Simple Steps to Change Your Squarespace Gallery Layout

Reading Time: 5 minutes Mobile browsing of websites has increased considerably in recent years. This video offers guidance on how to adapt gallery blocks for smaller screen sizes. Galleries are an effective way to display multiple photos or videos at once in one layout. Squarespace provides several gallery styles – grids, carousels and stacked image formats are among them […]

Best Practices to Maintain SEO Away From Squarespace

Reading Time: 4 minutes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making adjustments to your website that improve its visibility in search results pages, leading to more traffic, leads, and sales. Squarespace comes equipped with SEO-friendly features that make implementing best practices simpler, but other elements – like using meaningful URLs and optimizing images – remain within your […]

Printing Shipping Labels Made Easy in Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes Squarespace makes creating an online store easy with their all-in-one platform that includes USPS label printing for orders shipping within the U.S. This feature is included at no extra charge to users on business and commerce plans. Rollo’s printer provides an effective solution for all of your shipping label printing needs, whether that means one […]

Duplicating a Squarespace Site: Everything You Need to Know

Reading Time: 4 minutes Squarespace is an ideal option for businesses in search of an ecommerce-oriented website with plenty of inventory management and customer communication features. They can use Squarespace’s platform to manage their inventory as well as communicate directly with their target customer base. Copying a Squarespace page can be confusing at times, so here is how you […]

Integrating Facebook Pixel with Squarespace in Simple Steps

Reading Time: 5 minutes Facebook Pixel is an invaluable tool that lets you track the actions of website visitors and use that data to target specific people on Facebook. To setup your Pixel, it is necessary to take several steps. These include: 1. Log into your Facebook account Facebook Pixel is an incredible tool that enables businesses to monitor […]

Techniques to Eliminate Extra Whitespace in Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes If you are using Squarespace, it is essential to understand the difference between padding and margin. Doing so will enable you to build a website which not only looks stunning but functions efficiently too! Padding refers to the space between an element and its margin or border; margin refers to the space between elements on […]

Tips and Tricks for Freezing Banners in Squarespace

Reading Time: 5 minutes No matter if it is for logo or navigation purposes, having an announcement bar that sticks at the top of your website and follows users while they scroll is extremely beneficial and commonly known as a fixed header. An effective intro paragraph sets the scene for your article and encourages readers to continue reading. Here, […]

Easy Fixes for Navigation Bar in Squarespace Montauk Template

Reading Time: 5 minutes Montauk templates (Julia, Kent, Montauk and Om) were designed to help artists, bands and musicians showcase their individual stories through website. Featuring page banners and a versatile thumbnail navigation index to display work from these categories of artists or musicians. Update: With Squarespace 7.1, it is now possible to set fixed (sticky) navigation without custom […]

Benefits of Optimizing Squarespace Order Confirmation Page

Reading Time: 5 minutes Search engines’ algorithms are optimized to find websites that best fit the intent of any query, and using effective SEO practices will increase your ranking on results pages and drive organic traffic, leads and sales for your business. Squarespace provides various form-building tools that enable you to capture data efficiently, including an email marketing feature […]

Essential Tips to Make Your Squarespace Site Secure

Reading Time: 4 minutes SSL provides your website with a reliable connection, improving SEO rankings while protecting forms from insecure submissions. All custom domains and subdomains associated with a Squarespace site are automatically secured with free SSL certificates to enhance security. If you encounter “not secure” warnings on your site, enabling SSL is easy and should be one of […]