneficial for novices who are unsure about which product, to begin with.

You can choose products that appeal to you from the niches list and add them to your online store. Furthermore, expert dropshippers can use this tool to brainstorm and find new niches.


Ecomhunt, however, does not support this feature.


We already know who the winner is: AliShark.

Product Trends

You need to know what things customers are buying while dropshipping, and this function gives you that information.


You can examine the “adds to wishlist” and sales history of products over the last two to six months using AliShark’s product trends function.

You can forecast trends this way. You can also predict when you’ll gain money from advertisements and when the product will be out of season.

AliShark provides product information and allows you to see if a product on AliExpress comes with a video.

You can also get information on how much of a product has been ordered in total.

You also get access to sales reviews, such as sales history over the last two to six months, sales rate, and production cost.

This product research tool compiles all of the data about the most popular products. You can estimate how much money you’ll make if you run reliable advertising based on sales history.

Furthermore, you will receive information on the hottest markets in which to offer your products.

Furthermore, AliShark provides you with regular updates on a product on AliExpress. You can get a sense of how profitable a product can be this way.

Furthermore, the tool updates products on a daily and hourly basis. This allows you to keep track of products that are selling well and those that have the potential to become winners.


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Ecomhunt assists you in locating things that consumers are purchasing or are likely to purchase. The program provides you with access to top-selling products and suggestions for how to sell them using Facebook marketing.

The platform provides product data that can be used to create Facebook ad campaigns that target a specific audience interested in the products.

Ecomhunt also refreshes products based on the market’s available product quality rather than product quantity.

Since its top-selling products are made available to you, this solution helps you reduce bad products and enhance conversion rates by focusing on product quality.


This function is available on both platforms. Ecomhunt, on the other hand, goes a step further by allowing you to construct Facebook ad campaigns based on the data you collect. You can also target your preferred audience.

Product Analytics

Finding the best-selling products is one thing; obtaining statistics on them is another. As a result, having analytics such as the number of orders, profit margins, and so on would be beneficial.


The AliShark dashboard gives you real-time access to AliShark’s daily product orders. You can see the hourly order rate of a product on AliExpress in this way.

Furthermore, these metrics inform you whether a product is performing well or not and whether you should add it to your online store or choose another.

AliShark also features a matching pages feature that lets you keep track of products from different stores.

By researching the pricing structure, you can learn more about your market competitors.

You can also save products and return them to them later using this option, and this makes it simple to locate them anytime you require them.


Ecomhunt gives you an estimate of how much money you’ll save if you buy a product.

You get access to information about a product’s profit margin as well as its average sales price. You may also see how much the product would cost if you bought it from AliExpress.

The platform also provides profit statistics. You’ll have a better sense of your prospective return, how much to spend on Facebook ads, and how to organize your dropshipping business this way.

Furthermore, the product analytics tool provides insight into product performance in user experience and social media engagement.

The application provides information on the number of comments, likes, and shares that a product receives on social media. In terms of user experience, you’ll notice measures such as:

  • Number of orders
  • Votes
  • Product ratings
  • Product reviews

With Ecomhunt taking care of most of the work, all you have to do is pick your favorite product and advertise it.


This one goes to Ecomhunt since it offers more analytics, such as social media engagements and user experience. If you choose a product, you can also see your profit margin and its costs on AliExpress.

Advanced Filter

You may use an advanced filter to narrow down the products from your searches depending on various characteristics.


You may use this functionality to find products by using filters like:

  • Prices
  • Niches
  • Countries
  • Categories

It also enables you to identify prospective winning products so that you can begin selling them before they go viral.

Staying ahead of the competition is easier with the advanced filter.


This feature is not available in Ecomhunt.


AliShark is the winner because it provides this feature.

AdHunter Chrome Extension

You may use the AdHunter Chrome plugin to find advertising on Facebook.


This feature is not available in AliShark.


This tool allows you to see which of your competitors’ Facebook ads are currently live. These adverts can then be used as templates for Facebook ads.

The AdHunter Chrome Extension also displays the length of time an ad has been running, its targeted location, and the amount of traffic it has received thus far. Furthermore, members of the Ecomhunt platform can use the chrome extension for free.

The platform also offers daily product updates and data such as Facebook targeting, product videos, Facebook Ads, links, interaction, analytics, profit, and more.

You can also use Ecomhunt’s Facebook videos, graphics, and ad covers to run your Facebook advertising. It also gives you Facebook insights for your Facebook ad campaigns to target the correct people.


Ecomhunt is the clear winner in this contest. The program also provides information on Facebook advertising with their best-selling items when used with the AdHunter Chrome Extension. Facebook ad targeting and interest and connections to Facebook advertising for those products are included in this data.

Live Stat

You can use Live Stats to see if people buy a product before you start selling it on your website.


On your AliShark dashboard, you can check the daily orders of products in real-time. This gives you an indication of a product’s hourly order rate on AliExpress.

As a result, you can keep track of product performance and join in on the trend.


Ecomhunt, however, does not provide this service.


AliShark takes the prize because it provides real-time statistics. You get hourly updates on a product’s orders.

Webinars and tutorials

Beginners will benefit greatly from webinars and tutorials, and it instructs them on how to make the most of the platform. Even professionals require it from time to time.


AliShark does not offer Webinars and tutorials.


This is one of the qualities that distinguishes Ecomhunt from AliShark. Tutorials and seminars are available on the site to walk you through the full process of using it.


This is a feature that Ecomhunt has, so it takes the prize.

Affiliate Programs

You can make extra money from your eCommerce website by joining an affiliate program.


AliShark offers no affiliate program.


When you sign up for Ecomhunt, you will be given a unique affiliate link. You can start earning affiliate commissions by sharing this link. In addition, you’ll get access to real-time progress tracking and customized affiliate resources.


Ecomhunt comes out on top since it has an affiliate program.

Supplier Links

You’ll need links to their suppliers in addition to information on the winning products, and that’s what this functionality allows you to do.


AliShark, unfortunately, does not support this function. AliExpress is the platform’s main focus.


Ecomhunt provides you with direct links to product sources. You can then either import the product straight into your Shopify store or use the Alidropship Plugin for WordPress to do so.

Ecomhunt, interestingly, gives you access to links to stores that sell winning products. You can find other best-selling or trending products and add them to your online store using these links.

This program also allows you to access winning products and digitally sell them on eCommerce sites like Amazon, eBay, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc.


This one goes to Ecomhunt. They give you links to vendors, allowing you to find new things to sell on your website.

Customer Service & Support

It’s crucial to contact a platform’s customer service when you have a problem or require clarification.


AliShark’s customer service is solely available via email.


Ecomhunt’s customer care is available by email or live chat on their site.


Ecomhunt takes the prize because it offers email and lives chat help. Furthermore, the platform includes a help center that contains self-service materials.


Both platforms have their unique price structures. Let’s take a closer look at these strategies.

AliShark Pricing

AliShark provides a $1 two-day trial. This allows you to experiment with the tool’s features to determine if it meets your needs.

A $20 monthly membership option is also available for the tool. However, there is presently no option for a yearly subscription.

Please check their website for the most up-to-date pricing information, as it is subject to change without notice.

Ecomhunt Pricing

The free and pro membership levels are available on Ecomhunt.

You have restricted access to the platform’s features with the free plan. With restricted insights, you can only access two products every day. You also have a daily limit on the number of product updates.

You’ll need to upgrade to the pro plan, which costs $29 per month, to get access to all of the platform’s features.

Please check their website for the most up-to-date pricing information, as it is subject to change without notice.


With its free plan, Ecomhunt takes this one. Even if it has its drawbacks, the free plan is still worthwhile.

Similarities between AliShark and Ecomhunt

Even though AliShark and Ecomhunt have distinct features, they are similar in several respects.

You already know that both platforms are used to conduct product research, and they both supply you with product trends that can help you identify market winners.

You may also forecast trends using the data from both platforms. At the same time, you have analytics with these product research tools that point to a product’s performance. This gives you the option of whether or not to add a product to your online store.


Let’s go over the advantages of each of these product research tools individually.


  • It provides a $1 trial period.
  • The tool’s website includes a helpful user interface review.
  • There is a large selection of products to pick from, and you have access to detailed product information.
  • It has an extensive filtering tool that helps you save time.
  • Affordable monthly pricing plan


  • The application gives you Facebook targeting as well as information on your competitors’ Facebook marketing methods.
  • You can get your hands on best-selling items before they go viral.
  • For spying on competitors’ Facebook ads, Ecomhunt offers the Facebook AdHunter chrome addon.


Every platform has drawbacks, and these product tools are no exception.


  • Customer service can only be reached by email.
  • You can’t track competitors’ Facebook advertisements with this tool.
  • There are no tutorials or self-help materials available.


  • The number of free memberships available is restricted.
  • The number of daily product updates is limited.
  • The audience targeting tool can be a little off.

Final Thoughts

There you have it: a thorough examination of two of the most popular product research tools. I’m sure this Ecomhunt vs. AliShark comparison was instructive.

AliShark and Ecomhunt provide information about winning items that you may sell in your business. You also get access to analytics to help you make better decisions.

Both tools offer their own set of features, but we’ll go with Ecomhunt in this round. It gives you data on product performance and insight into the Facebook marketing methods of your competitors.

Furthermore, the tool provides a free membership plan that allows you to test out the tool’s features before upgrading to a pro plan.