AMZScout Pro Amazon Seller Tool Extension Review

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You’re correct if selling on Amazon overwhelms you, and believe the platform is competitive. However, if you use a tool like AMZScout, this can be a huge benefit.

Amazon has approximately 8.6 million registered sellers worldwide, with approximately 24.4 percent being active sellers. However, this does not halt the platform’s daily subscription of 3,089 sellers.

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Even though Amazon receives over 200 million visitors per month, only a small percentage of sellers understand how to profit from it.

You might find selling on Amazon overwhelming if you’re an Amazon seller. You must determine what you will sell and how you will manage sales on the platform. Furthermore, you don’t want to waste time and resources on a hunch that a product will sell well.

AMZScout can help you with that.

The tool provides you with a set of tools to assist you with

  • Research,
  • & listing
  • Product tracking and management
  • Tracking keywords

Because you can use your competitors as suggestions or stepping stones to get higher on Amazon’s product rankings, having competition is a beneficial thing.

This Amazon-specific technology helps you outperform your competitors by turning even the most basic products into powerful ones.

AMZScout Amazon Product Research Tools

Product research should be the first step in selling online, including Amazon. You want successful products that will allow you to scale your business swiftly. You can find such products by using product research tools.

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These are the tools that AMZScout would use.

  • Product database,
  • Product Monitor,
  • Quick View extension, and
  • PRO Extension

Let’s take a look at each one.

Product Database

AMZScout has a database with millions of organized products to make your search easier. The application provides in-depth information about the products to assist you in determining how to benefit from them.

You must log in with your credentials to access the product database. If you don’t already have an AMZScout account, you can create one using your email address, Google account, or Facebook account.

You may use 44 advanced criteria to find the most popular products on Amazon using this product catalog. The categories they belong to, keywords, and price range are among the criteria available.

By selecting from the dropdown menu under ‘Categories,’ you can narrow down your search. When you’re finished, click ‘Apply.’

More Filters allow you to narrow down your search even more. You can include

  • Reviews
  • Weight
  • Listing quality
  • Estimated revenue
  • Ratings
  • Est. Sales
  • Product Group
  • Type
  • Sellers’ number
  • Amazon’s first release date, and
  • Net

To proceed, click ‘Find Products’ after setting the filters you want to use. This will display products that match the filters you’ve chosen.

You may access the Product tracker, Keywords explorer, and Product keywords from the menu.

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You can also specify your marketplace in the dashboard’s upper right corner.

Product Tracker

The application allows you to track your outcomes using a variety of measures and shows you where you can improve to make your business more successful.

You can track products by going to the menu and selecting ‘Product Tracker.’

In the area beside the search box, type the ASIN or URL of the products you want to track.

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To add the products, you want to track to the Product Tracker dashboard, click the Add button or press enter.

Another option to track products is to go to the Product Database dashboard and click the Add symbol next to the product you wish to track.

The additional icons beneath the Plus icon allow you to refresh the product, search Alibaba for suppliers, and remove the product from your search results.

Then, on the Product Tracker page, you can monitor the performance of each product. If there are a lot of them, you can search by product name, category, or brand in the search box.

The inventory, average price, average rating, average rank, and daily sales and revenue are all displayed on this page.

AMZScout Quick View Chrome Extension

The AMZScout Quick View Chrome Extension gives you instant access to any data you need on any Amazon website. The plugin brings you to Amazon’s product page when you click on it. When you check the products, it will display the price history, BSR, size, ASIN, and more.

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This information will help you choose the best product to sell. Furthermore, installing the extension on your Chrome browser directs you to an Amazon product page.

AMZScout Chrome PRO Extension

The AMZScout PRO Extension is the most powerful tool to use if you want to start selling on Amazon. The extension can assist you in locating a product that has the potential to generate more than $3,000 per month in revenue. The tool has found 320,000 profitable products with an average rating of 4.5 from 250,000 people.

This program assists customers in determining whether the niches they are considering are profitable. It includes a video showing you how to sell on Amazon and regularly offers you profitable niche insights.

It’s the most precise technique for determining which niches to invest in. You’ll be able to spot trends, increase the quality of their product listings, and find the best sourcing possibilities. Furthermore, it reacts to changes in your competitor’s listing and pricing, allowing you to stand out in the market.

This cutting-edge Amazon product research tool operates by:

  • Finding new and winning Amazon items that have exhibited growth tendencies
  • Analyzing the market competition and demand for a product aids your decision-making.
  • Supply chain negotiations
  • Obtaining a private-label item
  • Delivering your goods
  • Detailed information is provided, including cost, reviews, ranking, monthly sales, and more.
  • The knowledge you’ll get here will help you save time and money on research. So, before you start selling, you already know whether or not a thing will sell. It will also assist you in determining the potential of a product.
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How The PRO Extension works

When looking for profitable products with little competition, the PRO Extension will inform you what to look for.

Go to the dashboard menu and pick ‘AMZScout Pro Chrome Extension’ from the dropdown menu to begin the free trial.

Fill in your email address and click ‘Try AMZScout Pro Extension for Free.’

This action will take you to the Chrome Web Store once completed. Click ‘ Add to Chrome’ to get quick access to the extension.’

You may also get the extension by going to the Chrome store and searching for ‘AMZScout Pro.’ If you decide to purchase the extension, you can do so alone or as part of an Amazon bundle, as mentioned in the pricing plan.

After installing the extension on your Chrome browser, you’ll be taken to Amazon’s product page.

You’ll be prompted to select your Amazon experience level via a pop-up. You can either select your level or click on ‘Go To Finding a Product.’ However, when your experience level rises, you can always change your status.

If you’re new to Amazon research, click Beginner so that you can get some help. Selecting ‘Expert’ allows you to see all the data and alter it.

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Enter your product of interest in the following form to find the right niche. ‘Check if profitable’ is selected.

Apart from the normal data, such as rank, price, FBA fees, expected sales, and revenue, the extension provides additional information.

Personalized View

You can change the info that appears when you view the page with the extension. As a result, you can change the number of columns displayed.

You can tick the boxes in the pop-up that appears to define the data, columns, or headers you wish to show when you click ‘Personalize view.’


A filter in the extension allows you to narrow down your search. You can turn it on and off using the switch next to it.

The next pop-up allows you to pick the type of product you want to look for.

Product, Niche, and Saturation Score

On a scale of one to ten, the Product and Niche scores indicate how well a product meets the criteria outlined by FBA experts. You can see how easy or difficult it is to sell a product on Amazon by looking at the breakdown of the scores. The Niche score is more comprehensive because it considers an entire niche rather than just a single item.

Based on the product’s price range and the amount sold every time, the breakdown reveals how easy it is to earn. You’ll see how much demand there is for the goods and how strong the competition will be if you sell them.

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The saturation score indicates how many users in the AMZScout Chrome addon viewed or studied that specialty in the previous month.

Prioritize or Export Files

By clicking the star icon on the upper right hand, you can mark the products you want to check out after your investigation.

You can also export as much data as you want to evaluate to a CSV file.


You can observe how the product has been trending over time by looking at the product history, niche history, and Google Trends. As a result, you’ll be able to monitor how sales, ranking, and price have changed over time.

This will assist you in determining how profitable or competitive a product or niche is.

On the other hand, the Google Trend displays the history of Google searches for the term you entered. This graphic will show you how enthusiastic people are about the product or topic you’re considering.

Keywords and Product Listing Tools

The resources on this page will assist you with your Amazon listings.

Keyword Detector by AMZScout

The Keyword Tracker displays any keyword’s organic position. The tool regulates the effect of optimization and marketing on the ranking of your product for specified keywords. It also provides a ranking breakdown to assist you in deciding which keyword to utilize in your PPC campaign.

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Each keyword can be clicked to see how its position has evolved. This might help you understand current trends and how they change during the holidays. So, your calculations aren’t based on guesswork.

You can cease ads when you’re satisfied with the product’s ranking because you’ll see the natural ranking of each product’s keyword. You pay less on ads when you pick terms that naturally perform well.

AMZScout provides extensive data daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis to help you monitor your overall progress.

WebApp Keyword Explorer and Reverse ASIN Lookup

WebApp offers to assist you in taking advantage of the advantages of a Reverse ASIN Lookup.

This tool assists you in determining your competitors’ and your keywords improve your PPC campaigns and Amazon product listings.

Here’s how you can use it. Navigate to the AMZScout Web App. To reveal a dropdown menu, hover over Tools.

The Reverse ASIN Lookup link can be found in the dropdown menu. You can also access this tool without using the dropdown menu link by logging into your account.

After signing in, use this tool to find appropriate keywords for your product listings and adverts.

From the dashboard menu, you can also choose Reverse ASIN Lookup.

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You want to make sure your buyers can find your products fast when selling on Amazon. You must capture their attention and demonstrate how your products meet their demands.

The Keyword Explorer’s technology now gives almost 100 times more relevant keywords for each product. It also provides clients with alternate phrases and synonyms for their search terms.

When you type a word into the search box, the ‘Keyword Explorer’ suggests keywords based on what you’ve typed. Use the right keywords in your listings, descriptions, PPC ads, and titles to attract the proper people to your product.

If you type ‘laundry’ into the search box, you’ll get results such as laundry mats, laundry baskets, laundry bags, and more.

Under Amazon Search Keyword, you’ll find the options and the projected monthly search volume.

The Reverse ASIN Lookup gives you an advantage over your competitors by giving hundreds of keywords that your customers are unaware of. When you enter the ASIN of any Amazon product, the tool displays the keywords and search volumes that your competitors are using.

The data will benefit product descriptions and listings, PPC marketing, and other search-enhancing features. Choosing the proper keyword allows consumers to locate your product rapidly.

Free Tools

You can estimate your profit and expenses with the free tools. They also let you compare data from your competitors and other marketplaces.

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FBA Fees Calculator

The benefits of selling on Amazon go beyond the money. You must consider your expenses, including income tax, storage costs, and other charges. You can use the FBA charge calculator to estimate how much you’ll pay for any item listed on Amazon.

One of your company’s objectives is to make more money, and cutting costs is one way to do so. The tool can assist you in determining the optimum profit margins by displaying products with the lowest fees.

The Profit Calculator is also included in the AMZScout Pro Extension. Open the extension by clicking the AMZScout symbol in the top right corner of your browser after you’ve found the product you want on Amazon.

While staying on the page, this will list all of the extensions’ products. When you select a product, you’ll see a ‘Profit Calculator’ and other parameters that you can track.

The Profit calculator can then assess how much profit you can make from the product.

Some of the costs of the goods will be prefilled using data from Amazon, such as

  • FBA fee
  • Product cost
  • Monthly sales projections
  • Dimensions of the product
  • Product Weight

As you fill in the blank fields, you’ll note that the ROI, expected monthly profit, net margin, and profit per unit values change.

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Amazon also has an online FBA calculator. However, you must visit their website to locate the goods and their ASIN. Then, on a different page, look for your result. This process will take more time and effort from you.

AMZScout allows you to access Amazon’s website using the extension. Include weight and sizes for a more accurate estimate.

Stock Stats

AMZScout Stock Stats helps you keep tabs on your competitors by looking at their Best Sellers Rank (BSR). Keeping track of the BSR every day can help you predict if a product’s sales increase or decrease. You can use the tool to examine all of the sellers of the same product and their inventory levels and prices.

AMZScout Stock Stats can be installed or used in the AMZScout PRO Extension.

Sales Estimator

The Amazon Sales Estimator gives free sales data for Amazon products. It can be used to estimate the monthly sales of any product.

Go to and enter whatever product you’re looking for to get started.

Scroll down the page to copy the best seller rank after selecting your desired product from the list (BSR).

Then go to AMZScout’s Amazon Sales Estimator to estimate monthly sales. Indicate the country.

Choose a category.

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After that, input the product’s BSR and click ‘Calculate Sales.’

Amazon Seller’s Bundle

The Amazon Seller’s Bundle from AMZScout will provide you with all of the tools and knowledge you’ll need to get started and build your Amazon business. You may get all of the tools described above for a cheaper price here.

You’ll also learn tips on making the most of these tools, as detailed in the courses below.

AMZScout Seller’s Course

This course will provide you with detailed and actionable advice on starting to make money right away. So, you can expect to see reasonable changes in your Amazon business in less than three months.

More than 100,000 Amazon sellers have used this course to build tier businesses.

It teaches a vendor all they need to know to be successful.

The following are some of the topics covered in the course:

PPC marketing campaigns and product listings

Locating private label products and suppliers

How do you locate a profitable product?

The course teaches you what you need to know, but it also gives you the tools you need and shows you how to do it. A clear vision helps you prepare for the action.

Exclusive Amazon Insights

Only around 5% of the niches which you can offer are profitable. If you choose at random, you will be wasting your resources. As a result, using AI technology like Exclusive Amazon Insights will assist you in identifying the ideal ones who can help you build your business.

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The tool examines over 100,000 goods in real time and displays those that outperform the competition. It enables you to launch 52 potentially profitable goods at a market value of $499 per year. Your payment covers the time saved by the tool in research and the speed with which you can get a profitable product.

Amazon Insights is only available to annual subscribers. Each month, you’ll receive two top niches and two products chosen from 50,000 niches. Every week, you’ll receive one product or niche from the top 1% categories.

The PRO Extension and WebApp help you prepare for product sourcing and marketing.

WebApp Product Database and Product Tracker

The WebApp Product Tracker and Database assist you in coming up with fresh ideas and locating successful areas for items. You can also track products and their performance daily. Because the Product Tracker displays live product sales, you can see how a product performs before investing.

AMZScout Pricing

If you begin with a free trial, the platform will prompt you to select one of the Webapp pricing plans. As illustrated in the screenshot below, the design includes six increasing degrees of functionality tools.

This article is based on the Web Basic plan, which allows you to track up to 20 products. The Start and Business plans, respectively, allow for tracking 40 and 80 products.

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The PRO Extension plan and the Amazon Seller Bundle, on the other hand, are newer deals. You can pay monthly or yearly for both. However, the Amazon Seller Bundle is less expensive because the AMZScout PRO Extension is included.

The PRO Extension is $44.99 per month for the monthly plan and $49.87 for the bundle.

When you pay yearly, the PRO Extension costs $14.9 per month, while the Amazon Seller Bundle costs $24.9 per month.

However, for $299, you can have the PRO Extension for life.

AMZScout Ratings


AMZScout is a robust tool library that includes everything you’ll need to sell on Amazon. It also includes how-to tips for using the tools. So I’ll give it a five-star rating.

Ease of Use

AMZScout is simple to use and has responsive add-ons. You gain immediate access to all of the information needed to succeed as an expert Amazon seller.

However, when a beginner uses it for the first time, it can be daunting.

As a result, the tool receives a four-star rating out of five for ease of use.

Value for Money

All products included in the AMZScout Amazon Seller’s Bundle are useful for Amazon sellers. As a result, you’re not paying for things that aren’t relevant to your company. As a result, I’ll give it a five-star rating.

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Customer Support and Service

AMZScout offers a chat option with quick, helpful, and attentive customer care on its website. The portal provides Amazon sellers with blogs, instructions, and webinars. Furthermore, the platform is simple; therefore, contacting help is almost unneeded.

As a result, it receives a 5-star rating for customer service and assistance.

AMZScout Pros

  • AMZScout is inexpensive, with a significant reduction depending on how you pay.
  • The tool is jam-packed with useful features for Amazon sellers.
  • It has broad coverage because data is available anywhere Amazon is available.
  • AMZScout offers lengthy trial periods to allow you to choose the package that best suits your needs.
  • It provides a large database of factual information to assist you in making an informed selection.
  • The customer service response time is quick.
  • It provides free access to certain important tools.

AMZScout Cons

  • Beginners may find Chrome Extension’s information overwhelming.
  • It takes a long time for the Keyword Explorer to load.
  • According to several users, the ‘Alibaba’ symbol does not provide accurate results.

Wrap Up

AMZScout assists users in quickly generating product and keyword ideas. The application contains a wealth of trustworthy data invaluable for product research and management. Although this is beneficial to experienced merchants, it may be intimidating to inexperienced sellers.

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You can, however, simplify things by utilizing filters to narrow down your search.

The tool will assist you in better understanding your market by highlighting niches and goods that would yield the best results. It also provides you with enough information to track your inventory and keep track of your competition.